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(610 WTVN)   When selling your guns out of your trunk, a bank parking lot is not the best place to do that (Some ads Not safe for work)   ( divider line
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2013-11-01 02:05:45 PM  
2 votes:

The_Sponge: What a dick.

/Sell mine at the monthly farmer's market.

Are they organic, free-range guns?
2013-11-01 02:04:58 PM  
2 votes:
Everyone knows the best place to buy a gun in a trunk is at the Denny's on Central Ave. in Albuquerque.
2013-11-01 04:13:45 PM  
1 vote:
Banked with Wellfargo. They had a 'no guns' sign on the door. (which I am sure prevented all robberies). When Wellsfargo bought them out, they took the 'no guns' sign off the door. I figured they were cool with lawful carry. I mean who is gonna rob a bank with a lobby full of people with guns? I had been carrying concealed there for about a year or so. One day I guess I didn't put my holster in right, and the slide was digging into my hip in the car, so I tucked my shirt between the slide and me. I forgot to cover the gun back up when I got out. (Open carry is lawful in VA). I am standing at the stationary desk, filling out a deposit slip when the branch manager gingerly approaches me.
Lady: Sir....are you law enforcement?
Me: Huh? No. Why?
Lady: (Suddenly much more forceful) Sir. You are NOT allowed to have a gun in here!
Me: Oh, you don't have anything on your door saying so.
Lady: (condescendingly) Sir, we dont *have* to have something on the door for you to not be allowed to have a gun in here.
Me: You're absolutely right. You, as a representitive of the bank can inform me of your policy, and that counts as legal notice. But if you don't want people to have guns in here, maybe you should post something.
Lady: Sir, we don't have to post something, because NO ONE brings guns in here. Ever.
Me: No one that you know of, because they have all been concealed. I've been bringing a gun in here for well over a year.
Lady: Well you need to take it outside. You can go ahead and give the teller your deposit slip, and complete your transaction when you return without the gun.
Me: Can I swipe my ATM card, so she'll have my info?
Lady: Sure. Then you need to leave.
Me: *swipes card*. Let me ask you this. You have this policy, but you don't have it posted. if you don't want guns in here, how exactly are people supposed to know?
Lady: (perplexed) Well....I don't know.
Me: The bank used to have a sign. You all took it down.  You should really put one back up if you feel that strongly about it.
Lady: I will talk to the general manager about doing it.
Me: But let me ask you this. What do you think that will do for you, other than keeping people from having guns in here that wouldn't do anything bad with them anyway?
Lady: Well...if someone is going to rob the place, and see that they can't have a gun, it will make him think twice, because he would get in even more trouble.
Me: I see. So a person getting ready to commit a felony might be stopped if there is a chance he can also be charged with a class 4 misdemeanor?
Lady: Exactly.
Me: Wow.
Teller: Sir, your deposit slip
Me: Oh, looks like I am done here. I guess I don't have to take my gun to my car after all, since my transaction is complete and I'm leaving. Have a nice day.
Lady: (suddenly *somewhat* friendly) You too sir. have a good day!

(A year and a half later, still no sign on the door)
2013-11-01 03:46:21 PM  
1 vote:

BeesNuts: IRQ12: Also I love the insinuation that them doing it in plain sight was the stupid thing.  Yea at midnight in a dark alley would be a much smarter choice.

Visibility is the whole point numbnuts.

What's wrong with one or the other participants homes, assuming we really don't care who's buying or selling because tyranny or whatever.

Maybe in my bedroom?  Or how about my work?  Maybe I can just leave a "honor system" drop box full of weapons on my porch?

It's kind of stupid to advertise "I have stuff to steal" then giving complete strangers your address so they can no show then come rob you.
2013-11-01 03:43:16 PM  
1 vote:

BeesNuts: What's wrong with one or the other participants homes, assuming we really don't care who's buying or selling because tyranny or whatever.

You go to the homes of random people you've met on the internet?  There's some ads on Craigslist I'd like you to answer...
2013-11-01 03:38:22 PM  
1 vote:
disagree Full Size
2013-11-01 02:55:38 PM  
1 vote:

Ned Stark: Nadie_AZ: What more stupid a thing could you do than set right there in a picture window, loading and unloading a gun?", Lavender said.

They were loading and unloading guns? I thought you said they were selling them?

While no arrests were made, Lavender says he will present the case to the county prosecutor for a possible charge of inciting panic.

This is stupid. Non story.

Presumably loading and unloading guns from trunks, not loading and unloading them with ammunition.

The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of guns only. There is no selling in the red zone.
2013-11-01 02:49:48 PM  
1 vote:
If it was BofA, he was probably charging a transaction fee, a 'talking to a live person' fee, a parking fee,  an 'opportunity cost' fee, a large bills fee, a small bills fee, a count the change fee, an online fee AND a penalty for not being online fee...and a fee fee.
2013-11-01 02:17:22 PM  
1 vote:
How many more instances like this are we willing to accept before we finally close the Bank Parking Lot Loophole??
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