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2013-10-12 01:29:31 PM  

whizbangthedirtfarmer: bborchar: whizbangthedirtfarmer: bborchar: whizbangthedirtfarmer: This would require Moffat to have some sort of grand plan, and I just don't think he can do this.  I may be proven wrong, but the last season was horrible, with only a few bright spots, and Moffat often manipulated the scripts for cheap stuff.  He told Gaiman to insert the ludicrous flirty Cyber-Doctor scene and encouraged many writers to trim their plots down to the point they were practically non-sensical.  I look forward to the Christmas special and the Day of the Doctor, mostly because Moffat does an excellent job at the bombast/fantasy, not so much so actual showrunning.

\shame he's beaten all of his best creations to death by now
\\except for the Silence, who just ... vanished, probably embarrassed by just how stupid their plan was

It wouldn't feel like a Doctor Who internet thread without someone putting up the ol' Moffat-bashing post.

/seriously, get over it
//series 7 was really good

I have no idea what you're smoking.  Hey, it's your opinion, but there was only one really decent episode.  The rest ranged from godawful to near wastes of time to rushed conclusions that made little sense.  You may be the only person who has attached "really good" to series 7; Doctor Who Magazine and SFX, long impartial or cheerleading for Doctor Who, were both terribly critical of the series.

Not smoking anything...it has a bunch of great episodes in it.

Asylum of the Daleks, Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS, The Bells of Saint John, The Crimson Horror, The Name of the Doctor, Angels Take Manhattan...all of those were really good to excellent episodes.  The rest of them may not have been great, but they had great moments in them, like the "I Am a Ghost" scene in "Hide", the Doctor's speech in "Rings of Akhaten", or the Doctor and Amy talking by the river in "The Power of Three".  I don't really care what critics say...I watched them and I liked them a lot, especially on further viewings.

Well, that's ...

I hated the ending of "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS"...until I watched "The Name of the Doctor", which resets the reset button.  Then JttCotT became immensely important to the arc of the story, and it was great.  The first time I watched through, I missed so much, and I was sort of 'meh' about many of the episodes.  But then I rewatched them again, and I picked up on so much that I had missed the first time around it was ridiculous.  The way the Doctor acts towards Clara, how utterly creepy and stalkerish he is towards her.  He treats her like a puzzle to be solved, not a companion.  His attitude is so changed from when he was with Amy and Rory...he loved them so much that even when he knew he should have left, he can't let go.  "The Power of Three" may have a rubbish villain, but I don't watch the episode for that part of it...I watch it for the heartbreaking way we see the Doctor and the Ponds grow apart.  Basically, series 7 is about relationships, and while it may not have had an overall arc, I think it did a great job of portraying those relationships.
2013-10-12 10:49:56 PM  

HopScotchNSoda: I just wonder if we might have been able to have gotten sooner.

They have been restoring them since June and have just finished. They're still looking for the other missing episodes.
2013-10-12 10:51:40 PM  

MattyFridays: I can't wait til Capaldi starts and all the fangirls get airlocked.

I'm a fangirl and I'm looking forward to Capaldi. I'll be glad to say goodbye to Frankenfoot Smith. Don't get me wrong, he was awesome as the Doctor but damn, he's hard to look at.
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