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(BBC)   The royal water has broken. I repeat, the royal water has broken. This is not a drill. Please report to your station and freak the fark out   ( divider line
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2013-07-22 03:37:35 PM  
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What? No Labour Party jokes?
2013-07-22 03:39:36 PM  
Breaking news: It's a boy
2013-07-22 03:40:27 PM  
OK, Prince is coming out now.
2013-07-22 03:47:45 PM  
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2013-07-22 03:49:56 PM  

Fisty Bum: OK, Prince is coming out now.

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2013-07-22 04:52:10 PM  
If this doesn't make people sick of the monarchy, what will? Another revolutionary war?
2013-07-22 06:05:52 PM  

boyvoyeur: They certainly have the money to provide the best care for any children they have (handicapped or not). The press has already stated this baby WILL BE the third in line to the throne. My question is if for some reason this child "can't" be a leader, what would it take to put the second born in the "third in line to the throne" position? I mean, what happens if this child becomes a drug addict/psychopath/murderer before Charles and William end their turn on the throne? When do they decide that maybe the very smart, pretty, athletic second born daughter of William and Kate should be the Queen instead of the first born child that was born with a host of physical/mental issues?

Ah, ok, so succession plan it is.  It's a good question, I actually have no idea, although I'd imagine that for set of circumstances as serious as you lay out then it should be a simple matter.  It might not be seeing as the rules that govern it are so archaic, but a work around (abdication?) probably exists for these occasions.
2013-07-22 07:27:32 PM  

boyvoyeur: Honestly, what happens if the baby is born retarded or some other mental/physical defect? I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but I would think they put some plan in place for this, right?

Historically, what happens in such events is that a regent to the throne is appointed (and historically, this has also happened in cases where the parents die young and the kid is just too damn young to handle the affairs of state by himself).  The UK actually does have a pretty good system in its constitutional monarchy that provides for regency (which has fortunately NOT had to be used very much since George III; George IV served as de facto regent for a good part of his father's reign, and the Regency Act passed during his last bout with severe illness pretty much are the basis for modern regency provisions for the Crown).

Basically, here's how things would go per the last Regency Act amendment (passed upon succession of Queen Elizabeth II of the Royal Spanner to the throne of the UK)--if the babby of Prince William is found to somehow be incompetent to rule (either through both Charles AND William dying off very young, the kid being found to be severely intellectually disabled/low functioning kid with ASD/severely mentally ill, car wreck where the heir ends up the Royal Rutabaga, etc.) then the regency to the throne will go to the next living person in the line of succession which is 21 years of age or older (a monarch in direct bloodline of succession can be formally crowned at age 18, but regency requires the regent to be age 21--this is by design).

If some unforeseen tragedy happened where (say) Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and the Royal Steed, William, AND his wife were all wiped out in one fell swoop, the Presently Anonymous Prince would be technically king of the UK, with Prince Harry serving as Regent; if Harry and his wife got wiped out, Prince Andrew, Duke of  York would serve as Regent.  (There's actually a nice lineup of the present line of succession here which is used to determine who would serve as Regent in the case of a Baby King or a Legally Incompetent King.)

If (for example) the Presently Anonymous Prince were born with a severe enough disability that he would survive childhood but be incompetent to serve (and honestly, it would have to be something mental or intellectual; the Throne has had monarchs with physical disabilities on it in past, and physical disability would likely NOT be disqualifying; a severe developmental disability or severe mental illness, on the other hand, probably would and there is formal precedent for the latter in British primogeniture law) AFTER he reached adulthood...the Regent would (assuming the Regency Act was not amended to allow Kate to be Queen Regent in such an emergency) be the first person over 21 in line of succession, probably Prince Harry (assuming he doesn't party himself to death first, hehe), failing that, whomever is alive and in the line of succession and who is over 21.

(British law is surprisingly solid as far as regency law goes, even considering that there was at least one case (the Cromwell period) where after an act of regicide that a coup-planner had the rump Parliament declare him Regent under British regency law of the period (under the clause that Oliver Cromwell was acting as Regent under British law for none other than Jesus Christ; the Cromwell coup leaders actually expected Jesus to be coming back Any Day Now to capture the British throne after they'd properly turned the UK into an anti-Catholic theocracy).  Pretty much the British saw some of the mess that went on with royal houses in Europe (cough cough Hapsburgs cough ahem omfg Charles II's his own grandpa at least seven times over and can't be trusted to not shiat the Royal Ermines and you're letting him be king of Spain WTF cough ahem).
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