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3890 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Nov 2013 at 8:01 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-10-30 03:38:01 PM  
pbs.twimg.comView Full Size
2013-10-30 03:43:01 PM  
"I think we need to zap your PRAM with a cup of Joe."
2013-10-30 04:09:20 PM  
"Are the tubes warmed up yet?"
2013-10-30 04:14:19 PM  
Mr. Biden.....did you send me a picture of your junk AGAIN?!?

/Why is it so small?

Now with Votey goodness
2013-10-30 04:21:11 PM  
It's such a shame you guys had to rely on Google maps's fuzzy pictures.  You should see the stuff we have at the office...
2013-10-30 04:57:50 PM  
"Okay, now type the word transformer and click the search button"
2013-10-30 08:46:13 PM  
pbs.twimg.comView Full Size

OK, here's the deal. You pretend I'm telling you something brilliantly helpful about computers so I can tap Mariska Hargitay in the limo after we leave and you get a free ride to any school in the country. Deal?
2013-10-31 07:22:18 AM  
i1102.photobucket.comView Full Size

/btw thanks to Gwinny for the TF subscriptions. :)
2013-11-01 08:05:46 AM  
So..... You want a ride in the T-bird too? The brunet behind us is already in.
2013-11-01 08:06:02 AM  
Wow!  Look!  It says I can enlarge my penis naturally!
2013-11-01 08:06:07 AM  
"If they had really dropped me for Hillary in 2012, I would have made her have to call here."
2013-11-01 08:07:59 AM  
Show detective Benson and I where the bad man touched you.
2013-11-01 08:09:59 AM  
"No need to respond to this one. Looks like she's been told twice already."
2013-11-01 08:10:02 AM  
Chick with glasses: I could get this done if he would just stop popping my bra strap.
2013-11-01 08:11:25 AM  
What part did Al Gore invent?
2013-11-01 08:16:08 AM  
"No, I have no idea how to sign up for Obamacare. I just said that it was a big farking deal. Doesn't mean I know what I am talking about."
2013-11-01 08:18:07 AM  
Is it plugged in?
Have you tried rebooting it?
Well, I guess I need to elevate this call to the President.  Please stand by while I get him to fly down here on Air Force One.  I hope your experience with the Vice President of the United States has been a pleasant and positive one.  Is there anything else that I can do for you?  We are currently offing advanced back up and recovery for all you critical documents.  Secretary of State John Kerry would be happy to provide you with more information on securing your data to a cloud based system and this is in no way an offer that you must accept in order to continue receiving our award winning tech support.  No?  Well, please wait for the President of the United States.  He has been dispatched and will be here shortly.  We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you again for you time. Have a nice day.  Like everything else in this country, this phone was recorded for quality control and eavesdropping reasons.  Please stay on the line

Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" plays
2013-11-01 08:19:36 AM  
OK so you click here to delete your browser history
2013-11-01 08:19:53 AM  
"Check out my troll-fu! Go to I'm 'Skookum'".
2013-11-01 08:19:58 AM  
You just dragged the red ten over to the black jack, dropped it on the stack and it stuck?  Just like that?  Unpossible!
2013-11-01 08:23:58 AM  
In the criminal justice system, sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

2013-11-01 08:28:04 AM  
Biden's internal Rack Detector indicates a primary set of targets to the right and slightly above but Obama's Programmers have inserted a few lines of code that generate a pop-up reminding the VP that they are cameras nearby and his wife may view them. Joe mentally tries to push the pop-up away so that you can move to Target Acquisition Mode but the code holds. There will be no ogling of the melons this day.

Joe mutters "Thanks Obama"
2013-11-01 08:34:44 AM  
"Enhance. Enhance. Enhance. Aw yeah..."
2013-11-01 08:38:23 AM  
So I right click my name to delete it?
2013-11-01 08:41:11 AM  
"No no, hentai ends in A I.  H E N on second thought just let me type."
2013-11-01 08:42:25 AM  
That damn Onion. My biceps are like twice that size!

/Now with voting
2013-11-01 08:42:40 AM  
"See, Joe? You never forget your first Goatse...."
2013-11-01 08:52:51 AM  
"What do you mean it can't verify my identity? I have to send them a copy of my driver's license??"
2013-11-01 08:53:02 AM  
"Haha. What'd I tell you? Right? Still, I bet it's just chocolate mousse or something."
d23 [BareFark]
2013-11-01 08:58:05 AM  
This is GREAT.  I gotta write this down..
2013-11-01 08:58:06 AM  
Wow.  You mean isn't a porn site?  And people still pay $5 for premium content?  Are you sure this isn't a porn site?

/Now with voting because I'm only just waking up
2013-11-01 08:59:27 AM  
Yikes.  I didn't know the human body could contort like that.
2013-11-01 09:06:01 AM  
This Obamacare site really is a piece of crap
2013-11-01 09:12:21 AM  
Well there's three of us here now and we all think it's definitely infected.
2013-11-01 09:26:44 AM  
He says his name is Carlos Danger?
2013-11-01 09:36:48 AM  
"Look at these emails! If we help out all of these guys, we'll get a fortune for helping them get their money out of Nigeria! Debt crisis solved!"
2013-11-01 09:43:43 AM  
See if you can find any nude pics of that hot chick from Law & Order: SVU
2013-11-01 09:46:55 AM  
"Stupid Farkers, don't they know they have to turn voting on?"
2013-11-01 09:50:08 AM  
Hey look, that's Jayne Mansfield! I can't tell you many times I've fapped to her.
2013-11-01 10:10:41 AM  
"So you lead off with 'The Internet is really really great' and then I sing my line?"

2013-11-01 10:37:20 AM  
So they call you and then you send someone over to dispense domestic violence?
2013-11-01 10:40:34 AM  
Wow, the site really is screwed up.  Good thing I'm exempt!
2013-11-01 11:39:59 AM  
Computer Gal: OMG Shoes!
Biden: Those shoes are $300...
CG: Let's get 'em!
2013-11-01 12:04:07 PM  
Oh, the files are IN the computer...
2013-11-01 12:07:20 PM  
Whaaa?? Did he just smell my hair?
2013-11-01 12:22:10 PM  
Tell her that one about "She'll be able to keep her current doctor" again.
2013-11-01 12:58:43 PM  
So people don't call here to get Domestic Violence?  I thought this was the NSA's drone headquarters.  Since I'm here, can you pull up RedTube?
2013-11-01 01:16:05 PM  
Wow! He really smacked the shiat out her this time, didn't he? She must have farked up again.
2013-11-01 04:29:42 PM  
"I'd hit it...what?"
2013-11-01 06:18:05 PM  
"Quick! Close the browser window - I think that woman from SVU is on to us"
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