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(Digital Journal)   One good reason to look forward to Christmas - the annual Doctor Who Christmas episode   ( divider line
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2013-11-27 06:21:14 PM  
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whizbangthedirtfarmer: cheer: whizbangthedirtfarmer: from what we saw in Night, the Hurt Doctor had a very long time before getting into the Time War himself.

How do you deduce that?  I thought the implication was that he became a warrior and dove into the Time War immediately after regenerating.

Nope.  In Night, it is clear that Hurt Doctor is much older.  The events of the Time War are occurring, but it appears he didn't timelock events until Gallifrey started to fall.

He didn't timelock the events until Gallifrey started to fall, but it's made very clear at least twice that he spent that entire incarnation fighting in the Time War. McGann's Doctor chose to become a warrior in his next regen, the Time War was raging around them. Hurt's reflection in the end of "The Night of the Doctor" is a much younger man than he is at the end of the Time War. As we've seen from Matt Smith's run, the Doctor doesn't (or doesn't have to anyway) age very quickly. So the War Doctor spent at least 30 or 40 years (if he ages like a human), or several hundred years (if he ages like Smith's Doctor) fighting the Time War.
2013-11-27 05:58:16 PM  
1 vote:

Samwise Gamgee: cheer: Samwise Gamgee: What would it have done if it didn't gain sentience? That's what I'm asking. What was it supposed to do?

The implication was that it, at the very least, would be capable of wiping out two races utterly.  I realize they didn't give us detailed specs, but was that really needed?

 Yes, I think it's important to know what the implications of its use are, to elucidate just how desperate the Doctor had become. Does it wipe Gallifrey and the Daleks from history altogether, or just blow them up real good, or what? And since Hurt-Doctor isn't going to remember the events of DOTD, what exactly does he THINK he did to Gallifrey? They've said things in the past about how he 'burned' Gallifrey, etc. Without knowing exactly what the Moment does it's hard to say what exactly is at stake, and gauge the dramatic importance of what the Doctor (thinks he) did.

The Moment (non-sentient version) is a MacGuffin. It doesn't matter exactly what it was capable of any more than it matters what's in the suitcase in "Pulp Fiction." The Moment was a weapon of such horrific proportions that despite the fact that the Time Lords has used all their other worst weapons, they hadn't resorting to using The Moment, because it was that much worse. If that's not enough for you to understand how much of a bad-news last resort it would be, I don't know what to tell you.
2013-11-27 05:21:11 PM  
1 vote:

whizbangthedirtfarmer: But Clara was clearly shown with many other Doctors.  So they all forgot Hurt Doctor as well?  Remember that they are all aware of his presence at the end of Day.  And, for that matter, when is a timestream determined by someone's memories?  And it is clear that the Hurt Doctor did good things as well ... even so, will the GI try to undo his work with the Tenth and Eleventh?  What happened to the GI?  When you extrapolate and theorize on a bad plot, you just end up with more questions.

For god's sake. The time war was time locked. Those events were inaccessible.
2013-11-27 01:17:41 PM  
1 vote:

Samwise Gamgee: 1 - IMO, it should have been Paul McGann instead of John Hurt. I like Hurt, but wasn't necessary to bring in another actor and McGann would have been more fitting for a 50th anniversary special.

Someone in another thread pointed out that that would have negated all of his radio DW episodes.

Samwise Gamgee: 2 - They should have focused on one story - the Time War one, and ditch the Zygons.

The Zygon story was a mirror "mutually assured destruction" plot. If you can't figure out why it was in the episode, well, then there's a reason you're called "Samwise."

Samwise Gamgee: 3 - What was 'The Moment' designed to do, exactly? I'm certain it wasn't designed to create a ghost that can break time-locks and talk you out of destroying stuff. Or maybe it was, I don't know?

Yes, that's exactly what it was designed to do. Or rather, that's what it became when it gained sentience and a conscience.
2013-11-27 11:21:15 AM  
1 vote:

Dingleberry Dickwad: That Reilly Monster: I'm not getting the frustration with the Zygon story being dropped.  To me it was important to the story, but it wasn't the story itself.  It was important because the War Doctor needed to see 10/11 (12/13?) solve the issue which was indicative of the type of man he would become as a result of destroying his own people.  After that he decided that the horrid act was worth it because the universe was a better place with a remorseful Doctor running around (something along the lines of "How many worlds has his regret saved?").  After he had resigned himself to being the black sheep of the Doctor lineage (great men are forged in fire, it is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame) the story followed him, as well it should.  What impact would it have had on the story to find out that UNIT awarded Greenland to the Zygons as a safe haven?  It didn't matter any more, it wasn't relevant to the War Doctor's story which was, IMHO, the main story.

