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(Washington Post)   What started out as a joke is becoming more likely; GOP Congresscritters might ask that, in exchange for authorizing Syrian actions, the President defund Obamacare   ( divider line
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2013-09-04 01:19:29 AM  

SisterMaryElephant: "It is his escape hatch," Congressional scholar Norman Ornstein told me

"It's not likely that anyone will do that," Ornstein said. "But is it beyond imagining that in some of these negotiations, someone says, `We really want to go with you on the war issue, but our constituents are against it, You want your resolution on Syria? How about [delaying or defunding] Obamacare?'"

"That would have been unthinkable a few years ago," Ornstein concluded. "But now, nothing is unthinkable."
In truth, that does seem highly unlikely, but I suppose you never know.

Sounds like a lock.  If some random congressional scholar says so, it MUST be true.

/not that I'd anything past the party of NO
/or the GOP or DEMS either

well, if it were only a part of no that would actually be pretty nice (domestic surveillance? no. War? no. . .) It's just a part of yes for the stuff we like to ram up everyone's arse. Just a different colored dildo is all. One is lubed and the other is spiked.

We've got too many yes men over there in DC. I'm waiting for someone to say no. Haven't seen too many of those (just a few). Hella awesome voting, America! WOOO!
2013-09-04 02:07:38 AM  
The key thing to watch for now is how House conservatives react if Boehner and House GOP leaders make the eminently reasonable point that we shouldn't be having a government shutdown fight in the middle of a debate over whether to go to war.
2013-09-04 11:33:01 AM  

qorkfiend: Yes, but why is there such a distinction between the two, as there is no operative difference?

I believe there are operative differences, mainly that an AUMF side-steps Constitutional requirements that come into effect when Congress formally declares war.
2013-09-04 12:59:17 PM  

2wolves: [ image 370x502]
Evolution of U.S. conservatives.

I'm not convinced that Victoria Jackson isn't playing a very long troll game.
2013-09-04 10:21:08 PM  

DamnYankees: Yeah, that's gonna happen.

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