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(Stuff.co.nz)   New Zealand suburb experiences minor freakout after loud, exotic bird native to Africa shows up   ( stuff.co.nz) divider line
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5264 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jan 2004 at 3:21 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-20 01:07:29 AM  
Why didnt they just smack it with the newspaper when it was making noises?
2004-01-20 03:25:29 AM  
I was going to suggest they eat the tasty looking guy... but your solution will do.
2004-01-20 03:32:52 AM  
damnit, now im hungry. thanks alot mbowness, lol
2004-01-20 03:34:11 AM  
Was it laden or unladen? What was it's airspeed?
2004-01-20 03:41:07 AM  

I actually also had the same thought, but i wasnt too sure how many people were on the same boat. It sort of looks like a turkey, but yeah looks very tasty, especially at 3:41am.
2004-01-20 03:43:42 AM  
now im hungry :-(
2004-01-20 03:43:59 AM  
Yeah, looks like a farkin' turkey. Mmmmmm.....turkey....
2004-01-20 03:50:27 AM  

/Vote Blake Ashby!
2004-01-20 04:06:30 AM  
I live in a crowded California suburb and we have a noisy parrot problem. Nothing new to us out here...
2004-01-20 04:17:09 AM  
Two days after Christmas: "I thought, 'Oh my God, what is it?"

I get the same presents too.
2004-01-20 04:22:43 AM  
Loud, exotic bird native to Africa

Sounds an ex-girlfriend. Thank Christ she is miles away in NZ.
2004-01-20 04:26:31 AM  
We had birds like this on our farm when I was a kid. Damn things are extremely loud and even more annoying, although they make excellent watch dogs.

As for the eatin', theres not much there underneath all those feathers. Smaller than a cornish hen I'd say.
2004-01-20 04:35:56 AM  
It probably got lost on its way to New Guinea due to fowl weather.
2004-01-20 04:39:19 AM  
fabulous Monty python reference... thats just what I was thinking...

oh and Karmacidal, my Grandfather's farm had them too, cept we called em' target practice...
2004-01-20 05:06:50 AM  
Was it laden or unladen? What was it's airspeed?

Not sure, there were no references to coconuts in the article.
However, I think they said it 'sounded like a machine gun' - must have Bin Laden

2004-01-20 05:29:42 AM  
luckyeddie; you are dismissed.
2004-01-20 06:12:02 AM  
Where is the freak out your idiot headline writer speaks of?
Dont waste my time with promises of freakouts that fall way short jackass
2004-01-20 07:46:33 AM  
"It took to sitting on our fence, making a racket,"

Tennis or Badminton?
2004-01-20 08:30:28 AM  
This fowl is not tasty at all. As I come from South Africa, I have tasted it. This fowl can not fly far distances so someone must have braught it to NZ, as a present from Africa. I ask with tears in my eyes, why? They are noisy and they bread worse than rabbits.
2004-01-20 08:47:52 AM  
I hit one on a road in Connecticut a couple years ago. Its mate flipped out and didn't know what to do about its squished partner, so I kicked it(just kidding). A number of wealthy gentleman farmers out here have these silly birds. I have also seen peacocks on the roads out here. Still looking for my first emu though.
2004-01-20 08:54:44 AM  
Speaking of loud obnoxious animals, I am trying to figure out what creature has inhabited downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. If you are ever there after about 9pm local time in the area bounded by Patten Square, Lindsay St, 6th St, and Walnut St, listen for a god-awful screeching sound coming from above. To this day, I have yet to figure it out. I can't even tell if it's avian or mammalian.
2004-01-20 10:24:13 AM  

Could be a nighthawk, which would make it avian. Could be bats, which would make it mammalian. Or it could be someone's roof AC unit making noise. :)

2004-01-20 10:46:24 AM  
Unless said bird was promptly eaten by a neighbourhood cat, this article can't really compete.
2004-01-20 11:32:31 AM  
i doubt zeke's noise is a nighthawk (also known as goat sucker, or bullbat- they eat insects) since they don't make any sort of raucous noise. can't imagine what it would be. maybe it's drunk rednecks. it is tennessee after all. ;)

as for guineas, they taste okay, but the eggs are really really good- worth the trouble of getting them.

given that guineas are semi-domesticated fowl, this doesn't strike me as too big a deal. although, what with nz and other islands losing species due to introduced animals, guess it could be.
2004-01-20 12:25:39 PM  
Native to Africa?

My cousins have these things running around their farm in Louisiana. They love the eggs. Never eaten one of the birds themselves, though.

/um... yeah... wanders off
2004-01-20 12:28:19 PM  
[image from realamericanwrestling.com too old to be available]
2004-01-20 03:44:56 PM  
The same could be said of Carol Mosely-Braun's appointment to American Ambassador to New Zeland by Clinton.
2004-01-20 08:50:16 PM  
Loud little buggers,some hillbillies keep them.They claim that they are good watchdogs.
2004-01-21 07:00:18 PM  
[b] DOG [/b]
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