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(Broward/Palm Beach New Times)   Headline: "Pit bulls much less aggressive than other breeds." Article: "to their owners"   ( blogs.browardpalmbeach.com) divider line
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2013-08-21 01:36:12 PM  
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2013-08-21 04:32:12 PM  
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My pit mix is a sweetheart and loves pinning me and Mrs. daveUSMC down and licking us to death. That said, she's not a harmless can't-do-wrong little daisy. Responsible ownership means we supervise her in situations with new people or dogs, and keep her away from potentially disastrous encounters.

It's ok to realize that owning a pit is not the same as owning a puntable rat-dog while at the same time acknowledging that the mere fact that the dog is a pit bull does not mean you should construct a beach from all the sand in your vagina.
2013-08-21 04:00:10 PM  
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One of the pitbulls I had as a kid did not like people coming over at all. What the dog would do is he would come up from behind, stand up, put his paws on their shoulders and push them toward the door. It was funny seeing a dog give somebody the bum's rush.
2013-08-21 02:03:08 PM  
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2013-08-21 01:48:24 PM  
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69gnarkill69: hammettman: Pit bulls are harmless, as any pit bull owner will tell you.  What statistics tell you: "As of May 25, 2013, the USA death count from dogs in 2013 is 14. Of these, 13 people were killed by pit bulls."   [citation]

Like most Fark threads, nobody will pay attention to your facts and the ones that do will dispute them anyway.

*scans thread*

Called it.

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2013-08-21 01:37:37 PM  
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Broom: Some Coke Drinking Guy: Most pit bulls are friendly animals.  Problem is, when they do decide to clamp down on you, they have that darn lock jaw.

Another bullshiat pit bull rumor. Pit bulls don't have special jaw bones.

Don't they have an extra muscle in their leg that lets them jump higher though? And their vaginas go sideways, right?
d23 [BareFark]
2013-08-21 01:20:04 PM  
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I can't believe Farkers don't a level head about Pit bulls.  They're so steady and logical about everything else...
2013-08-21 01:12:38 PM  
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Steve Zodiac: Wow. Way to cherry pick a point of view from an article there subby. Lets look at the very next sentence following the one you chose for your headline: "And the breed has displayed below-average levels of aggression when encountering strangers."

Hypocrisy: An anti-pitbull accusing a pro-pitbull article of cherry-picking when they themselves just did it.
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