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(Real Clear Science)   Homosexuality is not contagious among high schoolers. Teacher/student sex however   ( divider line
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2013-07-23 08:41:59 PM  

thismomentinblackhistory: Mad_Radhu: EvilEgg: I guess they need to do studies about things that seem to be common sense, but duh.  Never in my life was I tempted to suck another dude's dick because it seemed like everyone was doing it.

/Chicks can totally catch lesbianism
//Not really

REAL hetero men should have no problem with gay men, in my opinion. Only somone deep in the closet can really think that a person "chooses" to be gay. For genuinely straight people, it just doesn't cross our minds because we simply aren't wired to find the same sex appealing, so out and proud gay people don't threaten our sense of sexuality at all. If gay people make you feel all weird and gay panicky inside, you might just be a little gay yourself.

Hooking up with straight guys is relatively easy, at least in college.

"LUGs" vs "GUYS"
lesbian until graduation
gay until you swallow
2013-07-23 08:51:02 PM  

dahmers love zombie: Homosexuality is not, in fact, and never has been, a learned behavior.

/my surname is LeDuh.

sorry, having grown up in wisconsin, your fark handle involved in this debate is just... heehee...
you not only owe me a new keyboard, you owe me a new SKULL

and now i just realized the beauty of that statement. (i did mean "mind:blown")

so you owe me two new keyboards, and a faith in humanity...
2013-07-23 09:05:53 PM  

Lucky LaRue: EvilEgg: Pangea: Lucky LaRue: Was it really necessary to conduct a study to prove you can't catch teh ghey?

I suspect the intended audience of this study has some people who actually believe that homosexuality is learned. They're out there. Personally I like the idea of being able to point to this study when I hear people expressing a desire to alienate gays further.

The obvious next step of the argument is to challenge that same-sex couples being allowed to adopt will result in "gay babies"

Why does the question of whether it is learned or inherit behavior matter?  I never understood this.

If it's "learned", then it can be un-learned (unlearnt?).  It used to be that, if it was inherited, that's just the way it was.  Now there is concern (I am not sure how much is real and how much is manufactured) that scientist may someday find and be able to manipulate the "gay" genetic marker...

this is one of those REALLY dangerous questions.

brings up the difference between "physical attraction" and "groinal attraction"  and the whole "bi-hate" thing...

people get all butthurt (in the bad way) because bi folk are perfectly happy getting it on with ANYBODY they find attractive...  honestly, so farking what.  if someone is comfortable enough in their own skin to say to someone "hey, i think you're hot, let's have sex" who gives a "shag like bunnies" arse what the genders are?
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