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(My Kawartha)   Restaurant patron: "What are your specials today?" Restaurant employee: [whips out his junk]   ( divider line
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7586 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Nov 2013 at 3:58 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-11-21 03:59:10 PM  
Oh my.jpg
2013-11-21 03:59:47 PM  
So the sausage?
2013-11-21 04:00:35 PM  
He meant to tell that Rooster's meat are the special today.
2013-11-21 04:00:35 PM  
Who is down with OPP?

/Yeah, you know me...
d23 [BareFark]
2013-11-21 04:00:52 PM  
media.zuza.comView Full Size

Well you know me.
2013-11-21 04:00:58 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

"Is that the foot long?"

"And then some!"
2013-11-21 04:02:53 PM  
He should have yelled "GOT YA!" then kicked their asses.
2013-11-21 04:03:20 PM  
So then, it's bangers & mash?
2013-11-21 04:04:04 PM  
"Isn't that a rather small special?"
d23 [BareFark]
2013-11-21 04:04:18 PM  
Taking notes...

images.christianpost.comView Full Size
2013-11-21 04:04:28 PM  

SirTanon: [ image 500x609]

"Is that the foot long?"

"And then some!"

GOD DAMN SUNOFAbiatch, came here to post exactly this.

/shakes tiny fist

your pics better than mine any ways :(
content9.flixster.comView Full Size
2013-11-21 04:04:41 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2013-11-21 04:06:56 PM  
So....cocktail weenies?
2013-11-21 04:08:38 PM  
"No thanks; small portion."
2013-11-21 04:10:34 PM  
Olympia Dukakis was in the next booth and they just want what she had

/don't correct me I know
2013-11-21 04:10:40 PM  
Clearly a fan of George R.R. Martin.
2013-11-21 04:10:44 PM  
And exactly what were they expecting in Peterborough County?
2013-11-21 04:11:57 PM  
FTA: A Trent Hills man is facing charges after a man exposed himself to customers at a restaurant.
...two woman were preparing to eat when a man working at the restaurant exposed his genitals to them.

So what you're saying is...
cdn.picsauce.comView Full Size
2013-11-21 04:12:48 PM  
Should have just raised one eyebrow and said "Doesn't look very special to me".
2013-11-21 04:12:59 PM  
"That's not special, I've had hundreds"
2013-11-21 04:13:34 PM  
Happy meal?
2013-11-21 04:14:15 PM  
They spotted a dick did they.
2013-11-21 04:14:57 PM  
Ah yes, the goat.

i1.ytimg.comView Full Size
2013-11-21 04:16:40 PM  

blatz514: Ah yes, the goat.

[ image 480x360]

the bat wing
2013-11-21 04:18:24 PM  
<Elaine Benes> out.
</Elaine Benes>
2013-11-21 04:18:27 PM  
one of the perks of being a waiter is to have your junk hanging out of your pants, but covered by your apron.

/bonus when you get to lean over the table and rest your sac in a monkey-dish of ranch.
2013-11-21 04:18:34 PM  
Is the tip included?
2013-11-21 04:20:13 PM  

SirTanon: [ image 500x609]

"Is that the foot long?"

"And then some!"

Came for "Nick the Dick"

/leaving satisfied
2013-11-21 04:20:46 PM  
All waiters write the daily special on their penis. That's how I was trained when I was a waiter.
2013-11-21 04:22:10 PM  
Baby carrots?
2013-11-21 04:22:18 PM  
Did he do it while asking for "just the tip"?
2013-11-21 04:22:50 PM  
2013-11-21 04:23:23 PM Full Size

What waiters not wearing pants may look like.
2013-11-21 04:23:29 PM  
Sloppy Joes?
2013-11-21 04:24:25 PM  
2013-11-21 04:24:33 PM  

vudukungfu: blatz514: Ah yes, the goat.

[ image 480x360]

the bat wing

I worked in a kitchen where shiat like that goes down.  This kid got the brain and a kind of bat wing in the same day by the same dude.  Instead of the bat wing he pulled on his sack and said 'ewwww, I sat on some gum.'  I told the kid he was being punked and he needs to give him the goat.  Well, after a few shots of jager (after work at work drinking) I tell him I'll help, go in the cooler drop trow and I'll send him the cooler for something I need.  Worked like a charm.
2013-11-21 04:25:05 PM  
Frank and beans?
2013-11-21 04:25:41 PM  
Same as last time?
2013-11-21 04:26:33 PM  
2013-11-21 04:27:30 PM  
Bird's tongue?
2013-11-21 04:28:21 PM  
Overcooked spaghetti?
2013-11-21 04:29:00 PM  
2013-11-21 04:29:45 PM  
Turtle head?
2013-11-21 04:29:49 PM  
Menage a trois tri tip.
2013-11-21 04:33:37 PM Full Size
2013-11-21 04:34:12 PM  

SirTanon: [ image 500x609]

"Is that the foot long?"

"And then some!"

Came for this.
2013-11-21 04:37:08 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-11-21 04:38:45 PM  
Patron one: Oh. It looks like a penis, but smaller.
Patron two: Does that come in an adult size?
2013-11-21 04:42:20 PM  

wildcardjack: Clearly a fan of George R.R. Martin.

southparknewsnow.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

2013-11-21 04:44:47 PM  
i141.photobucket.comView Full Size
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