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(World Series of Fighting)   Saturday MMA Tripleheader: Cage Warriors 59 streaming from the UK at 2:45 PM ET, BAMMA 13 also from the UK on AXS TV at 5 PM ET and World Series of Fighting, Andrei Arlovski vs Mike Kyle at 9 PM ET on NBC Sports Network   ( wsof.com) divider line
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2013-09-14 01:52:46 PM  
There's some overlap, but pretty much solid MMA from 2:45 PM ET until after 11 PM ET.

First is Cage Warriors 59.
Prelims stream free at 2:45 PM ET here:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cage-Warriors-Fighting-Championship/112 0 90072144502?id=112090072144502&sk=app_113165568775888
Main card streams free at 4 PM ET at several sites, including MMA Junkie.com:  http://cagewarriors.mmajunkie.com/
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Next is BAMMA 13, also from the UK.  Prelims aren't streaming as far as I know, but the main card is on AXS TV at 5 PM ET.

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Last is World Series of Fighting 5: Arlovski vs Kyle.
Prelims stream free at 6 PM ET here:  http://www.wsof.com/test.php
Main card on NBC Sports Network at 9 PM ET.
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2013-09-14 02:41:21 PM  
World Series of Gracies.
2013-09-14 02:43:58 PM  
Didn't make picks for all cards tonight. Looking forward to Arlovski though

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2013-09-14 02:44:35 PM  
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I missed the deadlines for BAMMA and Cage Warriors. And it's too pretty a day outside for me to sit around watching the early cards. But I might catch a few.
2013-09-14 02:45:22 PM  
OMG - WHO THE fark CARES??!?!
2013-09-14 02:46:33 PM  

violentsalvation: World Series of Gracies.

I noticed that too.  The cards keep getting weaker and weaker.  Don't think WSOF will last too long.
2013-09-14 02:47:29 PM  
Cage Warriors is live.
2013-09-14 02:48:27 PM  

my lip balm addiction: OMG - WHO THE fark CARES??!?!

This is what I love about the internet.  Going into threads about a niche topic so you can complain about the niche topic.  Thankfully Reddit has attracted a lot of these people like moths to a retarded flame, so only a small number are left here
2013-09-14 02:50:41 PM  
I see my strategy of picking a few upsets last night backfired big time in Bellator.
2013-09-14 02:51:24 PM  
Rocking the 1880s style muttonchops
2013-09-14 02:52:13 PM  

my lip balm addiction: OMG - WHO THE fark CARES??!?!

Stone Cold Steve Austin cares. If he cares, SO SHOULD YOU!!!
2013-09-14 02:53:17 PM  
Anyone watching the Mayweather-Canelo fight tonight?
2013-09-14 02:53:24 PM  
Cool! Tourney format!
2013-09-14 02:54:09 PM  

Klippoklondike: Anyone watching the Mayweather-Canelo fight tonight?

I will most definitely be watching.
2013-09-14 02:54:39 PM  

Klippoklondike: Anyone watching the Mayweather-Canelo fight tonight?

I might.  Depends on if it's after WSOF.
2013-09-14 02:57:29 PM  
10-9 Pennington.

Two rounds with a third tiebreaker round is a good format.
2013-09-14 03:02:51 PM  
10-9 Pennington for the 20-18 win.
2013-09-14 03:17:42 PM  
10-9 Haggstrom.  Johns was saved by the bell.
2013-09-14 03:23:34 PM  
10-9 johns. 19-19.  Think it will go to a third round.
2013-09-14 03:30:02 PM  
10-9 Johns for the win
2013-09-14 03:39:00 PM  
Awesome day for the SO to be gone shopping with her sister...
2013-09-14 03:42:09 PM  
10-9 Gilbert
2013-09-14 03:44:49 PM  
i'm playing eddy ellis at +300 against wallhead.  he looked good on tuf 16, winning fight of the season against colton smith.
2013-09-14 03:45:15 PM  
Taps to the triangle
2013-09-14 03:46:46 PM  
Dude squeezed that triangle TIGHT. Strong legs.
2013-09-14 04:16:49 PM  
nice comeback by Caers
2013-09-14 05:21:27 PM  
Quick hands on the guy in the black trunks and yellow gloves.

Er... blue corner.
2013-09-14 05:29:45 PM  
Had to go away for a bit.  Luckily back in time for the main event.
2013-09-14 05:37:54 PM  

psychicdeath99: Had to go away for a bit.  Luckily back in time for the main event.

Drifting in and out. Ducks football, cooking, trolling...

Busy day ;-)
2013-09-14 05:40:17 PM  
Ow, my balls.
2013-09-14 05:43:49 PM  
all Alers this round
2013-09-14 05:50:35 PM  
Eddy Ellis cashes 150 to win 450.  Great robbery!
2013-09-14 05:50:48 PM  
29-28 Alers
2013-09-14 05:56:19 PM  
round to Svennson.  38-38
2013-09-14 05:56:52 PM  
Final round wins it.
2013-09-14 05:58:03 PM  
costly slip
2013-09-14 06:02:32 PM  
48-47 Alers
2013-09-14 06:18:32 PM  
10-9 Johns
2013-09-14 06:30:36 PM  
That's a lot of fights.
2013-09-14 06:34:22 PM  
Can't believe they're doing a full five rounds in the tournament final when they already fought once tonight.
2013-09-14 06:42:01 PM  

psychicdeath99: Can't believe they're doing a full five rounds in the tournament final when they already fought once tonight.

Yeah, I didn't know anyone did that anymore
2013-09-14 06:44:31 PM  
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whoever didn't have this needs to turn in their mma card.

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2013-09-14 06:44:42 PM  
close decision
2013-09-14 06:45:34 PM  
Ah, the first Gracie won.  Time to switch over to WSOF.
2013-09-14 06:47:57 PM  
Just in time for a NUTSHOT!
2013-09-14 06:48:36 PM  
2013-09-14 06:50:34 PM  
With the mention of Joe Son, yesterday he was finally charged with murdering his cell mate. Death penalty possible.

/and deserved
2013-09-14 06:52:53 PM  
nice transition to the leg
2013-09-14 07:04:05 PM  
Second Gracie of the night
2013-09-14 07:09:17 PM  
Ow my balls again
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