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(NCBuy)   Competition-winning comedian admits he comes up with his jokes while he's peeing. Must be related to his shortcomings   ( divider line
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4392 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jan 2004 at 3:02 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-01-16 12:08:36 PM  
Are his jokes a little off if he eats asparagus beforehand?
2004-01-16 12:33:47 PM  
Don't know, but he is a comedic whiz. And the losers are pissed!
2004-01-16 02:20:50 PM  
You're in comedy?

/not much
2004-01-16 03:06:05 PM  
It's stories like this that drain me.
2004-01-16 03:07:33 PM  

2004-01-16 03:07:36 PM  
I come up with some pretty funny thoughts when I'm on the crapper. It's usually scatalogical humor, of course. What an interesting phenomenon.
2004-01-16 03:07:50 PM  
Will he lose inspiration if he gets a swollen prostate?

also, unrelated but look at the boobies at the girl on the left under etc. woo hoo or I guess more appropriate woo hoo's
2004-01-16 03:08:03 PM  
what an unfunny headline
2004-01-16 03:08:27 PM  
I would have assumed he got his jokes while taking a shiat, since all his jokes are real corn-y.
2004-01-16 03:08:29 PM  
You guys better stop making those bad pee puns. I just heard from the mods and they say urine trouble.
2004-01-16 03:09:04 PM  
Men in general spend way too much time in the bathroom anyways. . .
2004-01-16 03:09:13 PM  
I would have thought most comedians these days are lifting their jokes from Fark.
2004-01-16 03:09:22 PM  
What?? I thought the fat guy won. I really need to start keeping up with this reality show crap!!
2004-01-16 03:09:39 PM  
Dave Mordal was much funnier IMHO.
2004-01-16 03:11:56 PM  
I just flew in from Buffalo, and boy is my weiner cold!
2004-01-16 03:13:05 PM  
The last part of the headline was funnier when David Niven did it at the Oscars many years, it's just tired.
2004-01-16 03:14:34 PM  
Dat sucks!

/got nuthin
2004-01-16 03:15:33 PM  
FriQue - No kidding!

Mordal was way WAY funnier, and could tell more than one joke.
He was by far my favorite.

DatPhan was on Colin Quinn's show (crappy I know) and the other guests obviously HATED him. They told him to do a joke that didnt' involve race or his mother & he just sat there dumbfounded.
2004-01-16 03:16:12 PM  
if he has a urinary tract infection, does that mean he'll come up with a ton of jokes that aren't any good? or does he do that already?
2004-01-16 03:16:39 PM  
Agree with you, FriQue. I was amazed when Dat Phan won, since all his "jokes" were just him using a retarded-sounding Asian accent and telling people it was his mother.

I figured either Dave or Rich Voss would have won.

2004-01-16 03:16:52 PM  
no pee jokes, promise! i saw part of that show and i thought it was amazing how self centered and paranoid those people were. they all tried to get rid of the asian guy because he was too serious.
2004-01-16 03:16:53 PM  
DatPhan was on Colin Quinn's show (crappy I know) and the other guests obviously HATED him.

Why's that?! If he's on "Tough Crowd," it must mean he's out of work.
2004-01-16 03:17:09 PM  
The Southern Dandy

I guess with a name like Southern Dandy, unless the jokes don't involve the phrase, "you might be a redneck if...." then it ain't funny to you.
2004-01-16 03:17:15 PM  
When you're a nation as powerful as us, bathroom humor is plentiful too. Although most comics are comics at night and something else ba'day. These competitions are great cuz they give comics a fair shake at success.
2004-01-16 03:18:52 PM  
Dat sucks.

Vos rules because he's a dirtbag.

er, vos sucks. no talent hack..... whatever.
2004-01-16 03:25:48 PM  
So I guess none of his jokes are deep.
2004-01-16 03:26:34 PM  
and another thing- since 99% of Dat's jokes are about his mom......

........he's thinking about his mom when he's holding his...

2004-01-16 03:29:01 PM  
OHHH! zing
2004-01-16 03:29:47 PM  
He uses stream of conscience.
2004-01-16 03:29:52 PM  
On this topic, I was at a Bruins game this week, and after a couple of beers between periods, I had to "break the seal". The men's room was packed, about 70 people in the queue. There were some comedians in there, that's for sure. By the time I made it up to the urinal, I was tearing up. "Hey, don't look at him, he'll get nervous." "One shake only, boys! One shake!" "Only need one hand if you're Irish!" etc.
2004-01-16 03:30:13 PM  
Atomic Orgy and Teh..