I'm kind of baffled by that as well. The Zygons weren't the plot, they were an accessory to the actual plot which was the Doctor's involvement with the Time War. They were there as you said so Hurt's Doctor could see what his future selves become and so that they could give the Doctors an idea on how to end the Time War without destroying Gallifrey.  We know all we really need to know about the Zygons. They were working peacefully with the humans to come to a truce. I can understand a little bit of frustration that when Tennant and Smith showed up to meet Hurt before he used the Moment and they didn't at least say something like "The Zygons have agreed to leave humanity in peace and stay in human form and become part of society" or something of that nature, but it's not all that important at that part of the story.

Exactly. The plot was resolved, not abandoned. Just because it looked like Tennant and Smith immediately followed the War Doctor back to the Moment, that doesn't mean it didn't take hours and hours for them to finish the peace treaty between the Zygons and humans.

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2013-11-27 09:38:08 AM  
1 vote:

Southernmost Farker: I don't want to sound like a nerd but, i am on fark and this is a Doctor Who thread... so i suppose the cat is out of the bag. I've watched the 50th like 4 or 5 times sinced it aired and once again Moffat proves he's brilliant. Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith were great too. I am excited for Peter Capaldi, but really nobody is going to miss 11?

Damn, 4 or 5 times? One was enough for me. It was decent, but not epic. So many problems with the script, glossing over the Zygon story, etc.

Once was plenty, it's a 7/10 episode at best, and Tom Baker bumped that up a point by himself.
2013-11-27 02:55:58 AM  
1 vote:

Mike Chewbacca: Dingleberry Dickwad: Rip Steakface: Now that it's been established in the Anniversary, the Doctor can simply go back in time to meet his past selves and solve every problem talking it over with them. Well, enjoy your two minute long Christmas special.

Yeah, except for the part that he probably needed the Moment's help to do that...
Anytime there's been more than one incarnation of the Doctor in the same place at a given time it was due to some sort of special circumstance. He can't usually just call up a past or future self and be all "Dude, I'm totally farked, help a bro out dawg."

True, but it happens often enough.

5 times in 50 years, unless I'm missing some. 5 times in 259 stories (plus mini-episodes). All under extraordinary circumstances.

"The Three Doctors"
"The Five Doctors"
"The Two Doctors"
"Time Crash" (mini)
"The Day of the Doctor"

Is that really something worth complaining about?
2013-11-26 03:06:40 PM  
1 vote:

Wellon Dowd: Clara is bringing the Christmas goose![ image 449x650][ image 605x1132]

I sucked it up last night and took the wife and kid to a 3-D showing of Day of the Doctor. Even though I am no fan of the show I liked the episode (although I think that Eccleston is being a prat not showing up)

And Jenna Coleman makes my souffle rise... Full Size
2013-11-26 02:22:53 PM  
1 vote:

UNC_Samurai: Magruda: Dr. Whoof: I'm really looking forward to the Capaldi doctor.  The cameo in the 50th was just perfect.  He does not look like a happy Doctor.  So far we've had Denial Doctor (Eccleston), Regret Doctor (Tennant), and Manic Doctor (Smith).  Time for Grumpy Doctor.

Dear god, I hope we don't get a Colin Baker rehash.

Matt Smith had a lot of Troughton in his character, which makes me think Capaldi will come off more like Pertwee than Colin Baker - aloof and a bit testy, but not outright irritated at having to acknowledge the existence of other people.

So your theory is that they're just going to keep paying homage in chronological order? that makes no sense.
2013-11-26 02:01:12 PM  
1 vote:
Are you serious? The Weeping Angels are were brilliant monsters! Except for the giant angel in Angels Take Manhattan

Blink was amazing. Every appearance since has simply watered their impact down. If we never see them again, it would be for the best.
2013-11-26 01:38:34 PM  
1 vote:

edmo: Science fiction and Christmas? Will we ever learn?

Based on how good the last DW Christmas specials were I'd say, yes.
2013-11-26 01:36:39 PM  
1 vote:

UNC_Samurai: Dammit, they're bringing back the Weeping Angels. I was really hoping Moffat would quit dredging the bottom of that well.

/been really happy with everything he's done except for making some of the most boring episodes with those things

Moffat had a decent start, but I'm not liking his direction now. In my opinion, he's sacrificing the moments and individual episodes for flash and bang long arcs. Last season was the worst of the NuWho, and the season before was pretty shaky.
2013-11-26 01:26:06 PM  
1 vote:

KawaiiNot: Sure! Why not?

I guess we could use this as an opportunity to post Clara pictures.

img34.imageshack.usView Full Size

mmmmm barmaid Clara.....
2013-11-26 01:07:52 PM  
1 vote:
Dammit, they're bringing back the Weeping Angels. I was really hoping Moffat would quit dredging the bottom of that well.

/been really happy with everything he's done except for making some of the most boring episodes with those things
2013-11-26 12:43:26 PM  
1 vote:

We need a story about this?
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