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2013-10-06 08:23:38 AM  
3 votes:
Can we ban packs of feral children from shopping centers and streets as well?
2013-10-06 08:32:37 AM  
2 votes:
When I was a kid we called it Smear the Queer.
2013-10-06 08:24:46 AM  
2 votes:
Sounds about right...
 Most young boys really ARE little more than a cross between violent chimpanzees and a wolf-pack anyway.

/The Lord of the Flies was a documentary, not a work of fiction
2013-10-06 05:23:24 PM  
1 vote:
2013-10-06 02:26:49 PM  
1 vote:
Sadly, the Jerry Springer/Walmart/Big Gulp generation is out-breeding the normal kids of yesteryear.  Speaking as a public school teacher, I advocate banning all academics and focus on how not to be a POS-bucket-of-pus like 90% of the parents whose savage spawn dominate our public classrooms.  The rapture/bird flu/zombie apocalypse can't some soon enough to thin our farking herd.
2013-10-06 02:08:07 PM  
1 vote:

StopLurkListen: Our elementary school doesn't allow "chase games" in the yard, either ... the paved, road-rash-your-face-when-you-fall yard. Kids still find a way to break their arms and smash teeth and draw blood. I don't think any parents have complained about the rule. And we parents grew up with freaking LAWN DARTS, fer God's sake. How did we not skewer each other by the millions...

Although lawn dart related brain damage would explain congress.
2013-10-06 09:54:41 AM  
1 vote:
After the unfortunate freeze-tag incident at the end of the school year, I can see why.

/Seeing that poor little skeleton when we returned to school was heartbreaking. Why oh why couldn't he have been unfrozen?
2013-10-06 09:48:23 AM  
1 vote:

bighairyguy: Running around outside?  The horror!  Get back inside and play violent video games, you're behind on your hours quota for GTA5.

Recess is a time for kids to expel all the excess energy they have. Make them stand around = no energy burned.

Kid with too much energy = hyperactive kid.

Hyperactive kid = trip to dr. For the magic pill

Magic pill = easier to control kid

It's freaking bullshiat. Let the little beasts run out their energy.

A: outlaw "rough" games
B: diagnose kids with too much energy as ADHD
C: get kid on meds
D: profit!
2013-10-06 08:54:16 AM  
1 vote:
No running? No games of tag? Bah! I say they should teach them to hunt in packs; like wolves!
2013-10-06 08:50:57 AM  
1 vote:
Running around outside?  The horror!  Get back inside and play violent video games, you're behind on your hours quota for GTA5.
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