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(EW)   Xmas albums by Toni Braxton, Destiny's Child (Fb- is the father), etc. seen as unneccesary, perhaps lame.   ( divider line
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1820 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Dec 2001 at 9:27 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-02 09:33:39 AM  
In related news, Fb- also seen as unneccessary, perhaps lame.
2001-12-02 09:47:33 AM  
When is Metallica releasing their Christmas album?
2001-12-02 10:01:04 AM  
As soon as they can make copy protection that will restrict playback to Metallica-brand CD players.
2001-12-02 10:07:57 AM  
If you like christmas music and are looking for something different, try Stan Kenton Christmas. The album is christmas music with big band instruments (ie trumpets, trombones, piano, drums, etc) with no lyrics, but the songs are easily recognizable ones. Kenton and his group just seem to make the songs much more powerful and majestic. It is certainly not your run of the mill popstar singing Jingle Bells.
2001-12-02 10:52:00 AM  
Anyone want to buy my Hanson Christmas CD?
2001-12-02 11:17:16 AM  
I bid 12c.
2001-12-02 11:37:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Couldn't resist...
2001-12-02 11:42:20 AM  
Gay cowboys holding crystal balls, eating pudding...
2001-12-02 11:43:27 AM  
Forget a Metallica album, just get Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
2001-12-02 11:50:26 AM  
Wow, if you remove "Xmas albums by" from the title, it still makes sense.
2001-12-02 12:04:49 PM  
Actually, it looks like Garth is staring intently at the pins, ready to bowl a perfect game.
2001-12-02 12:05:22 PM  
I'm too hung over to pork any of those cows.
2001-12-02 12:06:17 PM  
Dr_Satan: Thanks for the laugh of the day for me!
2001-12-02 12:25:33 PM  
The Dead Kennedys song---
"Too drunk to fark"
2001-12-02 01:24:43 PM  
like, i could have told them that
2001-12-02 01:47:16 PM  
I say we castrate fb- or restrict him to farking people like himself like David Horowitz or Krautheimer.
2001-12-02 01:48:49 PM  
I am glad that this was labelled obvious. Is there anyone on Fark who has even bought an album by any of the groups mentioned (except for maybe Springsteen and the Kinks...)?

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama
2001-12-02 02:13:35 PM  
What's up with all this "Fb- is the father" stuff? Who's Fb- and how'd all that get started?
2001-12-02 02:32:15 PM  
Kilgore40: You mean Horowitz before or after he turned "conservative?" ;c)
2001-12-02 03:22:21 PM  
"Xmas albums by Toni Braxton, Destiny's Child (Fb- is the father), etc. seen as unneccesary, perhaps lame."

in other news, fire is hot.
2001-12-02 03:38:07 PM  
The only good Christmas album (besides the classics) I have heard is this one my mother used to play when I was a kid. It was a bunch of guys and they were all drunk and I think Scottish.
2001-12-02 03:46:30 PM  
If it's not Scottish, it's CRAP!
2001-12-02 04:21:02 PM Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size

Lisa: "Hey, I thought Krusty was Jewish."
Bart: "Christmas is a time when people of all religions come together to worship Jesus Christ."
2001-12-02 04:22:40 PM  
Whoops, forgot to close a tag.
2001-12-02 04:46:33 PM  
What songs are on those Kenny G albums? It says Holiday Album, not Christmas Album.
2001-12-02 04:49:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Chris Gaines rules Christmas
2001-12-02 04:50:45 PM  
The same dull, droning, crappy songs that are on EVERY Kenny G album. No one has survived enough listenings to tell if they're the same song or not...
2001-12-02 04:51:28 PM  
Isn't "Chris Gaines" Garth Brooks' other personality?
2001-12-02 05:17:11 PM  
Clevernickname: I think my Mom actually has a couple of those albums...
Henchman: I live in Indiana, so I that know the answer to your question is yes, Chris Gaines is Garth Brooks' other personality.... I can't believe I knew that. God, I live a sad life...

2001-12-02 05:19:11 PM  
Well, Henchman, that's why Baskin Robbins makes 39 flavors. I like Kenny G, and thought the Faith album was wonderful. Most of these are dreadful, done because it's the thing to do, but there are those who you can tell want to do one, and that's the difference.

On the other side, Weird Al was once told that he had to do a Christmas song. His contribution? "Christmas at Ground Zero"
2001-12-02 06:29:38 PM  
When's Beyonce gonna pose for playboy?
2001-12-02 07:22:33 PM  
"Happy birthday Jesus! Hope you like crap!"
2001-12-02 07:48:57 PM  
"Kilgore40: You mean Horowitz before or after he turned "conservative?" ;c)"

After ;)
Though it would be quite a scene when David Catches Fb- in bed with George Will and Marty Peretz even though Horowitz has been cheating with John Leo.
2001-12-02 10:17:14 PM  
Fb would never be caught with George Will, Kilgore! Now Harry Shearer? maybe....
2001-12-02 10:20:13 PM  
Kilgore, you know that Fb would never be caught with George Will! But with Harry Shearer? Now maybe......
2001-12-02 10:27:25 PM  
Why? is Harry Shearer an ultraconservitive loudmouth.
2001-12-02 11:20:32 PM  
Boy, I'd like to see Destiny's Child and Toni Braxton in MY stocking!!!!!....Yummy!!!!
2001-12-03 12:06:50 AM  
"Why? is Harry Shearer an ultraconservitive loudmouth."

He's more of an equal-opportunity satarist. Ever hear his calls between #41 & #43?

"Well, Henchman, that's why Baskin Robbins makes 39 flavors."

31 flavors, actually.

"On the other side, Weird Al was once told that he had to do a Christmas song. His contribution? "Christmas at Ground Zero"

I know. It's hilarious!
For the real reason I hate Kenny G, find a tape of Star Trek's 25th anniversary show and strap yourself to a chair for his "tribute to special effects." He should be forced to use his instrument as a suppository for that!
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