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(Indiana Gazette)   Owners of chicken rental service hope to recoup their investment after dealing with numerous personal fowls   ( indianagazette.com) divider line
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2013-09-02 07:57:30 AM  
So for about 10x what a dozen free range organic eggs will cost you at a pricey supermarket, you can have a couple of caged birds do it in your backyard.

Seems legit.
2013-09-02 08:08:30 AM  
Good luck. I doubt if they pullet off.
2013-09-02 08:23:43 AM  
I dunno, I understand chickens can eat a lot of the bugs in the yard, Might be worth it for that, like goat rentals for brush/kudzu removal
2013-09-02 09:15:41 AM  
They shouldn't get too cocky.  Crowing too early about future economic gains will only get egg on your face.  Odds are, they're just going to hatch another scheme.
2013-09-02 09:24:52 AM  
People give away chickens free on Craigslist. Would-be farmers give up their birds to shelters all the time since they can't work and care for them. Chickens in general are cheap. How is this supposed to be a business success, then, even for a niche market? You can't just go using a borrowed chicken for poultry.
2013-09-02 09:48:33 AM  
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Did someone say chicken rental?
2013-09-02 10:43:26 AM  
If Wendell don't eat, nobody eats.
2013-09-02 11:06:09 AM  
Chicken rental service?

What is this, a prostitution service for Republicans?
2013-09-02 12:52:36 PM  
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Little Jerry knows how to recoup your investment.
2013-09-02 02:21:23 PM  
Do they have large talons?
2013-09-02 05:51:22 PM  
I just hope they don't get cock blocked in the process
2013-09-02 08:46:39 PM  
How many times have you said to yourself:  the inlaws are coming, better rent some chickens.

Or how many times have you found yourself stuck with trendy guests who turn up their noses at regular people food and will only eat organic, local, really expense food?

Well now thanks to Rent-a-Chick, you can show those bastards!

With Rent-a-Chick you can rent by the day, the week, or the month. You get everything you need to show up your progressive friends and annoy and inconvenience your unwanted guests.

The full rental package comes with everything listed here:

* Two laying hens
* A mobile coop, feed and shovel
* Enough manure to drive off a mother-in-law with a bad sense of smell
* free bug and worm removal for the period of rental

With the super-deluxe model, you get a rooster guaranteed to crow at all hours of the day and nigh and willing and able to fertilize the organic eggs of his hareem with vigour and bad timing.

Yes, it's the perfect con-game, and if anything goes wrong, you can pluck, gut and eat your mistakes. Right in front of your family and friends or any nosey-parkers over the fence!
Our rates are compatible with organic free-range chickens at your local trendy store or coop!

Call today! You never know when unwanted guests may show up! Have a pile of genuine, fresh chicken manure ready to greet them!
2013-09-02 08:48:47 PM  
I understand the human mind quite well.

Which is one reason why I've never married and had children.

Stop the insanity! Remain celebate.
2013-09-02 11:14:23 PM  
I suppose they won't have a lot of them being turned back in wearing lipstick like you do in the sheep rental business, unless they have a client named Gonzo.
2013-09-03 02:50:04 AM  
Kaua'i Chicken Farm: Take as many as you want, we got plenny Moa!!
2013-09-03 03:09:45 AM  
Neat, an article from the town where I live!
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