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(Newser)   Is it time to forgive and forget? An 18-year-old running for mayor in Utah sure hopes so. Joshua Hoggan served six months in juvenile detention for planning to blow up his school just two years ago, but assures voters that he's a changed man   ( newser.com) divider line
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2013-08-14 12:31:23 AM  
Uh huh.
2013-08-14 01:10:46 AM  
In Utah? There is a reason we have "justifiable homicide."

Kid can't be all bad, can he?
2013-08-14 02:53:35 AM  
I bet the kid could do well in Toronto, I heard there's some cracks in the incumbent's armor.
2013-08-14 02:54:07 AM  
Typical politician. The BEST you can expect from them is gridlock and inaction.
He's got experience not blowing up the town, sounds like perfect job preparation.
2013-08-14 02:54:24 AM  
"said Hoggan said in an email."
"Does he actually has a chance to win?"

If this is how their voting population writes......he has a good chance of winning.

/18 is an unfortunate age to have that hairline on that size head
2013-08-14 02:55:07 AM  
"Does he actually has a chance to win?"

And if not, can he has cheeseburger?
2013-08-14 02:58:13 AM  
2013-08-14 02:59:23 AM  
This election is gonna be a blast
2013-08-14 02:59:35 AM  
Since juvenile records are expunged, this never happened and you are not reading this.
2013-08-14 03:00:50 AM  
Well it's true, he turned face. Back then he was Hollywood Hoggan.

People can change, Brother!
2013-08-14 03:15:22 AM  
And did he find God, too? maybe he dropped a bar of soap in the shower....or shuffeled his feet to far apart...

ANYONE... keep it going
2013-08-14 03:18:30 AM  
i.imgur.comView Full Size
2013-08-14 03:18:36 AM  

The All-Powerful Atheismo: This election is gonna be a blast

I can just see the NSA's datachomper getting all uppity over that.
2013-08-14 03:35:55 AM  

Nem Wan: Since juvenile records are expunged, this never happened and you are not reading this.

Every state has different laws about that.  Also, it doesn't have any effect on journalism; it is not a gag order, so the can bring it up as much they want.
Plus, if the fed got involved, sealing the State's records doesn't really do anything.
2013-08-14 03:54:28 AM  
Ummm, I thought that juvenile  records were sealed when you became an adult.  Or, did I miss something?
2013-08-14 03:57:31 AM  
I learned datachomer is a new word.  I like it.
2013-08-14 04:10:32 AM  
thankyoueurope.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2013-08-14 04:11:28 AM  

MorteDiem: "Does he actually has a chance to win?"

If he was bombing for Jesus? You betcha!
2013-08-14 04:52:31 AM  
Sounds like a guy from my hometown. It's a small town, and everyone knows he's a drug dealer. He keeps running for city council. He usually comes in last place or 2nd last.
2013-08-14 06:06:29 AM  
'Blowing up public education' sounds like a Tea Bag win.
2013-08-14 06:17:45 AM  
'member when the over jeezified moran Douchie McDonnell was running for governor of Virginia on basically the same "I've changed" platform?
2013-08-14 06:53:27 AM  
He has my vote.
2013-08-14 08:13:59 AM  
Yes, yes, we ALL make mistakes.  We're human (well some of us anyway).

Ever notice how the people who boast about being human and making mistakes are always the ones who make the stupidest, worst or evil faux pas?.   It's always so they can be allowed to do what they want (in this case, run for mayor) without suffering the consequences of what they did.

"I'm human, I made mistakes, I shouldn't have slaughtered those babies and made sausages out of them...my bad.  Can we put it all behind us so I can run for President?"

Sorry kid, but even my three year old knows it's not nice to blow stuff up or, ya know, KILL people.  Yes, you made mistakes, but the very fact that you had to be TOLD that 'maybe hurting people is wrong' showed you're an asshat at the very least.  Suck it up.  No mayor for you...not yours.
2013-08-14 09:44:58 AM  
Extremely white people problems.
2013-08-14 10:47:12 AM  
2013-08-14 10:49:55 AM  
l.yimg.comView Full Size
2013-08-14 11:50:22 AM  
Did he confess that he has sinned , misspoke and his words have been twisted by the liberal media yet?
2013-08-14 03:12:28 PM  
I for one think it would be pretty darn novel for a Mayor to blow up his own School.   But go ahead and vilify him Farkers.
2013-08-14 04:03:09 PM  
Muskogee had a 19 year old mayor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Tyler_Hammons">http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/John_Tyler_Hammons

He hadn't threatened to blow up any schools though

/my team kicked his teams arse in Mud-volleyball
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