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2013-08-06 11:32:47 AM  

waltb555: Five beautiful young ladies and not a working brain cell among them. Sad.

Five? Am I the only one that thinks that the picture in TFA is a bit 'off'? The ones on each end look like cardboard cut-outs to me.

/and the one in blue is 50 shades of PALE
//she's so pale that even the Irish girls are calling her pale
2013-08-06 11:50:15 AM  
All of them exploit God's Loophole.

/Look it up on Youtube. It's by Garfunkel & Oates.
2013-08-06 01:02:57 PM  

waltb555: Five beautiful young ladies and not a working brain cell among them. Sad.

They have working brain cells. They've just been infected with a memetic virus.
2013-08-06 02:24:05 PM  

Mugato: So although we don't have proof right now, the idea that we are completely alone in this near infinite universe is ludicrous. The same logic doesn't really apply to the existence of demons and ghosts and things that we created in our mythology.

That seems an arbitrary assumption. Given that modern science, physics and mathematics already postulate multiple dimensions, the idea that we are completely alone in our three dimensions is ludicrous, isn't it? Why, might not what we call demons and ghosts and things be simply ill-understood interactions with extra dimensional entities?

I mean, if you are willing to just accept that there is 'probably' life out there in space that may or may not conform to our own biology based on your understanding of the cosmos, why summarily preclude other options?
2013-08-07 09:54:01 AM  

Bravo Two: Ant: manimal2878: Seriously, 2013 and people in the United States, not just people, but apparently well off literate people still believe you can be possessed by a demon?  I would expect this of somebody that can't read in some third world dirt hole, bit this is ridiculous.

This. Good job turning these girls into third-world witch doctors, Bob.  What you cal strong religious convictions, I call mental illness.

/this kind of religion is child abuse.

Because we know about and have cataloged every phenomenon and form of life and entity in the universe, have explained everything, and have conclusively proven that all that exists is what we can measure. Guess science is finished and no more need to continue to research and study things, since there surely isn't anything left that we don't understand and can't explain.

/how nice it must be to be so sure of the nature of everything.

Just because we have not yet discovered every form of life in the universe, doesn't mean we must give a pass to whatever fantastical thing people may dream up and assume that it must exist.

/Do you believe in leprechauns, or unicorns, eight armed gods with the head of an elephant,  dragons,  wizards?  I mean we havn't discovered every form of life so all of those must be tromping around somewhere.
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