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(ESPN)   What do you call somebody that makes millions but still robs people's homes? An NBA Allstar   ( divider line
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2001-12-03 07:52:59 AM  
Crack is expensive. I for one understand why he has to steal from people and beat his girlfriend.
2001-12-03 08:04:27 AM  
The man just wanted an xbox.
2001-12-03 08:11:48 AM  
No, he was just playing a little too much Grand Theft Auto 3
2001-12-03 08:18:49 AM  
Olowakandi is far from being an allstar but... what the fark? He still makes a couple of million a year...

Maybe it's because he was raised in Britain (ha!).
2001-12-03 08:28:44 AM  
No, ChiPHeaD, the reason the Kandi-man makes millions is because he was drafted by Elgin Baylor.
2001-12-03 08:32:42 AM  
Baylor's gotta hold the record for total wasted draft picks to date. And I think its safe to say that we can refer to Kandi as 'El Busto.'
2001-12-03 08:34:25 AM  
It is a good thing we pay these people so much money, this proves that our sports figures are not making enough money.
2001-12-03 08:38:40 AM  
We have a Primoz Brezec sighting.
2001-12-03 08:51:45 AM  
. . . and was booked on allegations of cohabitant abuse . . .

Politically-correct language for beating your live-in girlfriend . . . what a joke. PC is a joke in general.
2001-12-03 09:17:10 AM  
cohabitant abuse? Isn't that like when your college roommate doesn't shower?
2001-12-03 09:45:04 AM  
Why was this worthless piece of shiat even allowed to dress for the game that day?

Nice freaking example the NBA and the Lakers are setting here.
2001-12-03 09:49:09 AM  

What do rich people fear most?.. That's right Ghosts!
2001-12-03 09:59:17 AM  
Yeah, it's not like the government does anything for us with that money. Oh wait, they do. Nevermind.
2001-12-03 10:26:08 AM  
i wonder what Anna Nicole Smith does for millions
2001-12-03 11:07:48 AM  
the worst part is whoever submited this actually called Olowokandi and "all-star"....he plays for the Clippers therefore thats impossible
2001-12-03 11:13:56 AM  
I can't stand the NBA. It's like watching a bunch of jewelery-laden thugs.
NCAA basketball is by far superior. At least then the players act like they try and actually care.
2001-12-03 12:09:54 PM  
Basketball is the only sport where you have to be born a deformed freak to play professionaly
2001-12-03 02:42:09 PM  
"What do you call somebody that makes millions but still robs people's homes..."

...then builds you a road, hooks you up to water and sewer, collects your garbage, funds research into infectious diseases, and attempts to ensure the safety of food and drugs?

2001-12-03 04:25:20 PM  
Olowokandi is living proof that if you look good Elgin Baylor will want you....
2001-12-03 10:26:59 PM  
Lol, Yourmom, you've got it right on. How many whites get drafted into the NBA? Like 2 a year.

Where's some farking affirmative action in that shiat? Shouldn't we have a nice, representative "cross-section", of all races in the NBA?

People need to farking stand-up for themselves.

2001-12-04 01:16:49 AM  
Steve Nash is farking awessome. He is also Canadian.
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