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(CF News 13)   Police officer keeps nude selfies on her work computer, could be forbidden from being a police officer in Florida. Maybe she should try running for New York City mayor instead   ( cfnews13.com) divider line
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2013-07-26 04:13:52 PM  

Elmo Jones: I'm too drunk to make a "Penny Lane" joke. Somebody help me.

/something something fish and finger pie

2013-07-26 04:26:54 PM  

serial_crusher: JustGetItRight: Sure. Keeping nudes on your work computer warrants a firing.

So, here's my CSB.  I have a Dropbox account that I keep various personal data in.  Tax documents, serial numbers, that sort of thing.  I often need to do quick errands from my office desktop that require me to have access to those things, so I'm running Dropbox on my work PC.  That alone probably doesn't warrant a firing in your book, does it?

Now, once upon a time somebody shared some pornographic images with me.  She did so by giving me a link to a publicly shared Dropbox folder.  From the privacy of my own home I clicked that link, thinking it was a straight download link, but ended up syncing the files in that folder to all the machines on my account, including the one at the office.  So, for a brief period of time there was porn on my company-owned hard drive.
When I logged in the next morning Dropbox helpfully popped up its "new files have been added to your dropbox" popups, which of course included some explicit filenames, which of course the guy talking to me at that moment happened to see.  I got a little red faced, deleted the files, and we all got back to work.  Should I have been fired over that?

Wouldn't have gotten you fired where I work.  You might have gotten a verbal reprimand, but definitely not fired or even suspended.

The way we see things is that getting unrequested and/or unknown-until-opened BIE (basically what happened to you) isn't on you, it is on the sender.  Delete it and for best results report it to IT and you're good.  Decide you're going to keep it and you're on very thin ice.  Send it out using office equipment and you're gone so quickly the door won't close fast enough to hit you in the arse.
2013-07-26 06:23:30 PM  

Mister Pleco: wildcardjack: British hot.

Oh, she's not bad on the eyes.

{Scans her Facebook page - sees she "likes" all of the Twilight movies}

"She should be torn into little bitty pieces AND BURIED ALIVE!!!!"

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2013-07-26 06:25:46 PM  

ThrobblefootSpectre: Philbb: Really, the software has become good enough to identify dirty pictures? I remember hearing about such capabilities a while back. I guess I just wasn't aware that it had become so effective.

No actually, I didn't mean to imply that.  It will detect probable non-work related content, if you have a lot or routinely copy images to and from your computer.  It just sends an email to the IT dept.  A human still has to decide if they are offensive or not.

The software I was thinking about would scan images and look for those that had more than a certain amount of "skin" color. As I recall, it wasn't very effective due to the large amount of false positives. What you describe makes much more sense.
2013-07-26 06:57:02 PM  

chubby muppet: Outstanding

Thank You.
/6 beers in two hours
2013-07-27 02:25:30 AM  
Maybe a personal camera/phone was used for work purposes or at an organizational party?  She forgot it was there.   Or charging it on the work pc?   If there is a plausible technical 'oops' give her the benefit of the doubt.

It is strange how these zero tolerance rules allow grandmas to get  tased and cops at the wrong address can shoot people without much hassle.  You can do anything to a civilian.

But god forbid that personal nudies should show up on a work machine or get your picture taken wearing a unicorn mask.

Humanity isn't allowed, but feel free to use your authority pretty much unchecked on the public.
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