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(LA Times)   Driver in Venice Beach attempts to play GTA on the boardwalk   ( latimes.com) divider line
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2013-08-04 10:03:20 AM  
Hate filled NRA will tell their followers to start whining about how liberals will want to ban cars.
2013-08-04 10:06:50 AM  

purdeyisa10: Hate filled NRA will tell their followers to start whining about how liberals will want to ban cars.

See!!!!! its starting... They want to ban all cars!!!  And then have the nerve to get mad at us for saying it!!!!!

/3 guns
2013-08-04 10:37:10 AM  
Elvis has left the boardwalk!

/take the guy out and let the victims run him down.
2013-08-04 10:41:35 AM  
But it's bicycles we need to be concerned about.
2013-08-04 10:43:27 AM  
As someone who used live in Venice Beach and would easily walk to the boardwalk I would like to note that Saturday at 6:00 PM would be a time when the beach goers would become increasingly more black. (I don't know why that happened but it may be relevant here)

I would walk there via Windward and that area usually was densest in people. If the driver wanted to hit people why did he enter at the north end near Rose which generally has fewer people (that is unless he thought that would help him get up to speed)?
2013-08-04 11:03:02 AM  

OgreMagi: Given the placement of multiple cameras on the car, it's some douche who thought it would be funny to post a video on liveleak showing people getting run over.  This is premeditated murder.

Yeah, he's just swapped the drivers chair for an electric model.

/yeah, i know, he'll die of old age on death row first.
2013-08-04 11:40:48 AM  
The dead person is a woman from Italy - here celebrating her honeymoon.
2013-08-04 12:05:16 PM  

YoOjo: Can't be true, I heard everyone in California had moved to Austin.

True, but everyone in Venice is a tourist.
2013-08-04 01:23:49 PM  
Achievement unlocked
2013-08-04 01:57:26 PM  
2013-08-04 05:56:44 PM  
The all new Dodge "Revenger"?

FTFA - "out for blood" = straight from Carmageddon?!

GTA - Fark that sorry excuse of a smash and trash game.

/did the driver get a "cat-and-mouse" bonus?
2013-08-04 07:55:09 PM  

DBrandisNC: Jalopnik.com has surveillance photos that appear to show the offending vehicle may have been rigged with multiple GoPro cameras.

Or reflections of the nearby palm trees against the car as created by the sun.
2013-08-04 07:59:32 PM  

jso2897: AverageAmericanGuy: How the hell do you even get out that far at Venice Beach with a car? There's condos lining the entire beach and only tiny alleyways to get through.

Although, I could see his getting frustrated with the lack of parking there.

Nah - there's plenty of places you can drive onto the OFW - there have to be for cops, ambulance, deliveries, etc. You can drive onto it from the Speedway right there at Dudley where this happened.

/Venice resident.

I drove through once, and ended up in this narrow alleyway that ran parallel to the beach, but there were no obvious outlets to the beach. At some point, I remember a larger road that went down to the beach area, but very little parking anywhere near there.

Of course, I was just passing through, so this is only the perception of a visitor.
2013-08-04 10:24:53 PM  
And to top things off, Alice Gruppioni, the one victim had just got married and was a hottie.
Way to go, idiot market crashing driver.
2013-08-04 10:32:57 PM  

FlyingJ: I'm sure the ad buyers were pleased to have a Dodge Summer Clearance ad to showing people in L.A. fleeing from giant monsters n' Dodges lead into KCAL 9's security camera photos of people in Venice fleeing in terror of a killer Dodge Chsarger

Nice, how do you think Progressive feels about their ad on the CNN article?

s24.postimg.orgView Full Size
2013-08-05 11:27:09 AM  
I'm surprised there haven't been details pouring out about the driver who was arrested, Nathan Louis Campbell, 38,
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