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2013-11-29 10:27:14 AM  

Anonymous Bosch: That fat fark is really arguing that he understands Christianity better than the Pope, isn't he?

Why would the Pope know anything about Christianity?  He's a Catholic.

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2013-11-29 10:38:57 AM  

flondrix: Why would the Pope know anything about Christianity?  He's a Catholic.

Growing up in rural Georgia, I'd often get asked if I was a Christian or a Catholic. Never could make any of the other kids understand that those were not mutually exclusive conditions.

It's a lot simpler now, I just go with "No, sorry."
2013-11-29 10:46:11 AM  

syzygy whizz: Dansker: More_Like_A_Stain: I_Am_Weasel: /I know it's not 'your royal popeness'

El Poparino?

The Popemeister!

My google-fu came up with "Your Holiness".

Good thing I checked, cos I was about to go with "Your Eminence"...but I guess that's for the bishops.

Incidentally, "Your Eminence" is also how I'm addressed by Siri.

She really wanted to hear "Your Imminence" instead, but that was obviously unacceptable.
2013-11-29 10:56:05 AM  
Republican God vs Catholic God
2013-11-29 11:39:43 AM  

HairBolus: kidgenius: I like how he thinks the 'common man' thing this pope has going on is just an act.

Rush knows it is just pandering because Rush is an expert at pandering and projection.

I've just realized that pandering and projection are in some sense two aspects of the same thing.
2013-11-29 02:07:06 PM  
So, how's this playing over in Freeperville? Glad you asked:

"I do not hide my antipathy for this Pope Francis. He is revolting to me and definitely of a lower caliber than the previous one. When God is angry with us, when he wants to punish us, he sends incompetent and lousey priests. This Pope is the 112th Pope of the Malachy Prophecies."

"Maybe we should redistribute the wealth from wealthy black Muslims back to poor Christian whites."

"that does it. I am done with this "pope""

"Nature will take care of the third world poor. One bad growing season will sort things out."

"free market capitalism is the economic system that is compatible with God-given human nature, God-given natural rights, and the Biblical concept of justice."
2013-11-29 02:16:50 PM  

DirkValentine: kidgenius: DirkValentine: Before i read any of the comments I wanted to say that this :

  I thought he was going a little overboard on the 'common man' touch and I thought there might have been a little bit of PR involved there.  But nevertheless, I was willing to cut him some slack . . . If he wants to eschew the physical trappings of the Vatican, O.K. Cool. Fine.

sickened me.   fark you Rush.  "willing to cut him some slack"?   For actually trying to live a LITTLE BIT like the Jesus actually taught?

Goddammit Rush, shut the fark up, YOU COCK.

I like how he thinks the 'common man' thing this pope has going on is just an act.

It really farking upsets me that he and others have been able to twist the narrative so much that "common man" is a de facto pejorative.

It's sad. Its really , really sad.

And yet he pitches his appeal to the common man. Rush, that is. The difference between Pope Francis and Rush is the difference between sincerity and hypocrisy.
2013-11-29 10:20:52 PM  
As a lifelong atheist I gotta say... I LIKE this pope.
It's like he actually read the bible, or something.
2013-11-30 12:33:36 AM  

Lionel Mandrake: Duh. Jesus Christ was a communist.

I wouldn't say he was a communist, but he was definitely a liberal. A bleeding chest liberal.
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