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(IGN)   Nintendo planned on selling 9 million Wii U systems by the end of the 2014 fiscal year. After selling 222,000 in November, they only need to average 2 million units a month to reach that goal   ( ign.com) divider line
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2013-12-14 06:21:04 PM  
3 votes:
Nintendo is sticking with what worked in the 80s and 90s.  They think teenagers are still innocent snowflakes

Microsoft and Sony are sticking with what works now.. Pandering to racist 13 year olds with sailor mouths
2013-12-15 02:06:15 AM  
2 votes:

AdamK: LesserEvil: I should have also mentioned, comparing the profits of Nintendo to Microsoft or Sony's "game console" divisions is misleading at best, since Microsoft includes mobile and entertainment products - and let's face it, throwing Zune and Windows Phones into the mix is hardly fair to the Xbox line... same goes for Sony and the PSVita and PSP sales, which were abysmal. I also think those numbers would probably also take a hit from MS and Sony buying up game design studios and the like, as well.

In the long term, they aren't in the game console business to deliver games, so much as they are to provide a multitude of "services" they can charge consumers for. For them, it is about market share, period, and on that count they are dominating.

i hate services, if i ever buy a ps4 or xbone i'm not subscribing to PS+ or XBLG... so yeah, i hope Valve, Apple and Nintendo never get into that territory because it's just not for me

PS+ is actually an awesome deal because for $50 a year you get a shiatload of free games for the PS3. If you don't have time to keep up with the latest and greatest like me, it is a nice inexpensive way to enjoy some older titles. In the last year I've seen games like Borderlands 2, Uncharted 3, Deus Ex:HR, XCOM, Saints Row III, Sleeping Dogs, Shadow of the Colossus, and Ico all offered for free with subscription, so I've gotten my money's worth out of the service.
2013-12-14 07:31:42 PM  
2 votes:

LesserEvil: Smackledorfer: LesserEvil: Nintendo doubled down on the mistake of the Wii when they came out with the Wii U.

Scratch that... they Quadrupled down.

They missed the boat when they bet against optical drives to expand or at least follow up the SNES - they opened the door to Sony to enter the market and began their descent. Only momentum and some sustained market share with the Gameboy/DS handhelds has kept them in the game this long.

You know they made money off the wii right?

Yes, but it was still a mistake. They made money because they kept the BOM low - but they defied the formula that Sony and Microsoft were using to gain market share... sell the system at a loss (at least initially) to provide superior hardware and make up for it with game sales.

The SNES, in its time, was revolutionary. The Nintendo systems that followed, not so much.

Attracting developers with an underpowered systems is difficult, if not impossible, and Nintendo had to carry the system with its own exclusive titles. That isn't the way to gain market share.. all that accomplishes is maintaining your most loyal fans, many of whom are still buying other systems and finding themselves spending more time on those other systems.

The DS is another example of Nintendo missing the boat. Pocket gaming is moving toward smart phones, has been for a long time. Why would people spend another $200 on the latest DS and carry it around (with game cartridges) when they can have everything they need in the phone they already carry around?

How much money could Nintendo be making if they had their DS catalog available iOS or Android markets, where you have billions of customers?

Nintendo is like an incredibly successful horsewhip company in 1915, thinking they will be able to reverse their fortunes with the latest model horsewhip, not understanding where all their customers are going.

You consider the DS a failure...


No I seriously have no ability to respond to that without being insulting.
2013-12-14 06:20:19 PM  
2 votes:

lordargent: Who knew that the epic sega vs nintendo battle would end with both of them languishing (and maybe both dying).

What I want out of Nintendo is their games, the hardware, not so much.

// haven't owned a piece of Nintendo hardware since the SNES and that makes me sad.

[img195.imageshack.us image 400x300]

not sure what that picture has to do with the wii u
2013-12-14 09:06:31 PM  
1 vote:
People who think "Nintendo is dying" aren't paying attention to how well the 3DS is doing right now.

Currently playing the hell out of Link Between Worlds.
2013-12-14 07:33:39 PM  
1 vote:

lilplatinum: Try releasing a product without stupid gimicky controls.

The controllers are fine. I would even say great. I love the nunchuck. I don't have a wii.

The way games choose to utilize the additional functions is the issue.
2013-12-14 07:16:12 PM  
1 vote:
This is what happens when you don't put out a new Mario Kart in over 5 years.
2013-12-14 05:23:49 PM  
1 vote:
It might help if people knew it existed. Just a thought.
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