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(London Times)   Brain turns to mush with too much Playstation, spell check and Palm Pilots.   ( sunday-times.co.uk) divider line
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2001-02-06 09:48:30 AM  
ive been suffering from this for at least 2 years
2001-02-06 11:58:19 AM  
This is the funniest thing I''ve read in a long time.

"Geeks enslave minds of ordinary humans"
2001-02-06 12:32:43 PM  
I believe it w/ every fiber of my being. My memory is pure crap. I can remember more things from 3rd grade than I can from last year.
2001-02-06 12:36:01 PM  
Once again I will state that technology sucks, because, people will be come dependent upon it and when they are without that technology they are useless to some degree.

Hmm, just think, 100 years ago we''d be farmers, bankers, blacksmiths, etc. instead of high tech computer slaves - if I could go back in time 100 years, I''d surely do it. To hell with technology. Sure, I''d be doing without Fark, but you would have to give up a lot, given what''s involved with time travel.

-he who stacks pork
2001-02-06 02:31:16 PM  
What the hell was i going to say?
2001-02-06 04:34:35 PM  
I donno.. seems like the problems they descibe could also be blamed on other things like lack of sleep, working too much (avg work week is now like 60 hrs), and uh... um what were we talking about?
2001-02-06 04:34:59 PM  
I was watching a program on Comets and Asteroids and such like and what they would do to little old earth and in the case of such an occurence....how many of us know how to bake bread? or distill clean water , or ,or ,or?
reliance on technology will drop us if it is ever impeded by disaster....
2001-02-06 04:56:32 PM  
*I* know how to bake bread.. you stick all the ingredients in the machine and push the start button.. DUH!

; )
2001-02-06 05:30:32 PM  
This story smells fishy. It reminds me of the great story of how using Palm Pilots interferes with your writing style and that can mess with your personality. It was a hoax of course.
2001-02-06 07:27:05 PM  
seriously technology slows down evolution, think about it, if we didn''t have telephones for the past 100 years we''d probably communicate over long distances with esp, and teleportation instead of cars.
2001-02-06 08:21:11 PM  
I think it has some merit but not in the sense of making people stupid.

Tell you the truth I cannot even write with a pen that well anymore. I remember in my philosophy class I was supposed to write an essay as part of my exam. All I could do is shiat a brick over the prospect of writing something with out using MS Word. I had to ask if spelling was going to count and when the professor said yes I knew I was screwed. Then when I asked if handwriting was going to count, and when the professor said yes, that was another double whammy. My handwriting looks like chicken scratch. I think technology has made at least me lazy when it comes to things such as writing with a pen on paper.

But to say that technology causes people to be stupid is fallacious. I personally believe technology makes people lazy not stupid. Or it allows people to do things much better with the least amount of effort. After all technology is supposed to make life easier for people.

My grand mother once told me that only a fool does not take advantage of tools that are made available to him. (I think she got this out of a fortune cookie not sure :)
2001-02-06 11:52:16 PM  
The story is utter bullshiat, most humans in the western world are using their brains FAR more than we did 100 years or so ago, because of technology. We remember how to use software, computers, cars, videos, etc. And we read FAR more.

I`ve read elsewhere that this study was flawed to fark, only 150 people were tested, of which 20 already had natural memory problems.
Just some shiatty jap gimps trying to get some publicity before their next grant review.
2001-02-07 02:16:31 AM  
I dont know how it works with your memory but I do know that kids today are ultra-dependant on these things. My 11 year old is about the only kid in her class that knows how to find information manually. Her teacher was saying that he does not remember the last kid that came through 5th grade that knew what the Dewey Decimal System was or how to use it. She also knows how to count back change the proper way and how to figure a percentage w/o a calculator. My kids think I''m a bitch for making them learn things the old way also but they have had to rely on the old way more than once.
2001-02-07 06:07:29 PM  
My programming Professors always say that you shouldn''t re-invent the wheel, yet the curriculum includes COBOL. We already have Oracle to do that kinda crap damn it...
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