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Duplicate of another approved link: 8037169

(The Atlantic)   It's a slow news day, so here's a picture of a roasted turkey wearing full military regalia while riding on a pig, which apparently was a thing in the 1500s Europe   ( divider line
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2013-11-28 04:45:29 PM  
Turducken? More like the anti-Christ from Rube Goldberg.
2013-11-28 04:47:38 PM  
I hope this doesn't get chefs any new and stupid ideas.  Although, the Ramsay Bird would be one I'll let slide.  The bird will have it's head removed then stuffed inside.
2013-11-28 04:47:44 PM  
cdn.theatlantic.comView Full Size

Bird likes to party.
2013-11-28 04:52:10 PM  
I love the smell of freshly roasted repeats.
2013-11-28 04:52:49 PM  
Pardon me whilst I go see if I can round up a lapwing and a thrush.

Is bacon required?
2013-11-28 04:54:25 PM  
The Thanksgiving Dinner of Dr. Moreau.
2013-11-28 04:55:26 PM  
Suddenly this gif makes sense.

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2013-11-28 04:55:44 PM  
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2013-11-28 04:57:58 PM  
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2013-11-28 04:58:33 PM  
While a repeat, this is slightly more informative than the link earlier this morning.
2013-11-28 05:16:10 PM  

netcentric: [ image 460x355]

noelhenley.comView Full Size

"I got three and a half sex tips for you."
2013-11-28 05:26:46 PM  
There are many things wrong in the world, sadly this is not wrong enough to have been ignored.
2013-11-28 05:48:43 PM  
i1301.photobucket.comView Full Size

This way we get a head start on turning it into turkey kebabs.
2013-11-28 06:24:43 PM  
"In the 1500s Europe"?What?"16th century Europe" or "Europe in the 1500s" too tricky for you?
2013-11-28 06:56:02 PM  
It's the DVDA of cordon bleu cookery!
2013-11-28 06:57:19 PM  

Pert: "In the 1500s Europe"?What?"16th century Europe" or "Europe in the 1500s" too tricky for you?

Perhaps subby meant the decade from 1500-1509.
2013-11-28 09:51:27 PM  
Calling a capon a "large chicken" is lazy reporting.
That is like calling a steer a fat cow.
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