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(PCWorld)   Google adds more tools to their search engine. Next plans: Develop mental-control toolbar   ( divider line
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17108 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jan 2004 at 7:18 PM (19 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2004-01-13 4:07:09 PM  
submitter forgot to add....

...until the IPO, then the R&D budget gets cut in order to allow shareholder to buy another ivory backscratcher
2004-01-13 4:15:05 PM  
However sad, it's probably true. *sigh*
2004-01-13 6:34:19 PM  
OMG! Googul is gonnaa suc because they are going to the IPO! Thur gonna have popups and charge you two surch, just lik yaHOo did when they went to the IPO!
2004-01-13 6:46:13 PM  
I always have fun going over to check out the new stuff at the Google labs.

I like the google viewer.

I don't get out much.
2004-01-13 7:12:57 PM  
Google toolbar and fark as my homepage... it was like all the other searchers had no chance. Then again, who relies on Ask Jeeves for their searching problems?
2004-01-13 7:22:36 PM  
Yay! Even more ways to stalk my ex!!
2004-01-13 7:25:33 PM  
Ah Google... is there anything it can't do?
2004-01-13 7:25:48 PM  
2004-01-13 04:07:09 PM Stompn_Tom


2004-01-13 06:46:13 PM Ku_No_Ichi
I don't get out much.

2004-01-13 7:28:47 PM  
The Google toolbar is awesome. No reason you shouldn't have it ;-)
2004-01-13 7:30:10 PM  
DrToast scares me. Especially since he fell for my "pay to search yahoo" scam.
2004-01-13 7:30:25 PM  
Snood. That is the funniest thing I have heard all day.

"Now is the time in the show where I like to call my ex-girlfriend and hang up when she says 'hello'."

Google is farking amazing. But I have heard that they are starting to filter results against some companies and industries.
2004-01-13 7:30:27 PM  
er...outside of browser incompatibilities.
2004-01-13 7:31:52 PM  
Image Search. Best internet technology evar.
2004-01-13 7:34:46 PM  
google image search. its what makes farking photoshops work.
2004-01-13 7:35:10 PM  
WOW! Google Sets!

I entered the items "Sally Yoshino" and "Aya Yoshimura" and got back a list of other AV Idols!

This technology is HOT!
2004-01-13 7:38:25 PM  
sukiari: Oh,man,do we think alike!

Rio Sannomya...mmmm.
2004-01-13 7:40:53 PM  
I went on Altavista this week...

Is it me, or is it going better ?
2004-01-13 7:41:06 PM  
I routinely use Google to test the viability of coinages and catchphrases.

"Beatnik Capitalism" and "MonsterBlog" both go to my blog when entered into Google, though "SimuLord" goes to some weird French site first (and my Fark profile second).

That first one ("Beatnik Capitalism") is of particular value to me if I ever get around to writing that finance/self-help book.

Google r0x0rZ in uber-1337 ways.
2004-01-13 7:41:17 PM  
who's gonna be the one to start the countdown? this stuff can't be free forever.
2004-01-13 7:44:08 PM  
Y'all should check out the toilet story at google blogspace.
*shakes fist at roman excesses of googlers...
2004-01-13 7:44:51 PM  
Wow... I thought the google toolbar was great.... but the google desktop... droooool. Maybe it's a secret way for the FBI to control my PC......

Google Desktop HERE
2004-01-13 7:51:55 PM  
Haha, the poster spelled "one" wrong. hahaha, oh wait..what?
2004-01-13 7:57:32 PM  
My favorite feature is Google Calculator.

Q: 1 furlong per fortnight in mph
A: 0.00037202381 mph

Speaking of Google, somebody over on Slashdot is conducting a campaign to get people to link to with the words "litigious bastards". Snicker.
2004-01-13 8:12:48 PM  
google is awesome. i hope it always stays like that too.
2004-01-13 8:30:21 PM  
Who needs another IE plugin like the Google Toolbar when Mozilla does popup blocking with a simple check box?
2004-01-13 8:35:59 PM  
Uh, for people that don't use mozilla maybe?
2004-01-13 8:46:31 PM  
There already is a mentally controlled search engine on Google. Right here
2004-01-13 8:46:33 PM  
Ive found google results to be bad as of late. Recently Ive gotten much better research results off of amazon. Doing a search, judging books by their cover, taking a look at the contents.

My most recent assignment was exploring 3 applications of fractal dimensions. Amazon search was much better, google was kindof messy. If anyone is interested I did ocean turbulance, shear strength between two rock faces, and fractal dimension of road/time equals degradation rate of road. (If you happen to have this same assignment due on thursday between 5:20PM and 7:50PM in the Pittsburgh area...then please find your own applications).
2004-01-13 9:06:56 PM  
Time someone's name and town into Google, it shows their address and phone number (if they're listed).
2004-01-13 9:07:58 PM  
2004-01-13 9:34:46 PM  
google has sucked for months. aka FAST

have better serps

nwg (new window goodness) included, free of charge.
2004-01-13 9:58:49 PM  
no matter what anyone says, google groups are the heat.
2004-01-13 9:59:05 PM  
I guess they made some sort of official announcement, this week, but their FAQ has listed these features since, at least, last December. I remember using it to check the weather conditions for a flight I was taking before Christmas.
2004-01-13 10:08:11 PM  
Mozilla Firebird owns Google toolbar. If you are still surfing in IE you really need to ask yourself 'why do I do this to myself?'
2004-01-13 10:53:27 PM  
Firebird's tabs sucks... they do not 'autopopup' whenever I enter in a new URL
Slimbrowser is better
2004-01-13 11:01:37 PM  
more tools? what tools?
just give me a blank box and let me hit enter... i never use and of the stuff anyhow
2004-01-13 11:26:57 PM  
I think the best feature in Google is the date function.

Searching based on when the article was published. Its going to become a bigger and bigger issue as the world wide web matures. Thousands of old shiatty pages that you wade through to get what you want becuas they have been linked to so many times by other old shiatty pages.
2004-01-13 11:41:03 PM  
rohackle1, exactly.

Once Google's in Start/Run, and the cursor appears in the blank field, you're away.

Alt/F4 gets rid of any pop-ups that appear.

The only little problem is that the cursor stays in the Googlefield when you backtrack after your search, and you have to tab out of it before you get back to your original page.

I prefer tabbing to mousing wherever possible.
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