The fact that Dave had a style that was original in the telling of his jokes and tying them all into a story that came full circle, and the fact that I don't think he ever did the same routine twice....made me like him much more.

Dat Phan did the routines that Margeret Cho(sp?) did years ago, about her mother owning the magazine store, bad accent and all. Dat did so many of the same jokes over and over throughout that show.
2004-01-16 03:30:18 PM  
Dat Phan is a less funny, skinnier version of Margaret Cho.
2004-01-16 03:30:19 PM  
Andy Andy

You now owe me a new keyboard, as my current one has suddenly become drenched with Coke.

Bastard. :)
2004-01-16 03:32:46 PM  
This makes sense, because his act was shiat. Ralphie and Dave were WAY funnier.
2004-01-16 03:35:30 PM  

Feh. Ralphie didn't impress me much. Seemed like he stole all his jokes from Chris Rock, except where Chris Rock would say "black" or "white," Ralphie said "fat" or "skinny," respectively. Funny at first, but got old real quick.
2004-01-16 03:35:56 PM  
2004-01-16 03:17:09 PM slapmesack
I guess with a name like Southern Dandy, unless the jokes don't involve the phrase, "you might be a redneck if...." then it ain't funny to you.

Bush slapmesack asking for $1 billion for a clue.
2004-01-16 03:41:49 PM  
i used to guzzle beer at this place in Corpus Christi, TX - Vernons - and they had a funny sign in the bathroom hanging above the urinals:

"What are you looking up her for? The real joke is in your hand."
2004-01-16 03:42:37 PM  
I was intrigued by the headline until I found out it was about Dat Phan. He is a horrible so-called 'comedian'. I can't believe people actually voted for him.
2004-01-16 03:46:32 PM  
I met Dat in the Providence airport. Very cool guy.
2004-01-16 03:46:42 PM  
We live in a world where Friends is on for TEN seasons, and The Tick lasts just SIX EPISODES.

/Does a lot to explain Dat Phan's "success."
2004-01-16 03:48:44 PM  
Stubbornfatass - Actually, the first time i saw Dat he was sorta funny, but he keeps telling the same jokes over & over. The show was judged by the studio audience who had obviously not seen Dat's previous performances, plus i think that they felt bad for him as he would constantly whine about how sucky his life was.
2004-01-16 03:50:49 PM  
That show was such a crock since Dat Phan won. I can't imagine who was voting.

With the final two left - Ralphie May was better.
And Dave Mordal should have won the whole thing. Actually, most people I've talked to who watched it say that.
2004-01-16 03:51:14 PM  
Darthbrooks - There is a glimmer of hope in Tivo. The Ad/TV execs are allready learning what people really like watching & what is really crap.

2004-01-16 03:52:40 PM  
I'd say that Dat Phan sucks, but after watching the show, I think he might be dangerously insane. (BTW, are there any O&A fans who watched this show just for Vos?)
2004-01-16 04:02:28 PM  
First of all: ROBBIE MAY was robbed!! Now don't feel too bad the guy writes for MTV and has a pretty hot girlfriend. So he's not hurtin.

Second: Mordal was robbed worse!! How can you tell me Dat was funnier than Mordal. They were right when they said Mordal has more comedy in his little pinky.

Last: I've seen Dat Phan show in San Diego. I live here. He does do jokes that don't involve race and his mother, and they are the most terrible crap you've ever heard. He should just stand in the bathroom with a hose in his hand until he comes up with something funny.

(yes I am aware I spell like third grader. I am so smart, I am so smart, S M R T, I mean S M A R T.)
2004-01-16 04:03:56 PM  
...ask my wife...but I predicted Dat would win on the first night. From there, it was just a waiting game.

You can't beat an immigrant that lives under a desk.
2004-01-16 04:10:32 PM  

What an unfunny headline

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2004-01-16 04:13:59 PM  
2004-01-16 04:03:56 PM fudgefactor7
You can't beat an immigrant that lives under a desk.

I don't get it.
2004-01-16 04:16:45 PM  

I don't get it.

Heh. It's 'cause they're hard to reach, unless you've got a stick or something.

/ticket to hell, please
2004-01-16 04:28:03 PM  
Don't feel too bad for Dave Mordal and Ralphie May.

Dave was on his way up anyway, and has done some writing.

As for Ralphie; he's a close friend of Jay. Jay will make him a star anyway, he'll just have to use one of his other 10 jillion ideas for doing so.

As for Dat; it's 14:59 and counting.
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