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(Telegraph)   Did your school ever have plays where you get to play-massacre people from neighboring places? Yeah, me neither   ( telegraph.co.uk) divider line
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2013-09-28 11:22:06 PM  

And yet  MacBeth, Romeo & Juliet, and  Hamlet are high art.
2013-09-28 11:22:33 PM  
Yes, but I went to school in Shelbyville.
2013-09-28 11:25:42 PM  
cardinalfang.netView Full Size
2013-09-28 11:31:44 PM  
At my school we weren't playing.

/we always took out the science  teachers first
2013-09-28 11:35:00 PM  

Anastacya: ...

And yet  MacBeth, Romeo & Juliet, and  Hamlet are high art.

Julius Caesar is my favourite. Yes, stab that arsehole! He deserves it!
2013-09-28 11:37:26 PM  
We did perform West Side Story, so, yeah...
2013-09-28 11:44:15 PM  
Well, at least it's better than blaming their problems on the Jews.  We all know how that turned out.

/hey Spain, what about those 2 enclaves in North Africa?
2013-09-28 11:45:38 PM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-09-28 11:45:42 PM  
You mean like beating a stuffed dummy of a rival's football player like a pinata for a pep rally?

/yeah, we weren't brought up snowflakes.....
2013-09-28 11:46:43 PM  
"Play"?  No.
2013-09-28 11:53:28 PM  
Uh, yeah? Most of the classics feature the massacre of rivals. Where's you go to school, subtard, Snowflake High?
2013-09-28 11:59:49 PM  
They are doing a play based on this?

thebenevolentforce.comView Full Size
2013-09-29 12:00:05 AM  
They're just upset over the treaty of utrecht, specially since the people of gilbraltar have voted against spanish sovereignty at least twice already, and I dont see that change considering how well they're off vis a vis spain

so yeah, this is spain's way of dealing with having sand in their vajajay
2013-09-29 12:16:27 AM  
No plays. But we brought toy guns and played war at recess.
2013-09-29 12:23:45 AM  
I got to reenact a scene from Red Badge of Courage in English that involved slaughtering fellow countrymen, does that count?
2013-09-29 12:24:34 AM  
Not the armada again!
2013-09-29 12:29:19 AM  
I remember I was a mouse in first grade. And I had to read Hamlet's monologues in Eng Lit in high school.

No massacres though. Our high school had gang fights to keep us entertained.
2013-09-29 12:31:40 AM  
No, but we did pretend slavery still existed...
2013-09-29 12:34:19 AM  
Well there was that Little Bighorn thing. But we killed white people so it was OK.
2013-09-29 12:35:52 AM  
meh... just move to Chicago, they do that shiat everyday and it ain't called pay acting.
2013-09-29 12:39:06 AM  
No, we saved that for Boy Scout camp.
2013-09-29 12:47:37 AM  
I bet you played cowboys and indians, Submitter, and you delighted in the genocide.
2013-09-29 12:55:45 AM  
But, like EVERYBODY in the video is smiling, so I don't see why people are all butthurt and everything....
2013-09-29 12:55:54 AM  
I played a space alien that kept a town captive once. No slaughter, just mind-farking.

/was a Twilight Zone episode
2013-09-29 12:58:13 AM  
You lost the new world and the old. get over it
2013-09-29 01:26:01 AM  
"Spanish Bombs":

Spanish songs in Andalucia
The shooting sites in the days of '39
Oh, please, leave the vendanna open
Fredrico Lorca is dead and gone
Bullet holes in the cemetery walls
The black cars of the Guardia Civil
Spanish bombs on the Costa Rica
I'm flying in on a DC 10 tonight

Spanish bombs, yot' quierro y finito
Yo te querda oh ma corazón
Spanish bombs, yot' quierro y finito
Yo te querda oh ma corazón

Spanish weeks in my disco casino
The freedom fighters died upon the hill
They sang the red flag
They wore the black one
But after they died it was Mockingbird Hill
Back home the buses went up in flashes
The Irish tomb was drenched in blood
Spanish bombs shatter the hotels
My senorita's rose was nipped in the bud

Spanish bombs, yot' quierro y finito
Yo te querda oh ma corazón
Spanish bombs, yot' quierro y finito
Yo te querda oh ma corazón

The hillsides ring with "Free the people"
Or can I hear the echo from the days of '39?
With trenches full of poets
The ragged army, fixin' bayonets to fight the other line
Spanish bombs rock the province
I'm hearing music from another time
Spanish bombs on the Costa Brava
I'm flying in on a DC 10 tonight

Spanish bombs, yot' quierro y finito
Yo te querda oh ma corazón
Spanish bombs, yot' quierro y finito
Yo te querda oh ma corazón
Oh ma corazón, oh ma corazón

Spanish songs in Andalucia, Mandolina, oh ma corazón
Spanish songs in Granada, oh ma corazón
Oh ma corazón, oh ma corazón, oh ma corazón
2013-09-29 02:16:44 AM  
Shake harder, boy.

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2013-09-29 02:23:27 AM  

2013-09-29 03:34:43 AM  
Not in school, Subby, but yes, I did.

i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-09-29 04:55:23 AM  
I was watching a Discovery channel program where they were finding sunken treasure near Spain, and Spain had blockaded Gibraltar to prevent the treasure hunters from leaving. Now, the last I recall, blockading another nation's harbor was basically a declaration of war. We're not really told this in the world news, but England and Spain are rather close to going at it. Again.
2013-09-29 07:38:52 AM  
If this turned one little kid onto the Clash it was all worth it.

/RIP Strummer, you were a farking genius.
2013-09-29 09:29:28 AM  
Really, america?

Lets pretend things like this have never happened to protect our youth.  They are so fragile.

/ if you dont learn history, you are condemned to repeat it and stuff.
2013-09-29 12:11:17 PM  
A broke-ass greaser country turns its domestic socio-economic butthurt into feckless macho posturing prior to pulling the Bulldog's tail; ooh I love how this turned out the last time.

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reactiongifs.comView Full Size
2013-09-29 12:13:59 PM  
I wasn't expecting that.
2013-09-29 12:33:19 PM  
Lots of historical plays feature genocide and such. For instance, Royal Hunt of the Sun has been a pretty common school play since the 1960s, and it's about the Spanish and the Incas. It includes talk of shooting the natives for sport and has Pizarro befriend and then strangle the Incan king.

/especially popular at boys' schools because it's easy to do with an all-male cast
2013-09-29 01:28:14 PM  

I sound fat: Really, america?

Um...You may have missed a few interesting details.
2013-09-29 03:49:04 PM  
i know, some people may find this offensive... but you know we can always re-enact the The Spanish Armada (the "Invincible Fleet"), by using rocks as the ships and then throwing them into the water... lets face it the fleet sunk faster than the Spanish alliance with France.

To be fair.. I doubt the Spanish could fight a war... have you ever heard of any conflict where the Spanish did anything? too busy fighting themselves... it would just be blue on blue warfare while the British sipped tea and ate crumpets watching.
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