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(Daily Mail)   Amusement park zookeeper gored by wildebeest plans to return to her job because, "Old gnus are so exciting"   ( dailymail.co.uk) divider line
    More: Repeat, Utah, occupational injury, lagoons, animal rights activist, exotic shorthair, health and safety, stable condition, Utah amusement park  
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2013-08-21 11:06:36 AM  
You can tell he's sorry - just look at the long face.
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2013-08-21 12:46:39 PM  
HOTW, at the very least.  Well done, subby.

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2013-08-21 12:54:19 PM  
...with Gary Gnu?
2013-08-21 12:55:20 PM  
I read that as gored by wild bees.
2013-08-21 12:57:57 PM  
Ultra-rare wildebeest trifecta in play.
2013-08-21 01:01:30 PM  
Who Gnu?
2013-08-21 01:02:42 PM  
2013-08-21 01:03:32 PM  
EMS: What the hell is a goring?
2013-08-21 01:04:30 PM  
Subby, I wish I'd said that.
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2013-08-21 01:04:46 PM  
No gnus is good gnus.
2013-08-21 01:24:43 PM  
no comment from La Linea?
2013-08-21 01:27:30 PM  

uncleacid: EMS: What the hell is a goring?

Indonesian for "fried" or "frying".  Nasi goring is very nom nom.
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/not made with gnus, though
2013-08-21 01:28:09 PM  
Very nice headline.
2013-08-21 01:32:29 PM  
I would have said, "no gnus is good gnus" myself.
2013-08-21 01:33:07 PM  
but did it redo the flooring in its enclosure?  if so its a typical gnu and a tiler too
2013-08-21 01:34:34 PM  
Wait, gnus and wildebeests are the same thing? Huh, I did not know that.

I guess you could say it's...

(•_•) , ( •_•) >⌐■-■ , (⌐■_■)

gnus to me.

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2013-08-21 01:49:44 PM  
This thread is beestly.
2013-08-21 02:07:50 PM  
A+ headline.
2013-08-21 02:08:30 PM  

Yakk: ...with Gary Gnu?

You rang?
2013-08-21 02:17:38 PM  

Dead for Tax Reasons: but did it redo the flooring in its enclosure?  if so its a typical gnu and a tiler too

Way to step it up a notch DFTR!!

/golf clap for DFTR and subby!
2013-08-21 02:20:21 PM  

garygnu: Yakk: ...with Gary Gnu?

You rang?

garygnu likes the rectum cobbler (not the puppet ^ this guy!)
2013-08-21 02:29:29 PM  
I also have an 8-inch taint.
2013-08-21 02:41:02 PM  
And lobster claws for hands. Flipper baby
2013-08-21 02:51:10 PM  
The drug is made from monkey cum.  They keep these monkeys locked in a room all day, you know.  And then they make them jack off.  And then they take the cum and they boil it or something.  And that's what the drug is made of.
2013-08-21 03:20:19 PM  
[img src="The-Far-Side_Well-Ive-got-good-gnus-and-bad-gnus.jpg"]
2013-08-21 03:21:05 PM  
Dead for Tax Reasons: typical gnu and a tiler too

2013-08-21 03:28:24 PM  

Dead for Tax Reasons: but did it redo the flooring in its enclosure?  if so its a typical gnu and a tiler too

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2013-08-21 06:43:35 PM  
samantha12jane.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-08-22 07:29:20 AM  
...the gnicest work of gnature in the zoo...
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