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(Seattle Times)   Doctors leave behind 13 inch metal blade in patient, sets off airport metal detector   ( seattletimes.nwsource.com) divider line
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2001-12-04 11:30:15 AM  
Big. Lawsuit.

Farking BIG!
2001-12-04 11:35:14 AM  

How could you leave a blade in there?
2001-12-04 11:36:28 AM  
"When he went to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to pick up his daughter, metal detectors sounded the alarm as he tried to pass through security.

Dressed in jeans and T-shirt, he told the guards he had no weapons, just the retractor inside his body. "They just brushed me right through," he said."

Oh, great! It's good to know guards are understanding of people with 13-inch metal blades in their bodies and take their word for it instead of searching them.
2001-12-04 11:39:59 AM  
You'd think there's going to be a huge lawsuit from this...

...unless you've read the article.
2001-12-04 11:40:29 AM  
Me thinks the doctor was smoking something he shouldn't have before surgery
2001-12-04 11:41:22 AM  
FalconRed: The operation was in June 2000 and the rod removed a couple months later. Although they still should have at least frisked him (to help determine if any flexible material or checked where the wand showed), the simple fact is that airports were very lax prior to 9/11.

LadySin: He settled for less than $100K, that hospital got off light. I have seen much worse verdicts for just sponges.
2001-12-04 11:45:00 AM  
"Determined to learn as much from this as possible"

Like what? Not to leave your farking instruments in a person's body when you sew them up? Shouldn't that be taught in Surgery 101? Learn from this.. Jeebus, this isn't like you're a little kid and you need to learn your lesson!
2001-12-04 11:46:22 AM  
not too suprising considering more people die at the hands of doctors than by guns
2001-12-04 11:50:19 AM  
That is a truly scary story. I've had extensive surgery, and can only IMAGINE the pain he was in.

He should have a free lifetime supply of OXY's for compensation!
2001-12-04 11:50:35 AM  
The intuitive cat: Where did you get that stat from? I'd like to see that. Is it that more die from malpractice, or more die while being helped 'cause lots of people go to doctors when they are in a life threatening situation?
2001-12-04 11:54:27 AM  
Madcharlie: if there's any truth to what intuitive said, I'd be inclined to believe the latter. There is no way that more people die of malpractice than of gunshot wounds.
2001-12-04 11:55:41 AM  
I agree, Oberon. He could've gotten half a mil for that. His lawyer must be one of those little lizards.
2001-12-04 11:56:37 AM  
"It hurt when he walked, when he bent over, when he tried to go to the bathroom. It's just part of recovery, his surgeons said."

My Uncle always told me the same thing when I was younger.
2001-12-04 11:58:08 AM  
Madcharlie: LMAO
2001-12-04 12:00:14 PM  
a. it wasnt a blade, it was a flat thing to keep the stitching needle from puncturing things

b. according to the CDC website, more people die from medical errors than murder

this doesnt surprise me, my father had a routine operation at duke medical center for the removal of a kidneystone and had to be rushed back in an ambulance THREE SEPARATE TIMES on account of arteries they nicked
2001-12-04 12:02:54 PM  
Not condoning what happened, however these kind of things usualy occur on severely lard ass people. It's a lot easier to loose something when your cutting on an orca.
2001-12-04 12:04:21 PM  
$97,000! That's it!? Wow he is either a really nice person or his lawyers really sucked!
2001-12-04 12:08:03 PM  
"UW settles suit over tool left in patient"

Well that headline makes me think of a whole different lawsuit altogether.
2001-12-04 12:09:46 PM  
And to think that extreme body modification freaks would have paid big bucks for what this guy had...
2001-12-04 12:11:47 PM  
The hospital in Springfield, VT has had like a half dozen patients die from malpractice in the last couple years. In fact, they have a nice long history of it. A friend of mine went in to have a kidney removed, they nicked his intestine, and sewed him back up. He died later of an infection. That doctor is still working there!
2001-12-04 12:17:57 PM  
Must be related to Don.
2001-12-04 12:20:50 PM  
I'm not going to do the research or verify sources but I heard/read/saw that thousands, if not tens of thousands of people die each year from getting the wrong amount or wrong medication while in hospitals.
2001-12-04 12:29:07 PM  
No, The Intuitive Cat is right!

According to a study published by Harvard medical, at least 80,000 people die every year due to malpractice and medical negligence.

Comparably, about 45,000 die in car accidents, and only about a 1000 die due to accidental gunshot wounds.

Actually car accidents alone outnumber the number of gun deaths, accidental and non-accidental(number around 11,000 a year).

If you demand sources, check FBI Uniform Crime Statistics and some Harvard Medical and RAND Corporation studying on malpractice.

[grins at his own knowledge of trivia]

just did a speech on this recently.
2001-12-04 12:29:29 PM  
Madcharlie, here are the stats I was sent on it:

Kind of interesting
Number of physicians in the U.S. = 700,000
Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year = 120,000
Accidental deaths per physician = 0.171 (U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services)
Number of gun owners in the US = 80,000,000
Number of accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups) 1,500
Accidental deaths per gun owner = 0.0000188
Therefore, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.
"Not everyone has a gun, but everyone has @ least one doctor."
2001-12-04 12:30:51 PM  
bah, s/studying/studies
2001-12-04 12:32:29 PM  
That is really, really scary. Really.

