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(Yahoo)   Do you have a need for speed? Well if you get caught in Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Nevada or New Hampshire, you better have at least $1000 in your wallet. Oh and Vermont sucks   ( divider line
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2013-07-23 12:38:02 PM  
23 votes:
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"I went through Georgia pretty quickly. I didn't get a ticket."
2013-07-23 01:50:24 PM  
3 votes:

Madaynun: R.A.Danny: You won't get pulled over in Illinois unless you're going 15 over unless you're doing something else wrong too.

That may be true in the Chicago area, but Downstate its 10 over, or less if you hit the wrong small town.

That's not Illinois, that's Deliverance :)
2013-07-23 03:49:24 PM  
1 vote:

Dead for Tax Reasons: as a connoisseur of speeding tickets, the northeast isn't bad, qeorgia was nowhere near that much (except for the extra 'driver responsibility assessment' or whatever it is called there that gets tacked on)

virginia is the worst i found

Virginia has the most unmarked Goddamn cars I have ever seen. No visable lightbars, no set brand of car, no state plates, nothing. You're just cruising down the highway and a purple Dodge Avenger lights you up. On top of that, radar detectors are illegal. That's bullshiat. If you are allowed to hide, I should be able to detect you.

And the State Troopers have boners for speeders. One guy did a sliding e-brake turn (smoking tires and all) in the middle of a for lane (460, near Wakefield. If you drive there, you probably know him) to get me for 11 over.

I will say this though, out the the 6(? not sure of the exact count) times I've been to traffic court, I've either had the charge dropped to a non-moving violation, or dropped entirely. The judges like the military here, and they (generaly) cut you a break. One guy I even went to twice.
Judge: How's your record
Me: Clean. No tickets.
J: What's your excuse
M: Speedo wasn't working. Here's *paper* where I had it calibrated (Did you know if you pull the fuse to the instrument panel before taking it to a calibration shop, it will only read "0"?) and here is where I had it fixed.
J: Okay, I can reduce your speeding charge to improper equipment...Oh...I see you have an improper equipment charge on here from before. What is that?
M: *crap* that was a reduction from a speeding charge, your honor.
J: And who reduced it for you?
M: *double crap* Uh, that would be you sir.
J: *takes off glasses, stares at me* Really?
M: But this time it really was defective equipment
J: .....fine. But I BETTER not see you in here again.
2013-07-23 02:54:15 PM  
1 vote:

ongbok: R.A.Danny: You won't get pulled over in Illinois unless you're going 15 over unless you're doing something else wrong too.

And don't speed in a construction zone. They will crawl up in your wallet and drain it.


And a side observation, the only time I ever get passed in IL by people with WI plates is in construction zones. It's as if they all have one speed, 63 MPH.  65 zone? WI plates are going 63, raining? still 63, snow? still 63, 45 mph Construction zone? still 63.
2013-07-23 01:51:34 PM  
1 vote:

cannotsuggestaname: First reading was 108 mph in a 55 mph zone
Second reading was 134 mph in a 55 mph zone
careless and reckless
endangering (no one was on the road besides me and the cops)
failure to yield
eluding (I had to make it fun for them)

All of that adds up to 10 points, a big fine and a lost license... I was just pointing out that I got a ticket 20+ years ago for a first offense that was higher than what this guy was complaining about :) were going almost three times the speed limit, and you led the cops on a high-speed chase, and you are surprised that the fine was higher than most "first-offenses"? Really? Are you aware that the penalties for armed robbery and murder are also stiffer than most traffic offenses?
2013-07-23 01:45:08 PM  
1 vote:

nytmare: a common attitude among internet drivers

I never speed when I'm on the information superhighway...
2013-07-23 01:31:52 PM  
1 vote:
And people laugh about living in Flint, MI.  I roll around with a suspended license because I know the cops have better things to do, like homicide and assault investigations, etc.  I haven't been pulled over in over 15 years and I roll around like I'm Hunter S Thompson.
2013-07-23 01:28:37 PM  
1 vote:
few years ago I was going maybe 80mph on I65 south of Indianapolis.
middle of the day, sparse traffic
come over a hill and find "several" cars up ahead pulled off to the left with about 3 squad cars flashing.
couple of cops STANDING in the left lane.
I'm in the middle lane.
One of them walks into the middle lane, apparently points at me and gestures to me to join the other cars off to the left.
First thing I do is pull to the right lane and pass everyone up so I don't hit the cop.  wtf?

No one came after me, no clue what the hell that was about.

