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(New York Daily News)   Smoking hot 31-year-old woman arrested after posing as 17-year-old to seduce 14-year-old boy   ( nydailynews.com) divider line
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2013-10-15 01:38:23 AM  
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2013-10-15 01:41:09 AM  
He must have been a hunky little puppy to get her attention. Of course, I'm not in a situation where I routinely see 14-year-old males. Maybe they're all that way, and an inquisitive pecker was all she sought.
2013-10-15 02:04:38 AM  
meh i'd do it at 41 or 14

more likely at 14 though 'cause I didn't know as much then

2013-10-15 02:06:55 AM  
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...shutup Mimsy!
2013-10-15 02:30:45 AM  
Can't tell if she has a cleft lip or if it's the camera since the dark spot seems to extend down to her teeth. Looks weird. If not for that she'd at least be hittable....other than the crazy.
2013-10-15 03:03:13 AM  

krackpipe: FTFA: "The boy told his parents about Dixon after getting tired of her trying to keep him at her home. "

Yup. Article proves that no matter how hot the woman, there's a 14-yo somewhere sick of her shiat.
2013-10-15 03:48:32 AM  

Ed Grubermann: BuckTurgidson: Would I?


Hairlip! Hairlip!

I salute you sir. Haven't thought of that one in yeeeeears.
2013-10-15 03:49:27 AM  

The 14-year-old farked her so hard, he drove her uterus up onto her face.
2013-10-15 05:32:21 AM  

First time ive seen that one. Funny.
2013-10-15 07:45:31 AM  
So, "smoking hot" trolls feel ok making fun of deformed people now?
2013-10-15 07:52:46 AM  
Came for the hairlip Steve reference:

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2013-10-15 08:03:22 AM  
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2013-10-15 08:24:08 AM  
It's harelip you twits, i.e. like the lip of a hare/rabbit.
2013-10-15 08:32:56 AM  
Smokin' Jo Robinson is currently persuing a civil lawsuit for misuse and application of his moniker.
2013-10-15 08:40:47 AM  
Sure, what the hell
2013-10-15 09:38:38 AM  

Crewmannumber6: Sure, what the hell

No.  NO!  I'm not picky but that gal is several different types of ugly.  Setting aside the harelip, she's got wonky eyes.  I'm not talking about the crazy that is clearly evident, but the left eyelid is droopy and she might even have a lazy eye.  The dealbreaker, though, is the small nose holes.  That I cannot abide.
2013-10-15 12:23:20 PM  
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2013-10-15 12:38:19 PM  

proton: [i.imgur.com image 635x476]

That totally caught me off guard, and now I can't stop laughing.

\you bastage, +1, etc, etc
2013-10-15 01:40:49 PM  
Is she pretty enough to attract some hapless kid's attention? Yes.

Does she even remotely pass for 17? No.

He must be VERY nearsighted.
2013-10-15 02:25:22 PM  
Yes she's crazy but the sex is so damn good.
2013-10-15 03:32:31 PM  
We need to raise our girls not to rape.

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