Remind me not to get cancer.
2001-12-04 12:37:17 PM  
So getting sick raises your risk of death? Who would've thunk? Apples and oranges, people.
2001-12-04 12:39:36 PM  
Holy Jeebus is that scary. I never would have thought it. I'm never going to a hospital again. It's good old witchcraft healing for me from now on!
2001-12-04 12:43:09 PM  
Man that hospital got off easy... they probably broke out the champagne after that laughable settlement.
2001-12-04 12:46:18 PM  
"Ouch[.] How could you leave a blade in there?"

Ranger: The question is, how could the poor guy not notice it?
2001-12-04 12:47:09 PM  
"...a technician for a pest-control agency. "

Probably explains why he had the malignant tumor.
2001-12-04 12:47:52 PM  
"Man, I haev heartburn bad this time!! It could be those super-potent tacos I ate, but it's probably just a 13-inch stainless steel blade lodged in my rib cage."

2001-12-04 12:52:07 PM  
Hospitals are workplaces.

Think about it people.. where you work is everything always on the up and up?

They are not ISO9000 certified, I am sure that motherboards are treated with more care than people are--simple economics.

Nurses and doctors have long hours, lots of things to keep track of all the time--its not an easy job at all and of course this allows human error to enter the picture.

Another way to think about this is typing on a keyboard..

Instead of hitting the backspace key they have to treat the new problem and then not screw that up, try it out.. Type a bit without hitting that backspace key--most people can go for a while--but geez! I have to constantly correct this post..
2001-12-04 12:55:58 PM  
I used to be a case manager at a law firm (like a paralegal, but without the clerical BS), but had to get out of the legal game when they assigned me to help defend a surgeon who had amputated the wrongleg.

The defense attorney's initial advice to the hospital was, "Get a bigger checkbook."

Good doctors are amazing, skilled, kind people. We're lucky to have them. Bad doctors deserve the chair for the pain they cause. There are no mediocre doctors.
2001-12-04 12:57:30 PM  
Mongo, thats why you arent a professional typist who gets paid a shiateload of money to type
2001-12-04 01:33:40 PM  
So the next time you want to sneak weapons on board tell them it is just a metal object inside of you? Genius!
I don't have any drugs ON my person, I just have 18 coke filled condoms IN my person.
Ok sir go right through.
2001-12-04 02:01:28 PM  
So is that a 13 inch stainless steel retractor or are you just glad to see me?
2001-12-04 02:11:28 PM  
"Nurses and doctors have long hours, lots of things to keep track of all the time--its not an easy job at all and of course this allows human error to enter the picture.

Another way to think about this is typing on a keyboard..

Instead of hitting the backspace key they have to treat the new problem and then not screw that up, try it out.. Type a bit without hitting that backspace key--most people can go for a while--but geez! I have to constantly correct this post.."

You don't go to medical school for 8 years to learn how to type...

Yes this was a simple mistake - but mistakes in this area are unacceptable. People should be treated with the care you would treat a nuculear reactor, not a keyboard! nuke techs were making as many mistakes as the average data-entry person, we'd be in deeep shiat.
2001-12-04 02:23:40 PM  
The terrorist have won . . .

I just want to point out that this is the first and last time I'll post the "terrorist have won"-post. I just had to do it once.

2001-12-04 02:34:35 PM  
$97,000 that's it??? WTF man?! two months of pain and who know what kinda lasting damage and he gets less than 100k.?

Shoulda hired a different lawyer.
2001-12-04 03:04:41 PM  
Several seem to be complaining that $97K wasn't enough. Maybe all he wanted was to have the thing removed and his medical bill forgiven plus a small punative. It's absolutely absurd to award in the millions of $$ for something that only causes a temporary problem. Ever occur to you that the guy wasn't a greedy bastard?
2001-12-04 03:16:04 PM  
Mwahahahaha! Great prank!
2001-12-04 03:20:49 PM  

dont get cancer.
2001-12-04 03:54:41 PM  
"The question is, how could the poor guy not notice it?"

You aren't used to the whole surgery experience, so you don't KNOW what you're supposed to feel like afterwards. My girlfriend had her gall bladder out, and they stuck this LONG-ASS tube in her stomach cavity to monitor her fluids (to make sure she wasn't bleeding internally). When they pulled it out she almost passed out from seeing how many feet of tubing had been inside of her. She had no basis to tell how that kind of foreign object "felt".
2001-12-04 04:26:36 PM  
Calcium Coral with carbon bound mesh blade.... Implant...
Plexglass shard with teflon coating blade.... Implant...

2001-12-04 05:05:20 PM  
Yes the surgeon made a mistake, and the man was compensated for this. I hope he also thinks once in a while of the fact that thanks to this surgeon he was able to walk through the airport, and not be carried somewhere in a box instead.
2001-12-04 05:11:47 PM  
I happens...
2001-12-04 09:19:12 PM  
[image from ndsproducts.com too old to be available]
CIA Letter Openers are constructed of Zytel plastic.
2001-12-04 09:50:41 PM  
OWWW. Jesus christ that must of hurt.
2001-12-04 10:01:51 PM  
I think that for great justice the surgeon should have something thirteen inches long lodged inside of him.

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