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(UPI)   Holy mackerel, Lars: it's the Jesus fish   ( divider line
    More: Strange, jesus, ICA, Malmo, Kurt Russell, Garden City  
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2013-09-26 12:26:42 AM  
"My original plan was to eat it, but I can't do that now. I've hidden the fish in a freezer because of this hysterical interest and I'm the only one who knows exactly where," he said. "But I must conserve it in some way, putting it in alcohol might upset some Christians so the most biblical method must be to salt it... if I remember correctly, Jesus said something about that."

images2.dailykos.comView Full Size
2013-09-26 12:29:48 AM  
You're never going to be able to eat that whole thing by yourself
2013-09-26 12:50:36 AM  
We're going to need a bigger loaf
2013-09-26 01:06:13 AM  
Swedish fish factory?
swedishfish.comView Full Size
2013-09-26 06:39:09 AM  
Look, it's not a Jesus fish. That cross is the Swedish flag.
2013-09-26 07:20:22 AM  
Oh my cod!
2013-09-26 07:23:17 AM  
Show me, don't tell me, morans.
2013-09-26 07:27:12 AM  

HotIgneous Intruder: Show me, don't tell me, morans.

You have to buy a ticket to see it. That's what Jesus would have wanted.
2013-09-26 07:28:35 AM  
"...if I remember correctly, Jesus said something about that."

This guy could be a megachurch evangelist.
2013-09-26 07:34:19 AM  
Ach! Hans, Run! It's the Jesus Fish!
2013-09-26 07:40:14 AM  
All he needs now are 13 chips.
2013-09-26 07:41:20 AM  
They don't have toast in Sweden?
2013-09-26 07:42:54 AM  
Piscine trifecta is currenty in play for the first time evah! Surely someone got speared by a swordfish in Florida recently or maybe a goldfish can do an uncanny impersonation of Lou Dobbs... hmm
2013-09-26 07:51:52 AM  
Get in the car!!!
2013-09-26 08:11:50 AM  
Jesus fish? I see these on cars all the time

i293.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-09-26 08:18:40 AM  
Christians. Stahp. Wat r u doin. Stahp.
2013-09-26 08:23:48 AM  
Va' faan?
2013-09-26 08:26:27 AM  
Well goshdarnit, the pic thingie isn't working for me today, so just imagine I've posted this in the thread instead of linking to it: UI/AAAAAAAABnA/qht3w8-S Lg0/s400/elaine1.jpg
2013-09-26 08:48:02 AM  
thelocal.seView Full Size

Here you go, because UPI was too lazy to GIS for themselves. But looks to me like a John the Baptist Fish rather then a Jesus Fish

/click the pic to an article with a few more pictures.
2013-09-26 08:48:13 AM  
picshag.comView Full Size

What a Jesus fish might look like
2013-09-26 08:50:03 AM  
Poached, then grilled, is the Way.
2013-09-26 09:29:48 AM  
It's probably some parasite on the fish. I've caught fish with that before
2013-09-26 10:07:46 AM  
Dennysgod - I see what you did there.

John the baptist indeed...
2013-09-26 10:09:39 AM  
I'd like to talk to you about my Jesus fish.

Yeah, I'd like ya not to.
2013-09-26 10:29:06 AM  
Asinine tag on holiday?
2013-09-26 10:48:00 AM  
Just need to soak it in lye until it becomes a gelatinous eldrich horror and serve with a side of mashed rutabaga and goat cheese.
2013-09-26 11:04:46 AM  
Any relation to the gay fish
2.bp.blogspot.comView Full Size
2013-09-26 01:45:11 PM  
"... a salmon found to have a cross shape on its belly."

I've never understood why these things are not called "Spartacus fish".

richeyrich.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

Or how about just "crucifix fish"?
2013-09-26 01:46:36 PM  

Loadmaster: Or how about just "crucifix fish"?

Or crucifish.
2013-09-26 04:56:39 PM  

Onkel Buck: Jesus fish? I see these on cars all the time

[ image 160x62]

An evolutionary dead end. I take those off of cars whenever I see one and replace it with a Darwin one.
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