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2013-09-05 01:24:29 PM  
5 votes:
I was hoping this could lead to a super naval battle in the Med....     but more likely is that Russia is just sending the two 'landing' type ships as a precaution.   In case they need to evacuate Russian citizens/advisors etc... from Syria.

These ships are not meant for fightin'

They are more for loadin' up and hauling people out....
2013-09-05 02:25:19 PM  
2 votes:

deanis: Tyee: out classed, out maneuvered, out thought, under supported, over exposed and all around not competent for the job.

lol wut

Pretty much.  Gonna bite though, I can't help it.  Low hanging troll fruit.

Tyee: Obama is in so far over his head.

Really?  He is?  So, what experience does he need beyond Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya?  Is there some class that the Heritage foundation offers that he missed on matters like this?  Some pamphlet, maybe?

He's so out classed,

Who, exactly, is he "out classed" by?  Honestly, I am perplexed by your use of the word.  Are you saying that he is deficient in class in a way that makes him not a classy guy?  I mean, he dresses well, seems affable and able to hold a conversation.  Or do you mean that the leader of the free world is not in the same class as, what, Putin?  In what respect?  Could you elaborate on the superiority of these vague others you are referring to?

out maneuvered,

Again, by who?  By Russia?  From what I see, the rest of the world knows what is going on, and is, frankly, too afraid of the possible repercussions of acting.  Or maybe they are just sick of war.  The actual supporters of the regime are not going to directly confront us in a military fashion, so... who cares?  Or do you mean at home, like a partisan thing?  Because it seems as though there is support and opposition on both sides?  Given he is a second term president, and can frankly do this without asking Congress, seems like he is pretty much where he wants to be.

out thought,

This is the pot calling the kettle black, but I am fairly certain you are used to pointing this out about Mr. Kettle, amirite?  Considering the legacy he inherited, and his general desire to avoid war if at all possible, we can gather he has ample intelligence regarding what has happened there, and feels it is our duty to do this.  So, it looks like his thought is profoundly deeper than yours on the subject.

under supported,

Exactly how much support does he need to lob some missiles over the fence?  There are supporters.  Much of the non-support doesn't ring of moral outrage, more like "dude, I really just don't want to get mixed up in that mess."

over exposed

Right, ladies?

I am sure you mean something, just not sure what.

and all around not competent for the job.  And Putin a backwoods hayseed hick from a near 3rd world country is beating him like a drum.

First of all, there is an incredible amount of learning and culture from Russia.  You sound like a typical, uneducated American, and this is coming from a fellow American.  There is a reason why the US lived in nigh perpetual fear of the country for decades.  Get yourself some education, man.  Backwoods?  He grew up in Leningrad.  Maybe not NYC, but not rural.

As for Putin, he graduated from Law School before becoming KGB, and has pretty much maintained power since 1999.  He took a country that was floundering after the fall of communism, and brought order.  Yes, also corrupt and ruthless.  So, lesson?  He's smarter and more capable than anybody you have probably personally ever met.  After he's done making you look like an intellectual lilliputian, he could actually kill you with ease, using his bare hands, maybe muttering something about the richness of Russian art, literature, film...

Barry just come home now so you don't step on your dick anymore, please.  You're embarrassing the USA.
Just go to your room have a good cry and earn the peace prize you never deserved by doing nothing.

Don't be jealous of the well-endowed Kettle.  Yeah, the Nobel Prize was silly.  Personally, I think he has earned it by not beating some sense into the halfwits you support in Government.  God, could you imagine Bachman, right now?  Or hell, even Romney?  The soul shudders.

So, yeah, in conclusion, think.
2013-09-05 01:40:09 PM  
2 votes:

base935: Most peaceful Nobel Peace Prize winner yet!

/Interesting, his whole presidency has been either in war, or starting new ones.

Two things:

1.) What wars did Obama start?
2.) How is Obama responsible for wars started before he became president?
2013-09-05 01:25:35 PM  
2 votes:
Meh. An intelligence ship to watch the show with, and two amphibious support ships to rescue their citizens with when shiat gets real, yo....
2013-09-05 01:21:12 PM  
2 votes:
2013-09-05 06:27:34 PM  
1 vote:

mark12A: Meh. An intelligence ship to watch the show with, and two amphibious support ships to rescue their citizens with when shiat gets real, yo....

that makes a lot of sense... so if you couple this with Russia wants to look like the "good guy" in this area and we'll probably just bomb Syria's entire air force out of existence... Russia is looking to sell some planes when this is all over.
2013-09-05 04:17:00 PM  
1 vote:
Its just another strongman act.

The Russians know that Obama has no interest in a larger war. He's only asking for a week long "shock and awe" campaign, which itselfonly has mixed chances of passing in congress and little hope of achieving anything.  At best it might stall the civil war, assuming we take out Assads air force along the way.

When we bite and blow Putin wants to make it look like it was because Russia had Assad's back, not because US politicians were scared of bad poll numbers.
Despite all of the tough talk neither Russia nor any of Syria's neighbors want in on a large scale war.

/They are badly outclassed and they'd gain nothing but the thanks of a chinless idiot.
/If the bluff works every dictator in the region becomes Putin's friend, giving him more influence.
2013-09-05 03:18:42 PM  
1 vote:

Gentoolive: xanadian: Moscow vehemently opposes the US-led plans for military action against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in response to the chemical attack outside Damascus last month.

OK, then, wise guys, what do YOU suggest people do about it?  Just let Assad keep on gassing people, like a guy who's had one too many servings of baked beans at the local Golden Corral?

I haven't heard a single good solution to this problem.

/probably because there isn't one

I have a solution. Mind our own business..

This is probably the best course of action, but we kind of made ourselves world police decades ago.
I am amused that the tables have turned so much in this country, the right is calling for restraint even though chemical weapons have been used.
Seems like just yesterday they were all good on a full out war on they have a problem launching a few tomahawks, I wonder what changed?
2013-09-05 01:52:54 PM  
1 vote:

Phineas: He's a limp-wristed, liberal tool

you know how i know that you have no idea what you're talking about?
2013-09-05 01:36:07 PM  
1 vote:
I got this, y'all...

blogs-images.forbes.comView Full Size
2013-09-05 01:35:22 PM  
1 vote:
What!? You mean other world powers also have an interest Syria? You mean not everyone on earth has interests that perfectly align with those of the US?

The Hell You Say!

/Médecins Sans Frontières are pretty cool folks
2013-09-05 01:29:03 PM  
1 vote:

Anthracite: Lets just get that guy that won the Nobel Peace prize in 1999 he will clean this up!

Médecins Sans Frontières?
2013-09-05 01:21:41 PM  
1 vote:
At least we have a strong, competent leader to navigate us through these troubled times.  J/k.  He's a limp-wristed, liberal tool whose clulessness is now on display for the entire world to see.
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