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(WJHL Tri-Cities)   Naked, one-legged man collapsed and died after throwing bricks at several neighborhood homes. Was probably hopped up on something   ( wjhl.com) divider line
    More: Florida, Perdido Key, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, WJHL-TV  
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2013-08-21 04:03:09 PM  
2013-08-21 04:04:00 PM  
*clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapc lapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapcla pclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap *
2013-08-21 04:04:14 PM  
Was he carrying a hod? If not, where did he carry the bricks?
2013-08-21 04:04:17 PM  
That's HOTY material right there.
2013-08-21 04:09:10 PM  
2013-08-21 04:10:09 PM  
So this naked one-legged man throws a brick through a bar's front window...

/...don't worry lady, I ride side-saddle
2013-08-21 04:10:24 PM  
Ernest T.?
2013-08-21 04:10:46 PM  

Hawnkee: Goofball.

Look here everybody. Goofballs.
2013-08-21 04:11:00 PM  
All in all he threw another brick at the wall.
2013-08-21 04:12:10 PM  
Is the cinder block ok?
2013-08-21 04:12:23 PM  
None shall pass!

/it's only a flesh wound
2013-08-21 04:12:43 PM  
2013-08-21 04:13:39 PM  

Hawnkee: Goofball.

High as a kite everybody.
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2013-08-21 04:14:28 PM  
ionetheurbandaily.files.wordpress.comView Full Size

//wanted for questioning
2013-08-21 04:16:34 PM  
Between this one and "old gnus", this is a great day for headlines.
2013-08-21 04:17:05 PM  
Meth.. you can tell from the cut on the tip of his  nose.
2013-08-21 04:18:16 PM  

honrudean: [ionetheurbandaily.files.wordpress.com image 500x331]

//wanted for questioning

Came for this.

/"I been throwin' bricks at your marchin' ass since 1962"
2013-08-21 04:20:08 PM  
Probably just exhausted from the ass kicking contest.
2013-08-21 04:20:37 PM  
Did the cop think about Tasering him because that's what probably killed him and not the drugs he was on.
2013-08-21 04:20:40 PM  
He wouldn't have had a leg to stand on if this were brought to trial.
2013-08-21 04:25:36 PM  
How did he throw it?

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2013-08-21 04:27:47 PM  
There are people who need drugs as a crutch to get through life.
2013-08-21 04:28:36 PM  
Ignatz, Krazy and George Herriman all approve.
vicsocotra.comView Full Size
2013-08-21 04:30:33 PM  
His one legged wife,Ilene, was working at I.H.O.P. and could not be reached for a comment.
2013-08-21 04:31:10 PM  
Probably just sick of losing the butt-kicking contest
2013-08-21 04:31:42 PM  
Let's give him props for standing up to authority.
2013-08-21 04:37:40 PM  
Complete with what a picture of what a police car the arresting officer might have been driving.
2013-08-21 05:00:47 PM  
He's no Naked Randy Travis.
2013-08-21 05:06:00 PM  
I just laughed my stump off!
2013-08-21 05:06:39 PM  
Well... that's odd.
2013-08-21 05:14:14 PM  
At least he got his rocks off before he died...
2013-08-21 05:18:44 PM  
We will never hear his footstep coming up the drive.
2013-08-21 06:06:22 PM  
When you want to get hopped up on something goofballs are the way to go.
2013-08-21 06:23:06 PM  

Lava_Backflips: His one legged wife,Ilene, was working at I.H.O.P. and could not be reached for a comment.

I believe his wife, Irene, is Asian.
2013-08-21 07:18:19 PM  
He was
s10.postimg.orgView Full Size
2013-08-21 09:51:18 PM  
let's go ahead and slip that into the HOTY pile
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