/GA Trooper friend tells me I should have pulled over
//also says keep it "under 11 over" in GA and I'll be fine
2013-07-23 01:19:57 PM  
1 vote:

Alunan: Every time I have been cited for speeding in Nevada the cop has always lowered the penalty somehow. When I was going 19 in a school zone (15), he removed the school zone penalty so it wouldn't double the fine and I would only have to pay the fine for 4 miles per hour.

You sound well endowed
2013-07-23 01:08:11 PM  
1 vote:

Mr_Fabulous: I do about 80 mph every day on I-88 in Illinois. Every day, for years. No worries.

But the shiatty little town where my office is... they've fined me 4 times in the past 3 years for right-hand turns on red without coming to a complete stop for more than 1 full second. The sort of "offense" that an actual cop wouldn't even notice, much less care about... but cameras have no sense for the 'spirit of the law'. (True Fact:  it's the same town Al Capone is buried in.)

Being pissed at the first red light ticket I can understand. Getting another three is hilarious.
2013-07-23 01:07:22 PM  
1 vote:

Gecko Gingrich

//On anther trip, I got pulled over doing something like 62 in a 55 (out of state tags, man) and the GA State Trooper actually told me, "You ain't gonna get there no faster by speeding, son." He must have failed physics.

Not necessarily*.

When he pulled you over, you became stationary. The whole time you were stationary your average speed (total distance/time) was dropping. It's entirely possible - even likely - that driving 55mph the whole way would have gotten you there sooner than (traveling 62mph + time stopped) did.

* Who are we kidding? Of course he failed, he's a cop.
2013-07-23 01:00:48 PM  
1 vote:

bluorangefyre: Also, to the person caught going 75 on I-285, you got caught? Dude, the 55 MPH sign flaps in the breeze of 7,000 cars passing by it going at least 80.

Tell me about it!

/So pissed.
//On anther trip, I got pulled over doing something like 62 in a 55 (out of state tags, man) and the GA State Trooper actually told me, "You ain't gonna get there no faster by speeding, son." He must have failed physics.
2013-07-23 12:54:46 PM  
1 vote:

jgilb: Instead of biatching, just don't speed.
If you can't plan your activities to a degree of accuracy where you need to speed...

Heh, I planned out an entire CD playlist based on rate of travel and exact .2-mile marker to pop the CD in, even factoring in little things like construction.  It worked.  Twice.

Speaking of work zones, you haven't lived until some New Jersey asshole in an expensive car is trying to pass you and the entire line of vehicles in front of you on either the shoulder or the closed lane.  I've had that happen twice on I-80.  I'll put it like this:  I didn't think I could drive that close to a traffic cone without hitting it to keep one back, nor that I had to.

/BTW, here's the rules for driving in metro Atlanta
2013-07-23 12:44:19 PM  
1 vote:

Kirzania: [ image 593x357]

Worth it just for this picture. Also, is he throwing that SuperTroopers shot in there to poke fun or for serious?

Pretty sure that's laziness.

/i mean, it's such a well-written and thoughtful article.
2013-07-23 12:38:07 PM  
1 vote:
FTFA:   These five states all hold drivers liable for a fine of up to $1,000 for a first offense. The fine is up to a judge's discretion and can be based on how many miles per hour you're ticketed over the designated speed limit, or if you were caught speeding in a work or a school zone, both of which tend to double a fine.

This guy sounds like he graduated from the No Shiat Sherlock Institute of Lazy Journalism.
2013-07-23 12:21:55 PM  
1 vote:
A number of years back, I was driving from my home in MD to my future FIL's home in ATL, a drive of around 10 hours. Most of the trip I drove at the speed of traffic, around 10mph higher than the posted limit. As I got near to his exit on 285, at about 3AM, I noticed a Panoz pull onto the highway a few exits ahead. Wanted to see it up close before I had to leave the highway, I sped up to 75mph. Just before I caught up to it, I saw flashing lights in my rear view.

I pulled over not a mile from my destination and got a "Call tomorrow and they'll tell you your fine" ticket for going 75 in a 55, on a practically empty, *extremely* well-lit, 10 lane (5 in each direction) divided highway. I called the next day and was told my fine would be $450, $550 if I didn't pay within 14 days. That was 12 years ago; I still haven't paid it. The whole, "Call and we'll tell you the fine" sounded too much like, "Let's fark out-of-towers and minorities (I am not one)". fark Georgia.

By the way, doing 75 in a 55 in MD is a $160 fine. Everyone pays the same, as it's posted right on the back of every ticket.

/Have a friend who is a cop. I had him check a few years back. There are no outstanding warrants for me in GA. :)
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