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(YouTube)   Crow: "Well, I escalated that quickly"   ( divider line
    More: Strange, catfights  
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7401 clicks; posted to Video » on 27 Aug 2013 at 8:20 AM (4 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2013-08-28 01:24:36 AM  

buckler: [267x176 from astle-forrester-004-288x180.jpg image 267x176]


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/also appoves
//oh, indubitably
2013-08-28 02:24:02 AM  
Man, that crow was kind of a dick.

It was like he get the first cat all riled up til the other cat came to investigate, then told the other cat that the first cat called his mom a slut, then started goading them on. When they tussled and fell off the roof you can almost hear him yelling "OI! 'IT EM AGAIN!"

Fave part is when they rolled into the second pit at the end.
2013-08-28 04:19:27 AM  
Crows are insanely intelligent and they know it. They love farking with other animals (and sometimes humans), and the interesting thing about crows is they can teach other crows how to pull pranks, so you can get generations of crows refining their antics as time goes on.

They are devious farking bastards.

/(one of my favorite stories is how crows crack nuts. Usually they just carry them high and let them go. This is inefficient, however -- sometimes the nuts crack and sometimes they don't. So crows found a better war -- cars. Crows drop nuts in front of cars and let cars drive over them. It's tough to get to crushed nuts on busy streets however, so they found a better method: Intersections. They hang around on the wires, wait til light turns green, drop nuts. Cars drive over nuts, light turns red, cars stop, crows pick up nuts. If you ever pass through an intersection and you see a bunch of crows just chilling out on a wire, now you know what they're doing)
2013-08-28 06:48:45 AM  

mongbiohazard: Looked to me like the crow was agitating both of them, probably in order to encourage the fight. Crows are crazy smart birds. I could imagine that from the crow's point of view it would make sense to keep the biggest predator of birds busy fighting each other as much as you can.

I used to have an abyssinian that would routinely bring me huge crows home (and rabbits, and mice and a groundhog or two...). When I moved to an apartment and stopped letting her roam the neighborhood she'd still manage to catch them on the balcony of my apartment. She LOVED killing crows though. Seemed to bring home those and rabbits the most. After the first few rabbits she caught, she started bringing them back home alive and scared shiatless, but otherwise unharmed unharmed. Crows though... they all died immediately. You'd just hear a quick flutter of some wings and a few seconds later she was trying to stuff a dead crow under the door to my bedroom.

That's very thoughtful of her. You must be very appreciative of these wonderful gifts.

I love cats, but man, they are weird. lol.
2013-08-28 07:51:06 AM  

HairBolus: I seem to have caught a bunch of people with reading comprehension problems who probably tried to major in PhysEd in college and have nothing better to do than clog this thread with untrimmed whining:
abhorrent1, KidneyStone, danielscissorhands, Zombalupagus, Rye_

I didn't say the video shouldn't have been posted. Just that there are hundreds of copies around and the creator, kalakala234, from May 2, 2011 should be credited. And by going to that source we find that the orange cat wasn't killed but climbed out of the hole 5 minutes later in one piece.

Fark has now changed the link above to kalakala234's version, not the 4th generation copy that was there. Was that too horrible? Note that I didn't include any outside links in this post so that the dumb jock squad won't erupt in hostility to something that looks like 6 minutes of research.

Well then. Fark should change the posting rules to state that everyone that submits a video must do their research to ensure only the original is posted and it's creator is properly credited. Should be easy enough. It's not like there are hundreds of video sites that all have the same shiat on them.
2013-08-28 10:31:16 AM  
That made me laugh so much, a co-worker came over to see.  Reminds him of Peter and the chicken - just keeps going and going.
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