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(LiveLeak)   Not sure if urban dance performance, or bad reaction to unknown drug. Either way, applause (Not safe for work audio)   ( divider line
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3384 clicks; posted to Video » on 15 Sep 2013 at 11:30 PM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-09-15 08:00:57 PM  
i thought maybe he was turning into one of those really fast zombies from wwZ
2013-09-15 09:57:19 PM  
2013-09-15 11:26:08 PM  
that's sad.

nothing amusing or applause-worthy here subby.

just sadness.
2013-09-15 11:35:29 PM  
Subby hasn't seen that many twerk videos
2013-09-15 11:42:39 PM  
That was just bad... real bad.
2013-09-16 12:23:06 AM  
QWOP gone bad.
2013-09-16 12:35:03 AM  
It's almost as if his body was caught in a mix of muscle memory and the twitches you see when a person's nervous system shuts down (K.O.)

Poor guy.
2013-09-16 01:06:40 AM  

stonelotus: QWOP gone bad.

Ahh, I knew that looked familiar to me for some reason!

Also: The move at 4:18 was particularly epic and more than a little creepy. People should not be able to move like that.
2013-09-16 01:42:52 AM  
He must be taking an experimental hair growth drug...
2013-09-16 02:24:11 AM  
ct.politicomments.comView Full Size
2013-09-16 05:47:04 AM  

stonelotus: QWOP gone bad.

oh my god...this! lolz
2013-09-16 08:38:40 AM  
2013-09-16 08:47:35 AM  

oryx: yo!


arsehole nekkid??

wtf is that  lol
2013-09-16 10:39:24 AM  
Yo, that's some kinda new pill that's been around for years. Yo.
Thanks for the brilliant commentary yo-yo.
2013-09-16 11:01:38 AM  
It's the African Anteater Ritual!!!
2013-09-16 11:40:04 AM  
Maybe he wasn't on anything.  Maybe that $2.99 two piece and biscuit combo was just that good.
2013-09-16 11:49:18 AM  

Freakin Rican: oryx: yo!


arsehole nekkid??

wtf is that  lol

What the narrator ended every sentence with.
2013-09-16 03:34:45 PM  
"He need some milk! That what bring your high down!"

I also learned from that video that PCP makes you "get nekkid. You get assh*le nekkid."

I'm impressed at the people who are actually trying to help the dude, calling an ambulance, keep him out of traffic and motioning for cars to go around him as he flops around Lehigh Ave. (Snicker, LeHIGH Ave.)
2013-09-17 12:08:29 AM  
Wtf was that inappropriately dressed chunky white lady doing with the water?  Yeah, pour water on someone in a dissociative state, that'll do anything other than freak them out even more.
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