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(News 13 Orlando)   Another genius marketing decision from Florida - Use a squirrel to promote train safety   ( mynews13.com) divider line
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2013-09-07 01:31:35 AM  
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/And stay away from Chinese monkeys
2013-09-07 01:32:38 AM  
They need to do something about the drivers, too. Last weekend, flew to Orlando to DJ a gig, from Thursday to Saturday while I was driven around, we almost got into six accidents. Fun things included:

People stopping for no reason in the middle of major streets / intersections
People changing / turning from the lane farthest from their turn
Stopping at on-ramps when there was acres of merge
Blowing through lights
Stopping at Green lights

If the trains get a squirrel, what do the roads get?
/Now in DC, which is statistically the worst in the country
//Florida proved that wrong
2013-09-07 01:34:19 AM  
This is a lie.  There is no rail in Florida besides CSX.  CSX eat you.  CSX strong.  CSX no like competion.
2013-09-07 01:42:08 AM  
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Foamy curses you for ignoring his obvious superiority.
2013-09-07 01:43:07 AM  
If it worked to turn some drunks web project into FARK ... why hell why not?
2013-09-07 01:47:11 AM  
fta "Watch your tail and keep of the rail."

I have no idea what you're talking about
2013-09-07 01:48:38 AM  
That is one demonic cracked out looking squirrel.
2013-09-07 01:50:51 AM  
Were worms unavailable?

/R.I.P. Ooey Gooey
2013-09-07 02:03:30 AM  
Stay away from bathsalts, kids! Booh!What an ugly creation.
2013-09-07 02:08:28 AM  
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2013-09-07 02:09:17 AM  
Its not the worst PSA mascot Ive seen.

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Give a larbage. Throw out your garbage
2013-09-07 02:10:52 AM  
They should have used this squirrel:

i41.photobucket.comView Full Size
2013-09-07 02:19:46 AM  
Rape Reduction Rabbit frowns on these shenanigans.....
2013-09-07 02:27:10 AM  
actionbash.comView Full Size
2013-09-07 02:31:54 AM  
Now if they could do something about the Tropicana Juice Train making me late all the time...
2013-09-07 02:55:09 AM  
Isn't this a job for Flatcat?
2013-09-07 04:01:53 AM  
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2013-09-07 04:11:55 AM  

offmymeds: [mynews13.com image 676x456]
[oyster.ignimgs.com image 480x480]
[farm2.static.flickr.com image 407x600]

Yes, that...  thing is farking nightmare fuel.
2013-09-07 04:32:53 AM  
What a sad little horrifying mascot.
/someone needs to be sacked
2013-09-07 04:43:33 AM  
Tasty maybe.

Not safety.
2013-09-07 04:51:53 AM  
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Meth: Not even once!
2013-09-07 05:19:15 AM  
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Trying to teach humans about the dangers of walkin' on the railroad, all the live-long day? Now that's comedy!
2013-09-07 06:23:36 AM  
Next up, cats to promote highway safety.

2013-09-07 07:18:04 AM  
Looks like a meth squirrel. So it's perfect
2013-09-07 08:51:31 AM  
Was it one of the thousands of famous Florida State University squirrels?  (https://www.facebook.com/fsusquirrels )

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2013-09-07 09:51:46 AM  
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Do you have the balls to beat a train?
2013-09-07 09:59:41 AM  
This makes perfect sense to me.  You want your mascot to make a connection with the intended audience on all levels, including the intellectual level.  Cletus: "That there squirrel says don't hit by trains."  Bubba: "Well then, I guess we shouldn't, cause squirrels are right smart critters."  Cletus: "Yeah, but they always be tellin' what not to do, like not drinkin' antifreeze."  Bubba: "You taint suppose to drink it?"  Cletus: "Well, not too much."
2013-09-07 12:12:59 PM  
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Meh, I still prefer Yarra Trams's skateboarding rhino safety campaign...
2013-09-07 12:39:06 PM  
Looks more like a stoned cat.
2013-09-07 03:41:23 PM  
Came here thinking maybe Pauly Shore had a new gig, leaving with much disappoint.
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