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(Daily Mail)   Wheelchair-bound teen calls police over non-emergency. Police send in the SWAT team   ( divider line
    More: Amusing, muscular dystrophy, brown recluse spider, SWAT team, KPTV  
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2013-08-30 03:03:15 AM  

Genevieve Marie: catmandu: I listened to the call and was surprised that the police came even though she never revealed that she was in a wheelchair. She was really sweet and apologetic and just really wanted some advice. Good for the police.

Yea, I'm glad. That's how it SHOULD work and it's nice that she lives in a town where they were happy to help her.

Well in a Utopia that's how it should work. I'm glad that she was disabled (holy shiat, no I'm not glad she's disabled), but I'm glad that cops aren't responding to able bodied people afraid of a spider even if inadvertently. It all worked out were everyone did the right thing even by coincidence. I'm glad for that. I'm not afraid of any animals/insects but bats (irrational phobia), but I could imagine the horror of being in the presence of one and being unable to get away if need be. Glad it worked out for this girl.
2013-08-30 03:15:14 AM  
There's an action shot on her twitter page showing three big cops with rolled up newspapers..
2013-08-30 08:23:22 AM  

Wrencher: wantingout: Brown recluse don't even live in Oregon. It was probably a hobo spider. A rag from the UK would have no concept of this. Must be a slow news day.

They're not native to the PNW, but they are occasionally found here. Lots of odd things hitch rides with cargo. I used to work for an aquarium fish wholesaler here in WA, and we had fire ant colonies all over our warehouse.
My brother got bitten by a Hobo spider. He spent 3 days on intravenous antibiotics so his toe did'nt fall off. Nasty little buggers.

I got bit on the leg by a brown recluse while at summer camp when I was a teen, had no idea it was anything more than a scrape.
Another week at a different summer camp, and the thing was an infected mess, leaking pus if I even looked at it hard. I always got infections so I didn't think it was a big deal.
Yet another week at my grandparents, the area is rainforest hot, red as raw beef, and I don't even have to look at it for it to spit out infection. Kinda a little worried, but the adults weren't so I didn't make a fuss.
Mom picks me up and on the way home I complain of having trouble swallowing, finally get taken to the hospital and the bite has turned into a cavernous hole of necrotic goo all the way down to my leg bone. Doctor put one of those really long swabs in there and probably only an inch wouldn't fit. Had to stuff iodized gauze strips in the hole to make it real from the bottom up so as to avoid a pus pocket.
Was right before freshman year of high school, so I kept having to fall out of ROTC formation to "pack my hole". Yeah, freshman year was fun -_-
//fark spiders
2013-08-30 08:49:48 AM  
uhg....white people problems.
2013-08-30 04:22:42 PM  

cnlson: so did i, back in 86.

Me too.  I was there mid Sep to mid Nov.
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