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(Fox News)   Cats may cure HIV. What day is this?   ( foxnews.com) divider line
    More: Caturday, cats, HIV vaccine, HIV, peptides, T-cell, retroviruses, Journal of Virology, felines  
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2013-10-05 06:59:00 AM  
This should be a caturday tag.
2013-10-05 12:35:28 PM  
It is, for me, probably changed it after you asked. But it's posted to geek, and has 0 entries, both of which are odd for caturday threads.
2013-10-05 12:35:30 PM  
A Caturday tag on the Geek Tab? Are there any Geek Lolcats?
2013-10-05 12:42:32 PM  
Hump without fear day?
2013-10-05 12:50:53 PM  
So my cat breeding will pay off, one way or another.
2013-10-05 12:51:29 PM  
Yeah, tell that to Sick Boy.
2013-10-05 12:54:49 PM  
Awaiting Nobel prize...

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2013-10-05 01:04:53 PM  
Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike..... guess what day it is! Guess. What. Day. It. Is.......
2013-10-05 01:07:51 PM  
It's a day I don't click on Fox News links, just like every other day. Anyone have a link to a legit article?
2013-10-05 01:26:31 PM  
It's not the cats that cure HIV. It's the brain controlling parasites they infect you with.
2013-10-05 01:26:40 PM  

jaytkay: Awaiting Nobel prize...

[0.tqn.com image 300x396]

Not with that Texas Carbon on the blackboard...
2013-10-05 01:36:46 PM  
Here ya go.

As a adopted mother of a very resilient FIV-positive kitteh that has a great vet, I'm hoping this means good things for both species.
2013-10-05 01:51:12 PM  

Jefferson Biatchmagnet: It's a day I don't click on Fox News links, just like every other day. Anyone have a link to a legit article?

Guess it's also a day,  like every other day, when you whine and want others to do the work for you.
2013-10-05 02:12:39 PM  

MarkEC: A Caturday tag on the Geek Tab? Are there any Geek Lolcats?

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2013-10-05 02:28:35 PM  
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2013-10-05 02:29:09 PM  
Tell that to Tommy.
2013-10-05 02:38:45 PM  
Haven't we known this for a while?  I mean, the glow-in-the-dark cat that was all the rage two years ago was being used in AIDS research.

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2013-10-05 04:21:15 PM  
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2013-10-05 05:06:21 PM  
Nice to see that they'd finally be good for something.
2013-10-05 05:13:26 PM  
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2013-10-05 05:46:21 PM  
So the cure for HIV is pussy?

Oh, the gays aren't going to like this.
2013-10-05 05:46:30 PM  
I've finally found a use for all those cat carcasses I keep in my freezer.  I'll have to hide them under the hooker body parts now that they're potentially quite valuable.
2013-10-05 06:16:47 PM  
Yeah, you don't want to get Cat AIDS, even though it's the most adorable disease ever.
2013-10-05 06:21:25 PM  
I wonder why it to so long to make this connection, it's not like FIV is new or novel, and the similarity to HIV has been known a while too...
There is a vaccine for FIV for cats, maybe they should look at that a bit too, these smart guys...
2013-10-05 07:54:45 PM  
Wouldn't work in Asia...

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2013-10-05 09:45:45 PM  

Quantum Apostrophe: Wouldn't work in Asia...

2013-10-05 11:35:16 PM  
She cooked his cat because he's a dick.

/Don't eff with Asian ladies.  They have 5,000 years experience in getting even.
2013-10-06 12:21:20 PM  
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