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(TMZ)   TV production company has contacted several parties involved in the Charlie Sheen/Brooke Mueller custody battle in hopes they can make a reality show about the ongoing struggle. Because that's what it's all about--entertainment   ( divider line
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2013-11-11 08:38:25 AM  
It's not like those kids are going to have productive, healthy lives ANYWAYS. Might as well make a few bucks off of them.
2013-11-11 08:48:14 AM  
I've said it before:  those kids need to be put into Witness Protection and be moved to Iceland.
2013-11-11 09:17:21 AM  
Charlie's the kind of guy that would actually do it, too.
2013-11-11 09:23:49 AM Full Size

You know... entertainment.
2013-11-11 09:41:27 AM  
That's a great idea! Let's get all the most poisonous divorces and custody battles together and have a reality show. Everyone could live in one big house together--this would have the added bonus of having half of them hook up with each other, adding even more to the wacky hi-jinks. For a break from the tense atmosphere in the custody house, all the lawyers for the aggrieved parties can live in one other house, and we can watch them analyze strategies and make fun of their clients behind their backs. All the kids will have their privacy protected by having their faces blurred out when they're on-screen, which is only appropriate, since their identity isn't important--only their value as a bargaining chip to get back at the other parent.

If I'd only thought of this 10 years ago, I'd be rich now, not to mention a reality TV *star*.
2013-11-11 09:46:19 AM  
We're living in last days of Rome.  Bread and circuses, bread and circuses.
2013-11-11 01:28:13 PM  
I'm still not clear if this type of behavior comes from smoking too much crack or from running out of crack.

And is it crack that accelerates the aging process to such an extreme degree?

Alcohol definitely does and I know cigarettes do... but Charlie is 48 years old; he looks like he's going on 60.
2013-11-12 03:53:51 AM  

Diogenes: I've said it before:  those kids need to be put into Witness Protection and be moved to Iceland.

People really need to get over the idea that people are more fit to take care of a child just because they donated genetic material to its creation.
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