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(Gawker)   And if you're a dick all your life, your obituary will look like this. Tag is for subject's children who now crusade against child abuse   ( divider line
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2013-09-11 02:47:48 PM  

nytmare: Occam's Disposable Razor: AverageAmericanGuy: SpdrJay: Let me give anyone who needs it some sage advice on dealing with crazy/abusive relatives:


Don't call, don't follow them on Facebook, don't ask other people how they are doing.  They are now gone and will stay that way.  Forever.

And when the abusers do finally die, you'll hear about it probably years after the fact, and you won't care because they have been out of your life so long it simply doesn't matter.

What these people did isn't really closure, it's just spiteful revenge on someone who'll never know the difference.

BTW, if anyone's actually listening to SpdrJay, this is actually a core Scientology dogma and practice.

It's called Disconnection, and it attempts to separate an initiate from people that care about him in order to prevent the "bad" influence of those people on him.

I think the key part is "crazy/abusive." No one is advocating cutting ties with a family member for their religious or political leanings (I don't think)

The key part is "AverageAmericanGuy". Nothing he ever posts is constructive, usually the opposite. The best thing you can do is drop him from your recognized farkers list forever. He is a waste of bits on this forum. Much like the abusers we are talking about, he is a worthless dick. You'll learn that when you see enough of his posts.

Yeah, he hit my ignore list ages ago. He's either a horrible person or a decent, prolific troll. Either way, I don't waste my time reading his drivel.
2013-09-11 04:04:41 PM  

ceebeecates4: AverageAmericanGuy:

BTW, if anyone's actually listening to SpdrJay, this is actually a core Scientology dogma and practice.

It's called Disconnection, and it attempts to separate an initiate from people that care about him in order to prevent the "bad" influence of those people on him.

It's called shunning and it wasn't Scientologists who invented it.

Three examples that predate the Scientologists by a few years:

I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we command you, brothers and sisters, to keep away from every believer who is idle and disruptive and does not live according to the teaching you received from us.

Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them.
2013-09-11 05:09:49 PM  

Shakin_Haitian: AverageAmericanGuy: Jehovah's Witnesses aren't Christians.

Well, that's farking retarded.

No, it really isn't. J. Hoover's Witnesses are about as "Christian" (biblically speaking) as Mormons or Moonies.

Also, as a side note about Fred Phelps: Anybody else see one of his recent photos and immediately think " God is in... his Holy Temp-le. Earthly thoughts, be silent now. " I am firmly convinced that the shell we perceive as Fred long ago ceased to be human (if indeed it ever was).
2013-09-11 05:24:21 PM  

WeenerGord: lohphat: The Pumpkin Eater: WeenerGord: Addicted to Hate: The Fred Phelps Story

Mark Phelps feels nauseated whenever he remembers that night. He was hit over 60 times and his brother, Nate, over 200 with a mattock handle. Nate went into shock. Mark didn't. A boy who became a compulsive counter to handle the stress, Mark counted every stroke. His and Nate's. While their father screamed obscenities and his brother screamed in pain. Every 20 strokes, their mother wiped their faces off in the tub. Nate passed out anyway. That was Christmas Day.

/  just leaving that here

I had to stop reading. That made me physically ill.

Why is Fred Phelps still walking the street after that?

That's what I want to know.

Part of it is the mental illness of the other family members who witnessed the child abuse, but make excuses for it and defend the abuser while joining in on blaming the victim. Phelp's wife and other children saw all this, and participated to some extent, and then the children became lawyers to defend him. They continue to go along on his crazy abusive picketings of funerals, which could be interpreted as his own begging for the beatdown he so richly deserves.

Can anyone explain the mental illness of those family members who continue to lie for and protect the abuser? Are they just glad that it wasn't themselves that got the worst of the abuse? Are they eager to please the abuser so they don't become his next target for the worst of the abuse? Do they want to speak up, but they just don't dare to? Or do they really think that this kind of shiat is "normal" since it is all that they have ever known?

Stockholm syndrome?

believe it or not, you can be cruel and/or in denial and not be mentally ill.

you can simply be an asshole.

you can accept the ways of the world the way they were presented to you, no matter how irrational or inhumane.

the mind adapts in amazing ways.

it is harder to break out of cycles if abuse than to stay in them, even if they are dysfunctional and destructive.
2013-09-11 05:26:46 PM  

Mr. Ekshun: internut scholar: Mr. Ekshun: I've long said that I deserve every bad thing which will ever happen to me. I may not have aimed for the stars with the bad things I've done, but the little stuff adds up.

/If anyone even notices that I'm dead I've done it wrong.

Trying to get something off your chest?

Nope, I believe the same about everyone I've ever met as well. That time you were cruel to someone in the schoolyard; that time you kicked the dog; that time you yelled at a cashier because you were having a bad day... People go out of their way to do bad things much more frequently than they go out of their way to do good things (when's the last time you did something nice for someone you don't know?) and as far as I can tell I've never known anyone whose net effect on the world was positive. Not saying they aren't out there, they just don't seem to be around here.

At my fifth birthday party I ditched a neighborhood kid who considered me a friend. That obviously isn't anywhere near the equal of years of emotional abuse but it was a lousy thing to do and I can't just shrug it off by saying "well, I was just a kid" - I knew exactly what I was doing and I actively chose to make someone feel bad. Pointless little things like that make us who we are today, whichever end of it we were on. Because it's not possible to erase past misdeeds from time I'll always consider myself to be a bad person, whether or not I ever manage to have a net-positive effect on the world. It isn't a comfort to know that I'm not alone in my mediocrity-of-evil, either.

But if you've got any fan fiction, do tell. Be aware, though, that I don't actually own a hoodie or a handgun.

your life must be incredibly sad.

i feel sorry for you.
2013-09-11 05:43:53 PM  
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2013-09-11 06:08:45 PM  
"This Brutal Obituary Is a Reminder to Be Good to Your Children"

Really? Why's that? She's dead; they can't hurt her. She doesn't care any more.
2013-09-11 06:29:40 PM  
Jimmy Kimmel?
2013-09-11 07:39:09 PM  

bluefoxicy: erewhon: She's a real person. I was able to pull up her info using 'other tools', there was such a person, right birthday, right number of kids, right place, deceased about the right time.

We can all use Melissa Data.

Never heard of it. Is it like SIPRNET?
2013-09-11 09:07:32 PM  

kwame: Coco LaFemme: HotWingAgenda:

Can I thank you for that story? It helps me to know that a damaged person can find someone who gets it, or even if they don't really get it, understands that there's something to get.

You may.

Coco LaFemme: I've been told by more than a few people over the course of our relationship that he's too damaged, that I deserve someone more put together, but those people can go to hell. I love him. It's as simple as that in my mind.

Poor guy ended up with someone who will share his painful experience in order to get praise for being so loving and bighearted.  I feel sorry for him.

Crap like this is why you've been farkied as GIGANTIC DOUCHE.
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