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(Yahoo)   1963 Ferrari sets new record sales price at $52 million. New owner states that "It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up"   ( autos.yahoo.com) divider line
    More: Spiffy, GTO, Ferrari, public auction, road racing, for sale by owner, Sir Stirling Moss  
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2013-10-04 10:30:31 AM  
FTFA:  "The latest record-breaking GTO, bearing chassis number 5111, won the 1963 Tour de France "

Pfft.  And they biatch about Uniball popping a few pills...
2013-10-04 10:31:47 AM  

captjc: and calling everyone "Space Nutters."

No, just those who think that warp drive is around the corner because hard drives got better and those that have fishbowls over their heads because they think you need to send people to take pictures of dead rocks. Never mind the special cases who fervently believe the "species" (even the poor!) will head out on chemical rockets and colonize Pluto or whatever.
2013-10-04 10:47:23 AM  

The Muthaship: special20: Sunbeam Tiger. You know, the one seen on TV from Get Smart..

I had one. Every time I worked on it, I wished my arm had a third joint between the wrist and elbow. Driving was an experience - when they relocated the steering rack to clear the front of the engine, they totally screwed up the Ackerman angles. The end result was a car you steered just as much with the gas pedal as you did with the wheel.
2013-10-04 10:56:31 AM  

The Envoy: hoots_toot_ochaye: I'd prefer to have an Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale for that kind of ridiculous money.

[farm8.staticflickr.com image 850x637]

So amazingly beautiful.  My second car was an Alfa 33 - it was crap, but it was an Alfa and I loved it.  My love affair started when I was a baby and my parents used to drive me around in one of these to get me to sleep:
[farm3.static.flickr.com image 500x375]

The big V8's rumble lulled me to sleep better than anything else.

Well, you see, there you've got my dream car pictured.  If I won the lottery, I'd be getting myself an Alfa Romeo Montreal.  At this point, I think you'd have to win the lottery to afford one, as I've noticed several have sold at auction this year for well over what they were expected to sell for.
2013-10-04 12:24:05 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Couple of ass shots from the track.  Lambo Gallardo and the Ferrari 459.
2013-10-04 12:34:14 PM  
The '63 is gorgeous, but when I win the lottery....
I want one of these.. the later version of the GTO.  1986 288 GTO
Twin Turbo v8 goodness.
And cheaper -- only cost you $1-2 million
pictures.topspeed.comView Full Size

//pic is even hotter than the car...
2013-10-04 12:59:16 PM  

Tyee: JohnnyBravo: I am partial to Porsches...any farkers have one?

I have 2010 911 Carrera  4S Targa.

I'm sure that makes me a douche.

Real Carreras have 4 cam engines :)

I too just sold a 911 - '84 factory turbo look.

Will *never* sell my 356
2013-10-04 01:38:48 PM  

JohnnyBravo: Ferrari 459.

It's one better?

/Ours goes to 459   -Nigel Tufnel
2013-10-04 02:34:59 PM  

The Muthaship: JohnnyBravo: Ferrari 459.

It's one better?

/Ours goes to 459   -Nigel Tufnel

Ooops.  458.  The 458.  You know...the thing.  With wheels.
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