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(CBS News)   So you're shopping at Walmart only to discover that your EBT card no longer has a limit. What do you do? Probably something like this   ( divider line
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2013-10-15 09:55:47 AM  

Tenatra: Nina_Hartley's_Ass: Tenatra: Nina_Hartley's_Ass: The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services' spokesman Trey Williams said the retailers who chose not to use the emergency procedures that limit sales up to $50 per cardholder during an emergency would be responsible for any additional amount spent over eligible benefit balances.

Ummm why would they activate emergency procedures? There was no emergency.

Xerox server in TX shut down crippling EBT.

I'm thinking more along the line of state of emergency. Get in, pick up necessities, get out. Which isn't the case here

Good ole ACS.

[ha-ha.jpg] indeed.
2013-10-15 10:58:56 AM  
2013-10-15 11:43:45 AM  

SwiftFox: The easiest and cheapest way to handle this would be to ignore it, other than the ordinary accounting.  If someone who gets, say, $200/mo assistance splurged and spent $950 when their balance was $200, they now have a card balance of $-750. Next month their assistance payment will give them a minus $550 balance, then -$350, -$150, and in February they will finally be restored to a whole $50.

Hope they bought well to maintain themselves and their families for the meantime.

So I don't have kids myself, but is it safe for them to go for a couple of months without food or formula or whatever?
2013-10-15 06:53:36 PM  

The Muthaship: So they were supposed to stop all sales because there was a possible glitch?

They can do what a respectable merchant such as Wegmans did.  Institute a $50 emergency limit so that people can continue to purchase things they need until the system is back to normal.

I'm still not sure how anybody got into a situation of "need" in the first place.  Some chick on the news was crying that she can't feed her chillins because the card system was down.  What?  You waited until your entire pantry was empty of everything until you went to the store to buy something to eat for them?  Or do you not ever store anything in the pantry and eat from day to day?  That same brain dead mentality is probably what has created a person who cannot get or hold a job in the first place.
2013-10-15 06:59:43 PM  

The Billdozer: Madbassist1: bearded clamorer: Can't tell you how many times I've been in line at a grocery store, or even a gas station mini-mart, where children with no adult accompaniment have purchased soda, candy, and junk food with a Link card.

I can. Zero.

There are workaround that Ive seen with the rules of govt assistance programs. Two examples spring to mind:

1) You cant buy a fast food drink with it. So the clerk will tell them they cant ring it up and they can take the straw out or dont put the straw in at all and then its ok to buy.

2) You cant buy hot fast food. So instead of buying the warmed verson of the sandwich, there are cold ones you can buy and then warm it up. What the hell is the difference?

Has anyone else seen this?

Yes.  It's similar to the stupid tax rules here in NYS.  A package regular size marshmallows is "candy" and is therefor taxed.  A package of mini marshmallows is baking ingredients and not taxed.  Or take a package of cookies from a shelf in a regular isle and it is grocery and not taxed but take the same package from a shelf at the front end check out and it is candy and taxed.  Progressive government at its best.
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