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(NPR)   Students hack into school-issued iPads and start accessing not-educational programs and websites within a week   ( npr.org) divider line
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2013-09-27 08:49:04 PM  
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2013-09-27 08:47:45 PM  
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A high school friend of mine made counterfeit hall passes. The only difference is that he used apostrophes correctly where the original did not.
2013-09-27 08:21:56 PM  
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"They told me Friday, 'I would do it for you because you're my friend,' " she says. "They told me that!"
If you weren't a friend, the hack would cost $2

$2.00 really, I bet they could easily charge $5, fire that school's Economics teacher.
2013-09-27 08:12:57 PM  
2 votes:
One of my eighth-graders got me past the school's firewall when I needed to check my Facebook messages. God bless those kids. Then he says, "Hey Mr. ecmoRandomNumbers, can I check mine when you're done?"

2013-09-28 01:18:03 AM  
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2013-09-28 01:06:02 AM  
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dj_bigbird: HotWingAgenda: dj_bigbird: The original theory behind giving the students an iPad was that it'd replace text books. However, as we see, students are a bit more creative than numbskull IT dudes working for LAUSD. Therefore, the iPads cannot be taken home now. How are the chilluns supposed to study at home now? (not that they would in the first place, but let's pretend).

Oh, and Apple is on the first 5% of loss/damage/stolen iPads, no word on what happens after that.

If these things were supposed to replace textbooks, the kids would be given first-generation Kindles, not thousand dollar tablet entertainment centers.

they were theoretically supposed to be able to use interactive content, too.

Communism and the US Electoral College are some other examples of things that were supposed to work in theory.
2013-09-27 11:52:03 PM  
1 vote:
80% of teachers are usually left-leaning liberals

95% of idiotic statements are usually written by right-leaning right-whingers.
2013-09-27 10:52:42 PM  
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TheMega: Tom_Slick: "They told me Friday, 'I would do it for you because you're my friend,' " she says. "They told me that!"
If you weren't a friend, the hack would cost $2

$2.00 really, I bet they could easily charge $5, fire that school's Economics teacher.

No shiat... was getting $5 for a nicely written excuse slip 20 years ago!

/now I feel old... make me a cup of tea, put some lemon in it.

I don't know... perhaps there were multiple students offering the unblock service and the competition drove the price down. Economics!
2013-09-27 10:29:29 PM  
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2013-09-27 09:39:23 PM  
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Saul T. Balzac: Fade2black: 80% of teachers are usually left-leaning liberals.

[upload.wikimedia.org image 300x163]

it's twue

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2013-09-27 09:34:12 PM  
1 vote:
That's why when I was a network admin in a 9-12 charter school, I managed all filtering on the network level. All traffic was routed through a proxy via pfSense. There was MAC based authentication to allow or disallow access to any port or address. If it was on the white list it was allowed; if was disallowed they'd see a picture of  "billie the manatee" and the word 'PWN'D'.

God, they hated me... but my network was always up and the kids never saw a minute of porn. They'd say stuff like "Can't you just turn Facebook on for a little while, in the morning or at lunch?" or "All of my friends use SSL proxies, why don't those work here?"...
2013-09-27 08:42:25 PM  
1 vote:
My school district had a Novell network of dubious quality. I discovered that you could use Qbasic to drop down to a command prompt that allowed me to access all the files after dir / r command. I could see the files all the teachers had, but I couldn't modify them. I then discovered I could access printer across the whole school district. There was a panic when random printers would go mad, since I was feeding them random ASCII commands from something I'd made that looked like a screen saver that I'd run while at lunch. Remember, there's line feed and beep commands in there.

I didn't get verification until the next year when I was talking about the exploit amongst students from the other high school.
2013-09-27 08:31:54 PM  
1 vote:
On one side you have a handful of overworked, underpaid, inexperienced techies setting the security on these things.

On the other side you every teenage boy in Los Angeles wanting porn.

Guess who will always win?

Hell, I'm extremely experienced and highly confident of my skills.  I don't think I would win this little war.
2013-09-27 08:30:47 PM  
1 vote:
My school had the network nanny on the computers in the library. 7th grade year, I figured out how to turn it off (logging into safe mode and uninstalling it worked too). My reason: Neopets. I wanted to play games during lunch.
2013-09-27 08:19:29 PM  
1 vote:
Who says you can't learn nothing in school?
2013-09-27 08:18:40 PM  
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What took them so long?
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