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2013-12-10 03:05:41 PM  
Hello and welcome to the first greenlit voting thread for Fark's Headline of the Year contest for 2013. We've collected the best headlines from each month and let the Totalfarkers vote on their favorites. These are the 10 top-voted headlines from December 2012 and January and February from this year as voted.

Now it's up to you: vote on your favorites, and the top five from this contest will make it to the final round later. There will also be a contest for each of the biggest subtabs later: sports, showbiz, geek, politics and business. The week after that we will have the voting threads for pun/wordplay headlines and the context headline of the year.

There are also some that you might not see here because either: 1) they've been moved to a separate contest, such as a context headline or one that's on a subtab, or 2) they didn't make it out of the voting threads in Totalfark. I'll link the redlit TF voting threads later on in this thread.

Please don't enable voting; the finalists for this period are set. Nothing wrong with sharing a favorite headline from this period, as long as you don't enable voting for it.
2013-12-10 03:06:32 PM  
10 most commonly mispronounced words. One of them is "phenomenon." (♫ do doooooo, do do do ♫) "Phenomenon." (♫ do do do do ♫) "Phenomenon." (♫ do dooooooo, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do-do do do do-do do ♫)

2013-12-10 03:06:48 PM  
25 years ago today, a 19-year-old German boy bypassed all Soviet defenses to land a Cessna in Red Square, making it the most successful invasion of Russia in German history

2013-12-10 03:07:05 PM  
Adultsineurope killed by euthanasia

2013-12-10 03:07:22 PM  
After quake, only six inches wash up on Vancouver shore. At least it wasn't a foot

2013-12-10 03:07:43 PM  
Ahmadinejad wants to be shot into outer space, marking the first time Ahmadinejad and Israel have agreed on anything

2013-12-10 03:08:00 PM  
Boy battles rare condition that leaves him blinded by light, revved up like a deuce

2013-12-10 03:08:18 PM  
Cable guy sexually assaults teenage girl between the hours of 3pm and 5pm

2013-12-10 03:08:49 PM  
City council to get tough on heavy water users. We're looking at YOU, Robert Oppenheimer

2013-12-10 03:09:11 PM  
Cop cops copper copping copper

2013-12-10 03:09:35 PM  
Cult leader's wife recounts horrific sect's acts

2013-12-10 03:09:52 PM  
Delaware woman had sex with a dog while her boyfriend took pics. It was supposed to be the other way around, but the dog was having trouble with the shutter and the evening just got out of control

2013-12-10 03:10:14 PM  
Fox attacks four-week-old baby. "Fair and Balanced" my ass

2013-12-10 03:10:30 PM  
Hickory dickory dock. Have sex, get hit with a clock. Hit in the head. The hooker is dead. Hickory dickory dock

2013-12-10 03:10:51 PM  
Homeless man falls to death in an elevator shaft. That is wrong on so many levels

2013-12-10 03:11:12 PM  
Magistrate grants Pistorius bail, no decision on where to put the ankle monitor

2013-12-10 03:11:28 PM  
Man arrested for stealing 166 manhole covers. Hopefully he gets to keep one with him in jail

2013-12-10 03:11:54 PM  
Man dies climbing abroad. This is why short people shouldn't date tall people

2013-12-10 03:12:18 PM  
McAfee founder arrested by police. His 21 day free trial begins next week

2013-12-10 03:12:35 PM  
New cancer drug that instructs defective DNA to self-destruct could cure half of all cancers, decimate populations of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Alabama

2013-12-10 03:12:51 PM  
North Korea declares martial law. Citizens excited about their newfound freedoms

2013-12-10 03:13:12 PM  
Oates bites Hall in the face. Watch out boy, he'll chew you up

2013-12-10 03:13:35 PM  
Pianist caught in snow blower. Men everywhere flinch instinctively

2013-12-10 03:13:53 PM  
Pubic lice on endangered list thanks to the destruction of their natural habitat

2013-12-10 03:14:09 PM  
"Push to get kids off ATVs". Yep, well, that's one way to do it

2013-12-10 03:14:49 PM  
Scientists discover that men are from Mars, women are from planet Oh God Why Are You Still Talking, Sweet Jesus Do You Ever Get to the Point

2013-12-10 03:15:29 PM  
TSA wrecks concert cellist's instrument and bow by slamming the case lid down in order to close it. TSA employee's excuse: "I thought there's always room for cello"

2013-12-10 03:15:47 PM  
University of Texas women's track coach resigns after lapping one of her student-athletes

2013-12-10 03:16:04 PM  
Woman crashes at a doughnut shop one day, then into an eye care center the next. Police: was that crash better, or worse? Better? Or worse?

2013-12-10 03:16:21 PM  
Woman pleads guilty in 'total identity theft' case. At least we think it was her. She's pretty good at this

2013-12-10 03:16:40 PM  
Yet again, an Earthling wins Miss Universe

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