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(Reuters)   Germany: We are going to build our own internet, but with blackjack, and scheiße videos   ( reuters.com) divider line
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2013-10-25 03:16:22 PM  
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Jackpot777: FarkedOver: Super Chronic: Sounds like a reasonable request. Let them have it, and then we'll have peace in our time.

I can see what the germans are in a führer over this, though  Anne Frankly I did Nazi this coming.

We didn't have to make these corrections when I was in the Grammarwehrmacht.

Oh, I get it. Juxtaposing "Anne Frank" and "Nazi" is funny because she cannot see. Because she's blind. I see what you did there. Unlike her.
2013-10-25 02:05:43 PM  
1 vote:
Others pointed out that Deutsche Telekom's preference for being paid by other Internet networks for carrying traffic to the end user, instead of "peering" agreements at no cost, clashed with the goal to keep traffic within Germany. It can be cheaper or free for German traffic to go through London or Amsterdam, where it can be intercepted by foreign spies.

Foolproof. No way can foreign spies monitor traffic unless it leaves the country.

Thomas Kremer, the executive in charge of data privacy and legal affairs for the German operator, said the group needed to sign connection agreements with three additional operators to make a national routing possible. "If this were not the case, one could think of a legislative solution," he said.

Foolproof. If there's one thing that the history of technology has shown, it's that "legislative solutions" trump technology every time.

"As long as sender and receiver are in the Schengen area or in Germany, traffic should no longer be routed through other countries," Kremer said, referring to the 26-country passport-free zone in Europe.

Foolproof. E-mails are always between two, and only two, people. And neither one of them will ever leave Germany.

Bah, there's way too much in that article to try to cite each target of ridicule. These people have no clue how technology works, nor how people use it. Even China's "Great Firewall" is as about as effective in stopping information flow as the original Great Wall is in protecting against an aerial assault.
2013-10-25 02:01:42 PM  
1 vote:
Sure, it will start by being a purely German project, until it starts interfacing with then taking over networks in Poland, France, the Low Countries, North Africa... Then on to the East!
2013-10-25 01:56:02 PM  
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Almost thirteen years have passed since the unhappy day when the American people, blinded by promises from foes at home and abroad, lost touch with honor and freedom, thereby losing all. Since that day of treachery, the Almighty has withheld his blessing from our people. Dissension and hatred descended upon us. With profound distress millions of the best American men and women from all walks of life have seen the unity of the nation vanishing away, dissolving in a confusion of political and personal opinions, economic interests, and ideological differences. Since that day, as so often in the past, America has presented a picture of heartbreaking disunity. We never received the equality and fraternity we had been promised, and we lost our liberty to boot. For when our nation loses its political place in the world, it soon will lose its unity of spirit and will....
2013-10-25 01:23:43 PM  
1 vote:

Super Chronic: Sounds like a reasonable request. Let them have it, and then we'll have peace in our time.

I can see what the germans are in a führer over this, though I did Nazi this coming.
2013-10-25 01:19:49 PM  
1 vote:
Sounds like a reasonable request. Let them have it, and then we'll have peace in our time.
2013-10-25 12:59:40 PM  
1 vote:
Will the German Internet also have autoplay ads with no mute button, cause the one on this page caused me to close the tab prematurely.
2013-10-25 12:57:00 PM  
1 vote:

dittybopper: That's OK, the US has a long history of monitoring German communications.  We'll get by.

I bet they told Mexico their intentions first via some sort of note or telegram.  Those tricky huns.
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