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2013-11-18 10:23:20 AM  
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I'll allow it!
2013-11-18 10:51:57 AM  
Now that's a well-done headline. Clever, subby
2013-11-18 11:48:57 AM  
Yep. Man-made snow will always be shiattier than real snow.
2013-11-18 11:59:29 AM  
Nah, Here's a rime job...
i521.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-11-18 11:59:34 AM  
Don't you eat that yellow snow.
2013-11-18 12:01:19 PM  
Don't ski the yellow snow?

My parents water their lawn with reclaimed water, so this is no big deal.  Actually, it's a smart way to get rid of this water when people aren't watering their lawns in the Winter.
2013-11-18 12:02:40 PM  
These ski slopes are the shiat!
2013-11-18 12:06:14 PM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2013-11-18 12:07:53 PM  
Sounds like a prelude to a crappy 50s sci-fi movie.
2013-11-18 12:08:51 PM  
Not as bad as when Stowe resort built a restaurant on top of Mt Mansfield and just shot the sewage out the side of the building.
2013-11-18 12:10:31 PM  
There's nothing wrong with eating yellow snow.
2013-11-18 12:10:44 PM  
And now to Steve for the Ski report. Conditions are pretty shatty today Keith, back to you.
2013-11-18 12:22:06 PM  
+ 1 subs.  would have also accepted hore frost.
2013-11-18 12:23:50 PM  
FTFA:  "The Christmas Eve debut of that controversial project was sullied when the first produced snow turned out yellow, reportedly due to rusty snowmaking equipment."
2013-11-18 12:30:36 PM  

EdNortonsTwin: Sounds like a prelude to a crappy 50s sci-fi movie.

Next on SyFy: Poovalanche!
2013-11-18 12:32:25 PM  
I'm sure some other Farkers will exhaust (heh) the humor potential.  On a technical note... this project is showing the usual hardware oriented US overkill regarding water recycling.  Why bother adding a UV treatment step after the water has already undergone a mechanical separation and a biological remediation (could mean many things , but hey)?

If the intent is to turn the reclaimed water into snow, then it's a very very and much to very 'strained' argument that it needs UV treatment, unless the ski resort patrons really want to eat the snow.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2013-11-18 12:34:22 PM  
Today there are 24 inches of packed pooder on the upper trails.
2013-11-18 12:35:25 PM  
does bear creek shiat in the woods?  no, apparently they do it on the slopes
2013-11-18 12:37:30 PM  
ski pee
2013-11-18 12:46:40 PM  
The black diamond with a toilet bowl sign is the hardest course.
2013-11-18 01:04:25 PM  
Effluent for the affluent?

Well, not the super rich and celebrities, of course. They get flown into the Rockies to ski virgin slopes never touched by the foot or ski of man. But mass-effluent for the mass-affluent, I guess.

There's so many merely rich people now they can't afford real snow any more.

Thanks for concentrating all of the economic income growth in the hands of the top 20%, Mssrs. Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama!

The difference between the Bunny Hill and the triple diamond slopes is the that the pee is fresher on the Bunny Hill. Hell, some of it is still warm!
2013-11-18 01:26:20 PM  
Treated wastewater is fine as long as the sewage treatment plant is nominal in operation.

Ever drink city water that came out of a river that has another city with a wastewater plant upstream?
Look at the Mississippi river watershed and try to count how many cities use that water for drinking and then have a sewage treatment plant.
2013-11-18 03:13:48 PM  
Knowing the snow is made of piss should give you a lot more incentive to avoid falling down.
2013-11-18 07:33:31 PM  

Well, not the super rich and celebrities, of course. They get flown into the Rockies to ski virgin slopes never touched by the foot or ski of man. But mass-effluent for the mass-affluent, I guess.

     99.99% of the wealthy folks that brag about backcountry skiing would, if left to their own devices, kill themselves without the help of all the peons taking care of them. They need guides, pilots and others to ensure their safety; including folks like me to set up and adjust their fancy gear. Me and my dirtbag friends get to ski way better slopes and conditions because we can guide ourselves and have years of experience. We as well understand the mountain climate and wouldn't bother with the Rockies because they are continental mountains with thin and generally less stable conditions for skiing. It is why we live in the Columbia mountains of BC which are a transition climate; thus bigger snowfalls and way less twitchy avalanche conditions. The Selkirks, Monashees, Cariboo and Purcells have the best ski conditions and terrain on the planet, home to the biggest and best heli ski operations in the world. I get to ski better conditions than the 1% and don't have to pay $12000.00 a week for it. Just sayin'.
    I have access to world class backcountry skiing from my door, and I am poor as f*ck, life is good.
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