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(AsiaOne)   What do you say when a Singapore customs officials discovers six birds stuffed in toothpaste boxes hidden in your luggage?   ( divider line
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2013-12-03 08:27:44 AM  
"I'm just happy to see you"?
2013-12-03 08:45:17 AM  
"Thank you, sir, may I have another?"
2013-12-03 08:55:23 AM  
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2013-12-03 09:02:53 AM  
"Six birds contraband is worth two in my tush?"
2013-12-03 09:10:29 AM  
Say nothing. Just flip them the bird.
2013-12-03 09:31:46 AM  
Carry on snack?
2013-12-03 09:47:37 AM  
I'll be writing a complaint to my supermarket's home office?
2013-12-03 09:47:57 AM  
tell them to Myna own business.
2013-12-03 09:48:24 AM  
But they're Crested birds!
2013-12-03 09:49:33 AM  
This is how they migrate. Plus, I'm coconut free!
2013-12-03 09:50:15 AM  
"The aristocrats"?
2013-12-03 09:51:10 AM  
Were the birds laden or unladen?
2013-12-03 09:52:13 AM  
Anybody else read that as six buds?

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2013-12-03 09:53:39 AM  
African or European?
2013-12-03 09:55:38 AM  
No, not Singapore! What's the name of that country that starts with "s" that they don't have birds at all?
2013-12-03 09:56:10 AM  
"But the ticket said I was allowed two carrions."
2013-12-03 09:58:38 AM  
The ex-wife packed my bags. She's had it in for me ever since I got the job as judge in the Miss Singapore contest. I guess it was the long hours interviewing (wink wink) contestants. God, the things those women will do just to get a tiara. Have you ever been to an orgy with 24 beautiful woman all wanting to please a man? Each woman trying harder to please a man than the last! Tell ya what, I could introduce you to them. Tell them, you're a secret judge who might be called upon to cast a tie breaking vote. Man, they would tear you to pieces! You'd have to go to the hospital for a full fluid recharge.

Now, these birds. They got wings, right? Two seconds out of the box and they'll fly where ever, right? Maybe I'm just helping them. Knock a few miles off their migratory route. Good judge guy, right?

Now, you. You got bigger things to deal with. Get some vitamin B shots and drink a lot of cranberry juice. They ladies will do the rest. I'll pick you up at 6. I'll be driving a blue Studebaker. See you soon, you lucky guy.
2013-12-03 10:00:32 AM  
Man, have you tasted the airline food?
2013-12-03 10:00:38 AM  
You say nothing and sing about those without wealth instead.
2013-12-03 10:04:07 AM  
What do you say?

Not the face! Not the face! NOT THE FACE! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
2013-12-03 10:05:36 AM  
Tweet about it
2013-12-03 10:13:11 AM  
"That's why my teeth are canary yellow!"
2013-12-03 10:15:09 AM  
Whip it.  Whip it good.....
2013-12-03 10:16:07 AM  
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2013-12-03 10:35:20 AM  
A whooping cane?
2013-12-03 10:36:44 AM  
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2013-12-03 10:46:32 AM  
"Well, stone the crows!"
2013-12-03 10:47:47 AM  
I hear all the little birdies on Jaybird St., love to hear the robin go tweet, tweet, tweet.
2013-12-03 10:51:23 AM  
"Haven't you ever seen how tooth paste is made in Singapore?"
2013-12-03 10:56:07 AM  
Es mi primero día de trabajo
2013-12-03 11:06:37 AM  
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2013-12-03 11:27:07 AM  
2013-12-03 11:29:32 AM  
"I'm cheap."
2013-12-03 11:44:36 AM  
"My true love forgot the lyrics!"
2013-12-03 12:01:24 PM  
That's a caning?
2013-12-03 12:02:03 PM  
Don't cane me bro.
2013-12-03 12:03:13 PM  
2013-12-03 12:22:34 PM  
They're resting.
2013-12-03 12:48:19 PM  

MBooda: Anybody else read that as six buds?

[ image 482x419]

If that was what he was caught with in Singapore he would not be around to tell the tale.
2013-12-03 12:48:22 PM  
sufferin succotash
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