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(Beaumont Enterprise)   The public is set to vote on approving bonds for a $69 million football stadium for. A) Community college. B) Semi-pro team. C) High school team   ( blog.beaumontenterprise.com) divider line
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2013-11-01 07:54:19 PM  
Well, it is their religion. Kinda.

Mega Churches and Mega Stadiums. Praise Jesus and Jethro.
2013-11-01 08:16:39 PM  
America, fark YEAH!!!!!!
2013-11-01 08:16:58 PM  
Riddle me this, subbs, will the stadium generate $69 million in profit over its lifetime? I bet it will.

Plus, the stadium looks like it's going to serve 8 different high schools. I would figure a double header on a Friday night brings in 200K+ in profit.
2013-11-01 08:18:18 PM  
It's Texas.  High School Football is everything down there.  My daughter is getting her Ph.D at Texas Tech right now.  There is a high school south of Lubbock with a stadium with more capacity than the state college she got her undergraduate degree has.
2013-11-01 08:24:27 PM  
Knew it was Texas halfway through reading the headline. Saw "beaumont enterprise" as the source and felt some confirmation, but was unsure - clearly this wouldn't really be in Beaumont i thought. Glanced at TFA and saw "Katy" and it all made perfect sense.

Katy HS is indeed a local powerhouse, but (and unlike the Dallas stadium referenced in TFA) this bond offering is proposed for use by multiple schools, and to build an agriculture arena, etc...

/not in my district so I don't really care if the bond is voted up or not. Would not at all be surprised if it passes though.
2013-11-01 08:29:35 PM  
Well considering it serves eight high schools, it will probably have double headers and/or a games every week and probably soccer games in the winter.  Too bad it will probably have an artificial surface.
2013-11-01 08:33:55 PM  
What interest rate are they offering?
2013-11-01 08:34:03 PM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size

Close to $70 million FARKING HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM with luxury suites, valet parking, and a whole lot of amenities.

Football, then god, it's the Texas way!

Oh, and good luck trying to get a $60,000 bond passed to enhance science, or the arts.
2013-11-01 08:35:27 PM  
I'm OK with this because it's Texas. Keep them happy down there, so we don't have to deal with them them up here.
2013-11-01 08:39:07 PM  

markie_farkie: Oh, and good luck trying to get a $60,000 bond passed to enhance science, or the arts.

What the f*ck are those? They sound French!
2013-11-01 08:46:51 PM  
Bond = debt

But let's go complain about Obamacare or something.
2013-11-01 08:48:43 PM  
.......No high school needs 69 million dollar stadium.
2013-11-01 08:52:50 PM  
More football = more head injuries and heart problems = higher mortality rate = more Texans not polluting the gene pool.

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