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(News Shopper (UK))   Can't help thinking the meaning here could be lost in translation - wonder what the Westboro bunch have got on presently   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, Co-op in Station Road, Kent Police, Longfield  
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2013-12-02 09:37:39 AM  
Well, darn, they changed it back to "cigarette thieves". You got a screencap of the original headline, Subby.
2013-12-02 09:37:57 AM  
Common problem in winter, I'm sure. Firewood is scarce and nobody wants to freeze.

/dnrtfa, obviously
2013-12-02 09:40:40 AM  
Well we still have this quote in the news story ...

"A CIGARETTE burglary took place at a shop in Longfield on Sunday (Dec 1) evening. The fag-happy criminals appear to have only stolen packs of smokes at the Co-op in Station Road."
2013-12-02 09:40:43 AM  
Fawkham Road

Fawkham? I don't even know em.
2013-12-02 09:46:11 AM  
I'm surprised the thieves weren't deterred by the horrible photos of rotting gums and lungs or the scary warnings on the box.
2013-12-02 09:47:11 AM  
This gem was still in there:

FTA: The fag-happy criminals appear to have only stolen packs of smokes at the Co-op in Station Road.
2013-12-02 09:48:16 AM  
Not fag-happy criminals!

2013-12-02 09:52:33 AM  
WTF?  Subby mentions Westboro in the headline and I got all ragey against Fred Phelch, and it's a lame story of a cigarette heist?  Way to go to make me look even more foolish than I already am.  Also, "Kent Police"?  Was he riding a Camel?  Was the cop Sgt. Tareyton?  Even weirder is that they used the phrase "fag-happy", so I guess there is a tie-in with Fred Phelch after all...
2013-12-02 09:58:09 AM  
Smoke'em if you got'em?
2013-12-02 10:07:53 AM  
I'm gonna go outside and suck on a fag.

What? No, why would I be gay for smoking a cigarette?
2013-12-02 10:27:02 AM  
It still says "fag-happy criminals" in the body.
2013-12-02 11:02:46 AM  
Turd burglars?
2013-12-02 11:58:37 AM  

rjakobi: Well, darn, they changed it back to "cigarette thieves". You got a screencap of the original headline, Subby.

But the article still calls them "fag-happy", so we're all good.
2013-12-02 11:59:51 AM  
Weirdest Fark filter ever?

Replaced the capital F in fag with a lower-case f.
2013-12-02 12:15:01 PM  
FTA .. The fag-happy criminals ...

I grinned.
2013-12-02 03:13:56 PM  
My dad came to the US from England after the war. He was a smoker, and couldn't smoke on the flight. When he landed he found he'd lost his pack of cigarettes. He figured the guys in uniform would be the most likely to have some or know where to get them, But they all cussed him out when he asked. He's probably luckily he didn't get beat up, going around asking service men where he could find a fag.
2013-12-02 03:15:48 PM  
Fawkham. Fawk every one of them fag stealin' fawk-wads.
2013-12-02 05:12:49 PM  
(deleted: no, the "Boobies" filter has been around for over a decade. Try reading the FArQ.)

Whatever.  Waste my time reading FArQs?  I'm just working out the last of my bad habits before going cold turkey...
2013-12-02 09:36:25 PM  
By the time I post this, I probably won't have firsties.  Oh, well, further proof my life sucks...
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