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(VGTV (Norway)   If you download an animal-sounds smartphone app to attract a fox, there is a chance that the fox might run off with your phone ... and send a text message (w/video)   ( vgtv.no) divider line
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2013-07-31 09:44:57 AM  
Hello again
2013-07-31 10:10:47 AM  
Is this Pete?
2013-07-31 10:29:46 AM  
Clever fox to do this two days in a row. Probably got it addicted to Candy Crush by now.
2013-07-31 10:40:02 AM  
I don't speak danish, but from what I gather from the title, a raven raped Lars with a mobile phone.
2013-07-31 10:48:26 AM  
1. Wow the foxes in Norway are much bigger than the pathetic scrawny things I see around here.
2. At what point in time was it not obvious that the fox was going to pick that up and run with it? Apparently, after he did. Retardo human.
3. This type of thing really should be banned. Tormenting animals with cell phones is not cool.
2013-07-31 11:46:08 AM  
The fox just had to post this link again on the mobile site.

Well known fact: foxes are attention whores.
2013-07-31 12:21:07 PM  
Hello. Yes, this is fox.
2013-07-31 12:35:15 PM  
Man this happens a lot
2013-07-31 01:44:29 PM  
"See the fox running through the snow. Then he's attacked by his mortal enemy: the fox. Fox on fox. Man, what a sight." - Jack Handey
2013-07-31 02:51:51 PM  
Jesus, that fox is crazy over cell phones; one yesterday, one today. Someone needs to eradicate that neighborhood menace.
2013-07-31 03:16:54 PM  

Foxes are smart but they are poor typists.
2013-07-31 03:25:57 PM  
What kind of call was the phone imitating? Kit distress? Female in heat?
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